Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Busy February is over!!!

Mnight is over! ITS OVER!! Yeah it's already been a week, and I just decided to blog this haha!! The feeling of relief is like unbelievable! We actually managed to sell every single ticket we have like omg!! So let's start with the whole mnight week, not gonna be a long post I promise haha!

So it all started on Tuesday where we were constructing the stage. Apparently someone gave an order to move the stage forward by 50cm, and that was quite a big change. After setting everything up, we just practiced on the stage like nothing. But when they pulled the seats out on Thursday, apparently the measurements were abit off so we were now violating UCD's safety rules? I mean we had to fit at least a wheelchair in between the audience seats and the stage. We kinda screwed up on that part. Oh well, at least the music team has more space than last year HAHA! So after much much discussion with some UCD staff, and 5000 remeasurements, we got a green light. It was a big relief as if we were given a red light instead, we would have to spend ALOT of time to reconstruct the stage, the lights, the sound system and all. It wouldn't have been great.

Other than that, it was quite a hectic week as I had to run full runs and then there was a drama like 2 days before M Night which I'm not gonna write here because its just too obvious and all like urgh. Worked with Andrew alot that week. It was really tiring to juggle Producer, Sketch Director and Vocal Director in one go. Like I was needed everywhere which really really irked me. I think the one I managed the poorest would be Vocal Director... Other than the soloists, I couldn't really teach the choir and made them to produce the voice I wanted. So I have to say I'm sorry for that. But looking back at the entire M Night process. I seriously doubt I could do any more than that. I cried a few times because of this, I just felt so pressured to please everyone seeing that I'm not the most senior in this production. People probably think I'm weak and all but I seriously couldn't give 2 flying fucks anymore. There was so much pressure coming from everywhere, about the performance, the publicity, the budget, etc.. It was just too much. But luckily everything was over.

This paragraph is definitely for Andrew Lee Ban Keong. Even though I treat this guy like real crap sometimes, he will still be there and I still can't believe we actually managed to go through the entire lighting for the whole show. No one else could have done what he did setting the lights to what I want and all, plus his valuable input and all. Seriously this guy deserves a medal for the stuff he has done for M night. I can only do so much for the acting team, and it was really down to his lights that made the whole show bloody fantastic. So sorry that I forgot to mention your name at the final speech. I was nervous and all, and names were flying in my mind and I just grabbed on to whomever I could see. But you know I love you bro in a no homo way. The way we worked through this, we should get along way way finer than anything else. Cheers bro :D

And then there is also Koshy, who was there emotionally for me, and did most of the background stuff for me. Although sometimes he won't be at his position, which is a fairbit annoying, I still feel that he is there for me when I need him to. So seriously thank you so much Koshy and thanks for your shoulder. The more I write, the more this whole post is going into homo region LOL.

So.. Let's bring it back to M night and the final moment where Abigail took the flower out for me. That's when I knew that kissing her (forehead) was the right thing to do. She was there for me emotionally and I could feel that she was proud of me. That was all I needed. And she looked really nice that night HAHA!! Owh well..

Conclusion wise, Kisho, Andrew and me. Without any of us MNight 2016 wouldn't have happened. Now, to go back and try to study, but gonna fail miserably haha! Cheers bois :D

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