Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Manchester Trip and a quick update in March

Hey peeps! Blogging on the megabus from Manchester to London hehe 😜 I was promised WiFi but obviously I've been let down so here I am offline blogging not knowing when I'm gonna post this up, probably after dinner haha!! So super quick update on me, M night is over, everything went well, and because my blogger is connected I don't even remember if I did a post on M night lel. Zhi Jie and Cecelia were still shocked that I was the junior director for my Mnight. Definitely proud of it but not really at the same time. Proud because we managed to salvage the show from impending doom, lol but cause the show ain't fully mine, meh..

Owh and thank goodness I have my iPod with me for offline music. I swear the songs in my ipod are like super great for thinking back at old times. Its like almost every song in there brings me back to like a time where I was young and singing it with someone or while doing something special. I wouldn't load them into my Spotify playlist cause I want them to stay special hehe. I'll eventually hate a lot of the songs in there because Spotify
likes to play those few songs only lol.. even though I have like 1.2k songs in there 😒

Anyway, Abigail is in France with them other Singaporeans and I just finished the Manchester leg of my UK trip. Manchester as a city was quite disappointing I have to say. Of course for this trip I did almost no research and it was all up to Zhi Jie and Cecelia lel. There was nothing much to see other than old Trafford. I didn't made it to Etihad stadium but couldn't really care less actually hahaha. What bugs me is that I've been to Anfield and Old Trafford but not inside, cause I missed the tour for both. Quite annoying if you think about it, but at least I've been there and I really really hope to come back to the UK and watch an EPL match or better a Champions League fixture. I also met with Kai Qian and Ze Nian and few minutes with Zhen Wei, so all of that was great. This trip has been quite hectic transportation wise. Almost missed my flight to Manchester but made it at a terrible cost, and almost missed this bus, but made it with my lungs trying to claw their way out of my ribs lel. I really hope everything can be smoother from now on haha. Missed the chance to go pray in Manchester's 佛光山 but I will be back, I hope haha!!

All in all, I'm great! Really really need to start studying the moment I get back from London. Don't really have much time left and don't wanna result in last minute crammings again like urgh. Library dates gonna be up soon hehe.. Till next time peeps!! (^.^)😁😁