Sunday, October 4, 2015

What A September.

Back in Dubs for a full month already and I have to say things have been slightly on the bumpy side since I came back. First, it was the house and all the troubles with the peeps staying in it. Living in a house of 6 wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. There was like a period of time where everyone was still not really at rest with anything at the house. For a moment it was almost like en-suites vs non en-suites. Then, luckily we are all getting along better now as more things are being discussed but hopefully there won't be anymore annoying traits around the house.

Actually, for most of this month I was pretty annoyed. Reasons? Seriously I don't even know. All I knew was almost everyone annoyed the shit out of me. In the end, I kinda just tell myself. Its me mentally burning out. Since August, everything just keeps on coming like a train that never ends. First, Bali and then after Bali I had to get ready for PMC PDO while answering so many questions from the juniors. Meanwhile, packing for Ireland while saying goodbye to everyone I love again... Had a rough time on the plane due to stomach pain attack halfway into the first flight. (I'll elaborate more on that below) and didn't have a good time for the second flight-ish. After landing, waited for Brendon and went to our new house. Looked around and everything was great! I slept over at Andrew's for a couple of nights. Then, for a few nights simultaneously I got woken up in the middle of the night from orientation stuffs. Everything was just so rushed. A week later, orientation week started and there begins the frequent visits to the airport again. At the end of the week, at least my birthday was really really good as it was so much better than last year's haha!!(Elaborate below) And the city tour wasn't as good as I hoped it would but oh well, anything works :D After that, there is the fresher's week which is mostly the week I lost my entire temper and interest in anything. Classes weren't making things any easier as things were starting to get real. After the fresher's week everything seem to go smoother as I went on a trip with the Jar of Grills and Kiet Zais to Slieve League all the way in Donegal! At least something different in these few weeks. I'll say more about this trip below xD After that, everything kinda was the same.. except I WENT TO MY FIRST LAN MUAHAHAHA!! It was the IreLAN hosted by Shane and it was the Gresham Hotel. Everything was really fun that weekend. And that kinda wraps up my September.

OK, lets go onto the flight thing right now. It was my first time flying Emirates and based on all the reviews I heard from my friends, I was really excited to finally get on the plane. Partially cause they sponsor Arsenal too haha xD ANYWAY, got onto the plane and I have an aisle seat which I was really grateful for. Because it was a night flight, there were like artificial stars on the ceiling which I found really really nice. Problem was, my stomach wasn't feeling well even before the flight. So about 2 hours into the flight, I had this really uncomfortable feeling. I couldn't sleep at all. It was like the chair had needles on it or what, it just felt really really uncomfortable. I went to the bathroom and I stayed in there for quite a while as I thought it was actually much more comfortable and roomy. Then, the real pain came. I was puking so hard and I just couldn't sit still in my seat. In the end, I couldn't bear the pain anymore and I went to the air stewardess for help. After telling them my condition, I asked for a place to rest because thats what I need. My heart fell when I heard that they did not provide anesthetic drugs on board. To think you are so high up off the ground and the only way for you to receive medication would be to ground the whole plane. It was like Berlin's train ride all over again. In the end, I asked if I could just lie down on the floor. Hygiene was like the last thing I cared about already and instantly after lying down, there was like relief flowing through my entire body. An air stewardess was beside me the entire time I was on the floor. First I was asked a bunch of questions and fed water and all. She even gave me pillows and a heart rate detector. It felt so much better. She also gave me some anti-cramp pills and painkillers. In the end, I was moved to business class to rest. It was a bit weird/embarrassing having her hold my hand while we walked pass row by row of people looking. My first time in business class!! YAY! She helped me set the seat to a bed like structure and I instantly fell asleep in it, under the warm covers. The leg room was unbelievable and the service was just brilliant. There were people asking how I was every 10 minutes. I must have slept for like a whole 2 hours! Things were really great up there in business class xD As the plane landed, I was accessed by a team of medical staff from Dubai who asked again if I wanted to go see a doctor. After signing the release form, I wanted to find back the air stewardess and take a picture with her but I really couldn't as a whole bus of passengers were waiting for me down there. I felt really really sad because of that... Oh well.. So that is basically it, the drama I had on the first flight from KL to Dubai.. Just to make things worse, Dubai airport is pretty and all, but WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WIFI SERVICE.. I MEAN LIKE WHAT WIFI?? WHAT WIFIII I COULDN'T EVEN CONTACT HOME LIKE WADAFAQ ==

So, now to my birthday celebration. As you guys knew, last year's birthday celebration was just quite lonely apart from my Belgrove housemates who helped me celebrate with that brilliant chocolate cake. So this year was very different as I actually knew a whole bunch of people within the last 9 years, plus I have a loving girlfriend! My birthday fell under orientation week, but luckily there wasn't much to do on that day itself. The day started with me waking up and Brendon and Kisho got me (diabetic) cupcakes. They also showed me a video from The Singaholics plus a special video by my Bali roommate Joshua xD That video was actually arranged by Abigail and them with the help from Ren Jie haha! Just read the message between Abby and Ren Jie and it was pretty hilarious xD After that, there were birthday songs from the juniors, from the Merville juniors first, then the Belgrove juniors who were right in time to start it up again LOLOL! Everything was great xD After that, nothing much went on cause I was already pretty tired that day due to the past few days... But September 4th is the city tour for the juniors and it was a really busy day xD In the end, the day ended with a Jimmy Chung dinner xD I was already suspecting why they wanted me to go so badly as I decided not to to save money, but then they said they would pay for me so I was like eh wat the heck haha! There was a birthday cake slice and everything. Reminded me so much of Alex's celebration last time haha! Everything was great :D Abby also wrote me a special letter which I won't disclose whats inside hehe :D

For now, this will be it.. but the Slieve League hike was great and I will tell more about that later, and also the S&M's first LAN experience hehe.. Until next time, love you guys and see ya real soon :D