Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 coming to an end bois

Yes, 2015 is going to end bois! Can't say I would look back in regret cause this year has been quite an awesome one! Spent 3 months back in Malaysia and did so much this year! The gold medals in Bali seriously is still stuck in my head till today haha!

Haven't been updating my blog nowadays and now I have to say busy as a reason just ain't gonna be enough to cut it anymore! Sometimes, you really need these feeling to write a blog post and most of the time I just don't feel it anymore. Maybe I am just too busy playing dota, cramming for exams, or spending time with friends/gf. There is just so many things that are distracting me from writing a complete blog post. Like now for instance, I have to type this post at freaking 2am and its nearly 3am. This is the time when I have absolute alone time and these feelings just come. Right, now back to business. Blink of an eye and its already 3 semesters into medical school. Only 2 semesters left in Dublin and then everything is going to change again. Part of me is seriously wishing for time to go slower and part of me wants it to speed up. It seriously is a bittersweet thing that I can't make up my mind to how to react to it. Seeing all my seniors leave now 1 by 1, you seriously can't run away from the thought of urself leaving in a year. You tell yourself you still have a year and you urself know that 1 yar can pass by just like that. Seriously no joke. Time can play tricks with you. Lets try to look back in the year first.

Highlights would definitely include my first Malaysian Night in February where I acted as Sebastian in the Little Duyung. The response I got was tremendous and it opened some doors for me as well! The feeling of being in a production again was really great and the days leading up to it were ever so tiring but yet so magical. I would relive those moments again and again! Some would say i will feel the same with next year's M night. Can't say so tho. I am directing the M night next year but my heart is really not fully into it. I can't direct something that was just thrown to me and the whole thing was not my idea at all. I was just meant to oversee it on someone else's behalf. I'm not saying it will suck, I'm just saying its not up to my liking and hopefully everything goes smoothly when the time comes, 船到桥头自然直! I really really need some help after that m night for the heart attacks I'm going to get during that time LOLOL. After that would definitely when I got together with my gf, Abigail haha! Things are going strong and I miss her alot seriously! Hope we have a great year ahead la hehe