Friday, November 4, 2016

Lazy and Busy? (excuses)

Haha the amount of cobwebs on this blog is like infinite lol. ANYWAY, short update, MSoc Gala just passed and Abby and I won best couple yay! So yeah, dressed up, took loads of photos. Just gonna share Maria and Domi's video on my blog so I can look back anytime I want xD

I know its super short, but I'm sick and I dunno what to write for now, so yeah. love u guys, bb xD

Monday, August 1, 2016

Session 2 almost over!

           Typing this from my office on a rainy day where my assistant director Kelly isn't in hehe. Hello peeps, after a whole month, here I am again! Although blogger's statistics shows that absolutely no one from Malaysia nor Ireland nor Singapore is reading my blog, I will still try and keep it up cuz I'm doing this for myself more than anything else lel.
 So second intersession is coming in 4 more days and I’m heading to the city of Philadelphia for 3 days 2 nights! (Although it’s only like 1 and a half days tbh LOL.) The first intersession I followed a lot of people to Seaside Heights where I got to see the famous Jersey Shore! I always thought it was just a MTV show name and not an actual place, guess I was wrong! It was really nice walking along the boardwalk experiencing the American shore life with arcades and pizza parlors by the sea. What shocked me the most is I had to pay to enter the beach! Like what. 8 whole freaking dollars. It was a good thing that the hostel that I was staying at gave out free beach passes, although they were limited to like 4 per room and my room had like 8 people LOL! I shared a bed with Maria and Dominika from Poland and Yaritza from Mexico while the other king sized bed was shared by the Hungarians (Orsi, Daniel and Sofi). I got a tan and a magnet from that intersession and got to know some people a little better than expected which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. It was a really cool (and quite expensive) trip! Spent almost 200 dollars I think, quite annoying that I had to spend so much but I had a really great time there so it was all worth it kinda haha :D It was my first time in a party house in America with loads of red solo cups so the feel is just extra good lel, not to mention the make out and shits going on in the rooms all over the house haha, living the full American life. 

        Overall it was a great experience la!! Hopefully the 2nd trip will be better although it’s a smaller group travelling this time. Plus, this philly trip is purely exploring and all, so it would be like any trip of mine where I just hope to cover as many places as possible xD
I don’t believe I covered my pre camp trip yet lel. Well I went to Buffalo and the Niagara Falls which was really eye opening. Like the general public said, the Canada side would have had a greater view, but it’s a much more close up view of the falls from the American side. Too bad one of the viewing deck was closed, cause that deck had a really great view L. To be fair, buffalo didn’t had much to offer during my short stay there, so it was kind of a meh city for me, just to stopover for Niagara Falls, so 24 hours in Buffalo ended with a rainy dash from my great hostel to the bus station. I took a megabus from Buffalo to New York that lasted roughly 9 hours. I tried to sleep along the way which was mostly successful except for the fact that the kid beside me spilled a whole big pack of Skittles, so I was stepping on skittles all journey long. Good thing was the bus had a working wifi equipped so that was great hehe :D. So I reached New York at 7am with a slight drizzle to welcome me to the big apple! It was a great feeling, like im finally here in this great city. Walked around, saw Times Square with no one there at all due to it being really early, Maddison Square Garden, M&M World and decided it was best to check in first cause I was really tired. Before that, I had Subway for breakfast first haha! I put my bags at the hostel and rested for about 2 hours before starting to discover New York fully. I took a metro back to Times Square and started wondering around, sang in a karaoke competition by American Standard. Did so badly omg can’t believe I got the wrong key for like 75% of the song T.T. Anyway still got a small gift bag for that, not too bad haha! I went to the HBO store which was small but quite cool to look at all the GOT merchandise which were quite pricey. Next stop was Grand Central Station which was really cool as scenes from Madagascar and all those disaster movies were running through my head. I had a Shake Shack burger there for lunch which was not cheap at all but tasted so good hehe! After that, I stopped by the NY Public Library but I realized I was too tired to really walk around so just sat down and used the WiFi lel. Went out and started walking towards the Green Line Park which was freaking amazing. It used to be a railway track which is then converted into a park which was really modern and pretty. Had a really nice rest and went to try the famous artichoke pizza and it was freaking delicious. It was my first time tasting artichoke and yet it tasted so good!! Then, I continued my walk down the west side of Manhattan along the pier and just decided to take a 30 minute nap on one of the benches cause at that point my feet was aching like a bitch from walking all day long with no proper rest from walking all day at Buffalo as well HAHA! After that nap, walked again to finally reach the 911 memorial, continued to Wall Street, took a pic with the charging bull, got to the park near the end (which I think is called Battery Park) and decided against taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty thing, didn’t think it was worth it… walked around summore, took a couple of pics of the Brooklyn Bridge and then decided to take the metro back to the hostel to rest. I was really proud of myself for being able to walk so much of Manhattan hehe :D I was really close to Chinatown when I was near Brooklyn Bridge and there is a great char siew rice stall in there somewhere but I was too tired to actually go there. Should have dabaoed and have that for dinner in the hostel. Instead, there was a Chinese food place near the hostel. It was quite famous apparently cuz its been visited by famous chefs lel. Had it for dinner and lunch the next day. It was really good! Visited Central park the next day but that was about it, cuz I travelled to camp after the walk in the park.

            That was a month ago. I’ve had loads of fun and frustrating times since then, camp has been generally a great place, although some things I wish could have changed. I prepare the schedules everyday, do some paperwork every session, answer calls, make calls, all those things. Truthfully, I can’t wait to go back to Dublin and just sleep in my own bed, not worrying bout mosquitos, cook my fried rice and shizz, just enjoying life and wait for Abigail to go back to Dubs so that we can just chill for a while till class starts. Ahh, that chill life. Can’t wait. Another thing is I think US is quite an expensive place sometimes, can’t wait to just go home and spend less haha!! I think that’s all I have to say for now and my hands are getting pretty tired. So I think I will just stop here. Love you guys so much and can’t wait to get home!! <3 o:p="">

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy days in CHB :D

CHB stands for Camp Homeward Bound by the way haha! So here I am typing away on my very own desktop in the office shack of CHB. I've been here for almost 4 days now and things are really going great! Camp is great (other than the mosquitoes and them bugs), and they serve really great food! Dunno why but I was having quite low expectations seeing its a summer camp in the middle of nowhere but the chefs are really good. Wish I can learn a few stuff from them before heading back so that I don't get stuck on the same bloody recipes for my last semester in Dublin HAHA!!

Part of the reason I'm typing this blog is to make myself more familiar with the keyboard I'm having now. It certainly requires more effort to type, so it kinda sucks compared to my laptop, but owh well, can't choose now can I HAHA! Wish I had my laptop with me haiz... Wi-Fi is kinda restricted in this area along with close to no reception. We have a big lake which is shared with like 4 other camps (I think?) and it s really cooling to swim in the lake on a hot ass day. Met my bosses Bev, Kelly, Seamus, and Sparrow, all really wonderful people. First few days ehre have been spent cleaning up the office, trying to make it as functional and comfortable as possible. So hopefully everything pans out well before the first session. Staff training is in 2 days so I'm defo looking forward to that. Other than that, been looking at outlets around New York and hopefully I get to go these outlets to get stuff for me and my friends.

I haven't actually got my plans figured out for this blog post so random things might just appear out of nowhere cuz I'm literally just typing whatever comes to mind. Haha! First night here was absolutely freezing, so KB, a South African returnee who was really ncie to me, got me a sleeping bag from a mall nearby when he was on his off day. I was really touched by it haha! Seems like someone was watching over me and it was cool :) Other than that, been reading the books in the library. Some great series are here so I might be just stuffing my head in books all summer since the limited Wi-Fi, plus maybe learn a few things from the camp nurses while I'm here :D Heck, i even downloaded Robbin's Pathology online to try and do some reading in case I am ever too bored HAHA!

I guess thats all for now, love this place so far, busted a wheel on my luggage bag from moving it on a rocky terrain, other than that, all is well :D See u guys real soon hehe BAIIII <3 p="">

Monday, June 6, 2016

Post Exam Life

Sorry I haven't been updating for a while, been real busy with exams and post exam activities and all that bullcrap. Technically I'm just wasting away my life at home these few days. Almost everyone has left the house for their home countries, but here I am, stuck in my room writing this blog post which god knows who even reads these. My after exam plans went quite well at first I guess haha! Abigail only had 3 days to spend after exam so the plans were made to maximize these 3 days I guess?

First, we went for our post anniversary date haha! (It was postponed due to the unfortunate near exam date) We went the night we finished our papers to Talbot 101. A restaurant on Talbot Street which may be reservations only? Don't really know. We booked ahead and got a 3 course meal each for 25 euros haha! (got it off Groupon). To say the truth, I was kinda stuffed after the appetizer HAHAHA!! Partially cause we had like a huge ass bowl of spaghetti pesto for lunch with like a bunch of parmesan cheese. Guess what I had for the appetizer, cheese sample platter! HAHAHA! WTF! It was my first time tasting hummus and it was really delicious like no joke!! Had the steak for my main course which was quite brilliant, and chocolate lava cake for dinner. Spent almost 3 hours for dinner HAHA!! Then, went back to my place for Brendon's chill out dinner with half of the party knowing that I went out for my anniversary meal lol. The day after that I went to town for lunch with Brendon and joined Abby and Andrew to shop for a bit. We played Left 4 Dead at home for abit that night. The next day, Abby and I went to Dun Laoghaire after planning it since last semester HAHA! Tbh, that place was quite a letdown for me, there really wasn't anything great about that place and I would prefer Howth over it, but meh, its the company that counts hehe :D We walked on the pier, went for lunch in The Sunshine Cafe and went to scrumdiddlys for some diabetic ice cream and rocky road combo. HAHA! Didn't even finish it, we threw like a quarter of it away cuz it was simply too sweet. NOTE THAT WE SHARED THAT CUP AND SOME PEOPLE EVEN BOUGHT ONE EACH LIKE HOW DO U EVEN TAKE IN SO MUCH SWEETNESS LOLOL. We were almost late to the movie as we speed shopped in A&F for Cyrus and Cephas's gift. Made me kinda annoyed cuz I wanted her to put her family first and get their gifts instead of going to Dun Laoghaire with me, I dunno, made me feel guilty of some sort? meh. Anyway, we were almost late to the cinema just to find out that alot of people were late too LOL. After claiming them tickets I just left 3 of them at the ticket counter for Claire, Nic and Brendon (who was late cuz he was doing GNIB for the entire day). Civil War was quite good I guess, but couldn't really enjoy it well enough cuz guess who had a small stomach ache in the middle LOL. After that, Arisu with Brendon, Andrew and Abby. Helped Abby pack and spend the next day with her at her house before she flew off. Her taxi driver to the airport was Ghurmit Singh HAHAHA! LMFAO. Got alot of food from her lel. Miss her already haizzzz!

So now, I'm just chilling around till the day I fly to New York. For those who don't know, I'm spending my summer working in Camp Homeward Bound which is based in New York, about an hour plus from NYC. Will be there for about 2 month plus. Apparently this camp has near to no wifi LOL, so I'll only have wifi access once a week during my day off. Won't get to Skype my family or Abigail but owh well, sacrifices have to be made :/ Other than that, I have a housemate who seriously don't think things through, like how do you do these things before you think. He rented his room out for the summer, and without discussing with us beforehand. First there is the key problem which is kinda universal, and a stranger alone in OUR home with EVERYONE gone for the summer. Everyone's stuff is still in the common area and he doesn't even bother to ask us. He was just notifying us that he will be. Even though there were objections, he was still very hard-headed and went on with it. Fuck it. The rage inside me is boiling and has been ever since I heard about it. Thought he changed after the cleanliness issue, guess I was wrong, just a terrible housemate. End of story. Terrible.

Owh well, can't control the world, just gonna chill and will be out of here soon in 9 days. Kinda fast actually, excited definitely! HAHA! Till next time guys, love y'all <3 p="">

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Manchester Trip and a quick update in March

Hey peeps! Blogging on the megabus from Manchester to London hehe 😜 I was promised WiFi but obviously I've been let down so here I am offline blogging not knowing when I'm gonna post this up, probably after dinner haha!! So super quick update on me, M night is over, everything went well, and because my blogger is connected I don't even remember if I did a post on M night lel. Zhi Jie and Cecelia were still shocked that I was the junior director for my Mnight. Definitely proud of it but not really at the same time. Proud because we managed to salvage the show from impending doom, lol but cause the show ain't fully mine, meh..

Owh and thank goodness I have my iPod with me for offline music. I swear the songs in my ipod are like super great for thinking back at old times. Its like almost every song in there brings me back to like a time where I was young and singing it with someone or while doing something special. I wouldn't load them into my Spotify playlist cause I want them to stay special hehe. I'll eventually hate a lot of the songs in there because Spotify
likes to play those few songs only lol.. even though I have like 1.2k songs in there 😒

Anyway, Abigail is in France with them other Singaporeans and I just finished the Manchester leg of my UK trip. Manchester as a city was quite disappointing I have to say. Of course for this trip I did almost no research and it was all up to Zhi Jie and Cecelia lel. There was nothing much to see other than old Trafford. I didn't made it to Etihad stadium but couldn't really care less actually hahaha. What bugs me is that I've been to Anfield and Old Trafford but not inside, cause I missed the tour for both. Quite annoying if you think about it, but at least I've been there and I really really hope to come back to the UK and watch an EPL match or better a Champions League fixture. I also met with Kai Qian and Ze Nian and few minutes with Zhen Wei, so all of that was great. This trip has been quite hectic transportation wise. Almost missed my flight to Manchester but made it at a terrible cost, and almost missed this bus, but made it with my lungs trying to claw their way out of my ribs lel. I really hope everything can be smoother from now on haha. Missed the chance to go pray in Manchester's 佛光山 but I will be back, I hope haha!!

All in all, I'm great! Really really need to start studying the moment I get back from London. Don't really have much time left and don't wanna result in last minute crammings again like urgh. Library dates gonna be up soon hehe.. Till next time peeps!! (^.^)😁😁

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Busy February is over!!!

Mnight is over! ITS OVER!! Yeah it's already been a week, and I just decided to blog this haha!! The feeling of relief is like unbelievable! We actually managed to sell every single ticket we have like omg!! So let's start with the whole mnight week, not gonna be a long post I promise haha!

So it all started on Tuesday where we were constructing the stage. Apparently someone gave an order to move the stage forward by 50cm, and that was quite a big change. After setting everything up, we just practiced on the stage like nothing. But when they pulled the seats out on Thursday, apparently the measurements were abit off so we were now violating UCD's safety rules? I mean we had to fit at least a wheelchair in between the audience seats and the stage. We kinda screwed up on that part. Oh well, at least the music team has more space than last year HAHA! So after much much discussion with some UCD staff, and 5000 remeasurements, we got a green light. It was a big relief as if we were given a red light instead, we would have to spend ALOT of time to reconstruct the stage, the lights, the sound system and all. It wouldn't have been great.

Other than that, it was quite a hectic week as I had to run full runs and then there was a drama like 2 days before M Night which I'm not gonna write here because its just too obvious and all like urgh. Worked with Andrew alot that week. It was really tiring to juggle Producer, Sketch Director and Vocal Director in one go. Like I was needed everywhere which really really irked me. I think the one I managed the poorest would be Vocal Director... Other than the soloists, I couldn't really teach the choir and made them to produce the voice I wanted. So I have to say I'm sorry for that. But looking back at the entire M Night process. I seriously doubt I could do any more than that. I cried a few times because of this, I just felt so pressured to please everyone seeing that I'm not the most senior in this production. People probably think I'm weak and all but I seriously couldn't give 2 flying fucks anymore. There was so much pressure coming from everywhere, about the performance, the publicity, the budget, etc.. It was just too much. But luckily everything was over.

This paragraph is definitely for Andrew Lee Ban Keong. Even though I treat this guy like real crap sometimes, he will still be there and I still can't believe we actually managed to go through the entire lighting for the whole show. No one else could have done what he did setting the lights to what I want and all, plus his valuable input and all. Seriously this guy deserves a medal for the stuff he has done for M night. I can only do so much for the acting team, and it was really down to his lights that made the whole show bloody fantastic. So sorry that I forgot to mention your name at the final speech. I was nervous and all, and names were flying in my mind and I just grabbed on to whomever I could see. But you know I love you bro in a no homo way. The way we worked through this, we should get along way way finer than anything else. Cheers bro :D

And then there is also Koshy, who was there emotionally for me, and did most of the background stuff for me. Although sometimes he won't be at his position, which is a fairbit annoying, I still feel that he is there for me when I need him to. So seriously thank you so much Koshy and thanks for your shoulder. The more I write, the more this whole post is going into homo region LOL.

So.. Let's bring it back to M night and the final moment where Abigail took the flower out for me. That's when I knew that kissing her (forehead) was the right thing to do. She was there for me emotionally and I could feel that she was proud of me. That was all I needed. And she looked really nice that night HAHA!! Owh well..

Conclusion wise, Kisho, Andrew and me. Without any of us MNight 2016 wouldn't have happened. Now, to go back and try to study, but gonna fail miserably haha! Cheers bois :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

200th post and its.... A COVER!! AFTER 5000 YEARS YAY!

Hey guys!! 200th post yeayyyy xD So yeah, I recorded a cover to suit the mood I was in.. and recording cover really helps with the mood (although it adds abit of frustration haha) So thank you guys so much for listening and happy new year and love all of u :D Cheers!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Start of 2016, not great

Im typing this for the second time cuz blogger app decides that it just wanna delete everything I wrote, thanks blogger. 😒

As the title suggests, this is most likely not going to be a happy post.. Ever since that 5 turned into a 6, I really haven't been feeling all that great.. To say the truth, I am actually quite sad, I feel sad. This depressing feeling has been in me since day 1 of 2016. I know it has only been like 1.5 days since the start of 2016, and its too early to tell that this year is going to suck. But for some reason, I feel depressed and I really just wanna break down and cry. It won't happen tho becux the tears just won't fall out long enough to that point that I still feel shitty. Been trying to smile more but obviously its just to mask my freaking sad little kid inside.

Oh you wanna know why I'm sad? Well do tell me when you find out, cuz I would really love to find out too... Is it because I spent new years eve on my own(ish) and did literally nothing? Don't think so.. NYE was never a day that I really super duper cared about anyway so it didn't really seem like it was something big. Plus, I hardly did anything after exams so the days just kinda blur by and NYE just seemed to go by just like that.. Is it because MNight is slowly creeping in? Probably.. I've been trying to stay away from this topic entire winter but it never worked. Somehow the topic just keeps creeping back into my mind. Either someone else brings it up or it just decides to give a surprise visit.. I hate this show. I really hate it. Its not my idea and truthfully everything is just so out of place that its really frustrating. I only have 2 weeks to try and make it work.. Its not my production but it will be me in the end to get judged for it. It breaks me, it angers me, it depresses me, it lowers my self esteem most of all.. I bet si ming didnt feel any of this, because the production had great value and also it was hers, hers to take pride from. I hate it so much, but I'll definitely give my best, I promise... Is it because of exams? Minor probabilities.. I've been wondering bout my MED paper and hopefully everything will pull thru.. Is it because Abby ain't by my side? Probably.. I feel alone also for some reason.. But long distance is something that I will have to work through when our relationship advances.. So I'll really try my best to make it work.. I miss her a lot already actually.. Abby, if u reading this, know that none of this is ur fault k? ☺Is it because of homesick? Probably too.. I don't really feel homesick, but when ur self esteem is so low, anything is possible.. So I really don't know, I really really don't know..

All I want right now is be hugged by someone I love so tight that all the air will be squeezed out.. And them telling me that everything will be OK.. Probably not gonna happen for a while.. I'll most kindly break down in their arms and it will definitely make me feel better.. Hopefully this feeling goes away after a week or so.. I need a break, I really need one..

All in all,
Happy new year guys
And may the odds be ever in your favour!
Stay happy guys 😀