Monday, August 1, 2016

Session 2 almost over!

           Typing this from my office on a rainy day where my assistant director Kelly isn't in hehe. Hello peeps, after a whole month, here I am again! Although blogger's statistics shows that absolutely no one from Malaysia nor Ireland nor Singapore is reading my blog, I will still try and keep it up cuz I'm doing this for myself more than anything else lel.
 So second intersession is coming in 4 more days and I’m heading to the city of Philadelphia for 3 days 2 nights! (Although it’s only like 1 and a half days tbh LOL.) The first intersession I followed a lot of people to Seaside Heights where I got to see the famous Jersey Shore! I always thought it was just a MTV show name and not an actual place, guess I was wrong! It was really nice walking along the boardwalk experiencing the American shore life with arcades and pizza parlors by the sea. What shocked me the most is I had to pay to enter the beach! Like what. 8 whole freaking dollars. It was a good thing that the hostel that I was staying at gave out free beach passes, although they were limited to like 4 per room and my room had like 8 people LOL! I shared a bed with Maria and Dominika from Poland and Yaritza from Mexico while the other king sized bed was shared by the Hungarians (Orsi, Daniel and Sofi). I got a tan and a magnet from that intersession and got to know some people a little better than expected which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. It was a really cool (and quite expensive) trip! Spent almost 200 dollars I think, quite annoying that I had to spend so much but I had a really great time there so it was all worth it kinda haha :D It was my first time in a party house in America with loads of red solo cups so the feel is just extra good lel, not to mention the make out and shits going on in the rooms all over the house haha, living the full American life. 

        Overall it was a great experience la!! Hopefully the 2nd trip will be better although it’s a smaller group travelling this time. Plus, this philly trip is purely exploring and all, so it would be like any trip of mine where I just hope to cover as many places as possible xD
I don’t believe I covered my pre camp trip yet lel. Well I went to Buffalo and the Niagara Falls which was really eye opening. Like the general public said, the Canada side would have had a greater view, but it’s a much more close up view of the falls from the American side. Too bad one of the viewing deck was closed, cause that deck had a really great view L. To be fair, buffalo didn’t had much to offer during my short stay there, so it was kind of a meh city for me, just to stopover for Niagara Falls, so 24 hours in Buffalo ended with a rainy dash from my great hostel to the bus station. I took a megabus from Buffalo to New York that lasted roughly 9 hours. I tried to sleep along the way which was mostly successful except for the fact that the kid beside me spilled a whole big pack of Skittles, so I was stepping on skittles all journey long. Good thing was the bus had a working wifi equipped so that was great hehe :D. So I reached New York at 7am with a slight drizzle to welcome me to the big apple! It was a great feeling, like im finally here in this great city. Walked around, saw Times Square with no one there at all due to it being really early, Maddison Square Garden, M&M World and decided it was best to check in first cause I was really tired. Before that, I had Subway for breakfast first haha! I put my bags at the hostel and rested for about 2 hours before starting to discover New York fully. I took a metro back to Times Square and started wondering around, sang in a karaoke competition by American Standard. Did so badly omg can’t believe I got the wrong key for like 75% of the song T.T. Anyway still got a small gift bag for that, not too bad haha! I went to the HBO store which was small but quite cool to look at all the GOT merchandise which were quite pricey. Next stop was Grand Central Station which was really cool as scenes from Madagascar and all those disaster movies were running through my head. I had a Shake Shack burger there for lunch which was not cheap at all but tasted so good hehe! After that, I stopped by the NY Public Library but I realized I was too tired to really walk around so just sat down and used the WiFi lel. Went out and started walking towards the Green Line Park which was freaking amazing. It used to be a railway track which is then converted into a park which was really modern and pretty. Had a really nice rest and went to try the famous artichoke pizza and it was freaking delicious. It was my first time tasting artichoke and yet it tasted so good!! Then, I continued my walk down the west side of Manhattan along the pier and just decided to take a 30 minute nap on one of the benches cause at that point my feet was aching like a bitch from walking all day long with no proper rest from walking all day at Buffalo as well HAHA! After that nap, walked again to finally reach the 911 memorial, continued to Wall Street, took a pic with the charging bull, got to the park near the end (which I think is called Battery Park) and decided against taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty thing, didn’t think it was worth it… walked around summore, took a couple of pics of the Brooklyn Bridge and then decided to take the metro back to the hostel to rest. I was really proud of myself for being able to walk so much of Manhattan hehe :D I was really close to Chinatown when I was near Brooklyn Bridge and there is a great char siew rice stall in there somewhere but I was too tired to actually go there. Should have dabaoed and have that for dinner in the hostel. Instead, there was a Chinese food place near the hostel. It was quite famous apparently cuz its been visited by famous chefs lel. Had it for dinner and lunch the next day. It was really good! Visited Central park the next day but that was about it, cuz I travelled to camp after the walk in the park.

            That was a month ago. I’ve had loads of fun and frustrating times since then, camp has been generally a great place, although some things I wish could have changed. I prepare the schedules everyday, do some paperwork every session, answer calls, make calls, all those things. Truthfully, I can’t wait to go back to Dublin and just sleep in my own bed, not worrying bout mosquitos, cook my fried rice and shizz, just enjoying life and wait for Abigail to go back to Dubs so that we can just chill for a while till class starts. Ahh, that chill life. Can’t wait. Another thing is I think US is quite an expensive place sometimes, can’t wait to just go home and spend less haha!! I think that’s all I have to say for now and my hands are getting pretty tired. So I think I will just stop here. Love you guys so much and can’t wait to get home!! <3 o:p="">