Monday, August 17, 2015

Counting down.. till uncertainty

A week is all that I have left to stay here in Malaysia for the summer! Gahh time flied too fast T.T On my previous post, I mentioned why i was looking/not looking forward to going back to Dublin. Now as time for my long ass flight comes creeping slowly towards me, the feeling of not wanting to leave my beautiful house is growing stronger in me, almost like The Flare slowly taking over my brain. Excuse the maze runner reference, I just finished reading the series and my brain is just full of all that klunk from the maze runner haha!

Anyway, back to the stuff. The Singaholics went to Bali on the 28th of July till the 5th of August and we were there for the 4th Bali International Choir Festival! It was our first ever international event as The Singaholics and obviously everyone was freakishly excited! First time in Bali and we stayed in a hotel called Ibis which kinda looked like a boutique hotel for me. My roommate was Joshua and to my surprise we actually had quite a good time haha! He went on calling me the best roommate he ever had and he was really sad when we left Bali xD Damn he even had an instagram post for me.. gamdong man! But seriously all I remembered was just bossing him around and being a total shit HAHA oh well xD Got to know him better and all so have to thank Jie Ying for putting us together haha! We got 2 freakin golds omg!! Ok so let me explain how does this work. We entered ourselves in the Mixed Youth Choir Open Category which is actually the last open event of the Festival. This means that the Championship category will be held on the very same day. So the open category was held in the morning and we had to wake up freaking early just to get ready for the open category. Everyone was pretty excited and nervous when it finally got till our turn. When we went on stage, we really did give our all but the problem that we could actually feel was we were too soft and we were singing 2 soft songs so our chances were actually quite dim (my opinion, might not be everyone punya opinion lol) I felt abit shite after that but happy also as we head out for lunch. (side note: this is already like day 5 into the trip and our previous meals haven't been all that satisfying) We had like fried fish and steamed fish for lunch and it was actually brilliant! The fish was so gooddd omg haha! After that, everyone just chilled at the hotel. The organizer said the results for the open category would be out and they would notify us if we made it into the championship category by 1-2pm. BTW, if we score 33.01 and above in the open category we can actually be qualified for the championship category! We waited, and waited and waited. Everyone's hope was almost lost by 3pm and started to get ready to head to the open category award ceremony. Then, a loud noise came from the hallway and Joshua and I just looked at each other. We opened the door and people were jumping around and hugging everyone. We got in. I ran out of the room and so did Joshua (barefooted mind you), and everyone was ecstatic haha! 

In the end we kinda got locked out of our room lol. We had to go down to get an extra key and then, the key didnt work, down we go again. Practiced abit, changed and we went to the Sanur Paradise (competition place) again for the second time the very same day. Without dinner, we went and sang and by the time we reached the third song, all of us could sense how tired we were HAHA! In the end we got another gold medal out of that! For those who don't understand, this gold is based on your score alone and not compared to the other teams! So getting gold doesn't mean you are the champion of the category! We got gold medals for 2 categories but fell short of the champion for both. We got 2nd for the open category and 3rd for the championship category. The champion for the mixed youth category open and championship fell to another Malaysian choir, the UiTM Chamber Choir! They sounded really good when we heard them at the friendship concert so it was really great to see a Malaysian choir getting that trophy home. After that, begins our real vacation at Bali! We got ourselves to the villa that my sister booked at Seminyak and it was totally legit. It had 2 swimming pools and 5000 rooms (joking, only got like 9-10 haha) I shared a room with Ren Jie and Kai Ren. Everything was well until my phone decided to take a bath at the Seminyak Beach. Sad. Now I have no idea whats gonna happen about my phone, will update that later. So I was phoneless for the next 3 days. Sien. Told Abby and my family and then, I was a free man from the Internet. Fully appreciating Bali's wonderfulness. We got a tour from the person in charge of bringing us around during the BICF and it was really great! We went to alot of places! Tanah Lot, UluWatu, Coffee Plantation where I tried the famous Luwak Coffee, nothing special and pricey imo LOL, Lake Bratan or something that was featured in the 10k rupiah note and some other places. WHO KNEW BALI HAD FARKIN MOUNTAINS and with LEGIT COLD WEATHER. NO JOKE! I had to bring my sweater out for the other cold members weih xD Serious like some Cameron Highlands klunk weih hahaa! Even Ren Jie wore my sweater and looked like some artist liddat with the shades LOL. Food wise, I tasted Bali food loo, the ayam bertutu, bebek (duck), Babi guling, those stuff la haha! Everyday also meat, die of constipation for the last few days HAHA!!

This trip was really really awesome for me cuz firstly, 2 gold medals.. wtf! Hahaha! Also, the peeps I get to spend it with!! If only Melanie could come then we will have almost every single Fwonderful choir F5/2012 peep there d!! Not to mention the late night talks at the girls room. Hehe! Made some really nice discoveries while I was there. I actually found out strawberry actually did like me back when I was in Form 5! HAHA! It felt really awesome to know that at least after 5 years of liking someone I finally had some feelings coming back my way haha! Only it took you 3 years after confessing to actually get to her heart pshh.. Too bad I didn't notice that tho.. hmm.. Of course by that time, I still liked her but the past is the past haha! Happy that I have a gf that loves me now :) Just glad that it happened before haha! This actually can conclude by making form 5 the best year there was for me hehehe xD Oh well! Back to why this trip is awesome, I get to spend more time with ma lovely juniors! They so awesome I dun wanna go also T.T. Heck I really dun wanna leave Malaysia for so long till I actually see their faces again... Its kinda depressing really but I made the decision to study overseas so this is something I'm just gonna have to live with haiz...

Why uncertainty. Well life in Dubs is still gonna be blurry cuz Stage 3 is gonna prove itself to be really challenging and I'm not sure I'm ready for it! Sem 1 is gonna be tough for me too cuz i'll actually have to juggle quite alot of things altogether and I might consider working while studying due to this farking exchange rate but we shall see, we shall see :) For now, just happy that the Bali trip happened as it grew us closer and closer to each other (and for that little confession but lets not make a big deal out of it) and I'll just have to put the thoughts of spending time with my real family and my choir family to rest and think about my studies and ma girlfriend. Btw, won't be there to wish her Happy birthday which is on the 18th of August, technically tmr if u reading this post fresh ahha... So seriously happy burfday bby and all the best in ur trip to ze US xD Gonna see u very soon, really cant wait and love ya aites? xD (for some reason, blogger spasms everytime i put less than 3 so u know in ur heart can d la haha)

Really special mention of my family who really tried to make my summer count by actually agreeing for me to go for the Bali trip, fetching me to meet my friends, them choir peeps, the Ehstrians, Shane, Yat Kuan, dem College retards, and soon Andrea and Jia Ming! Really sorry if I couldn't go and meet you this time as I really didn't have the most relaxed of a timetable but I will really keep you in mind. Special mention to Yee Pei cuz I kinda promised to meet her soon but really sad I couldn't make that happen haha! So happy birthday 2 days ago and see ya soon. I read your blog alot so I still can keep up with you and dun la emo sangat hehe, BE HAPPY SOULMATE xD Ok back to my family being awesome, they bought a new phone for me and then it broke so now they gonna get me another one. PLUS, they made sure I get to eat almost everything I wanted to! I feel like a freaking king. Of course, I noticed my parents aren't getting any younger and while I'm away my mum as usual trying to save up as much as she can to ensure we all ahve enough money to spare. Me being her son also don't spend much overseas, but now with this farking exchange rate, I might save abit more so that she can actually not worry that much but we shall work on that plan a little more. I love them so much and I wish I can bring them with me sometimes but you know thats not possible. So please treasure the time with your parents. Heck your grandparents too, you never know when the time comes and you start to regret. Thank you mum and dad and da jie and er jie!!

So for now, its gonna be goodbye and the next time I post, should be about me going back to Dubs already, love all you readers so much. Cheers! Sorry for the long long post anyway hahaha xD

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