Monday, July 20, 2015

July life in Malaysia

1 more month left in Malaysia before I leave it for a whole year and a half! Yes I'm counting down for a couple of reasons. But I'll get there soon.

Firstly, CHAPTER 2: GOING BEYOND is officially over! Congrats to everyone involved! This was seriously harder to do than in Chapter 1 majorly because of the time that was spent on this project. There really wasnt much time put into it and when that day finally arrived, truthfully I personally felt that we were pretty unprepared. I had to prepare the emcee script the night before the concert and a lot of thing weren't set in stone yet. Real serious last minute skillz. For that I really need to apologize because I personally thought there was a big difference between Friday and Saturday's show. Saturday's one was much more well prepared and I enjoyed it more along with Ren Jie's surprise to us haha! We had a full house on Saturday! There was my family, Kisho and Brendon, Alex and Rachel! Ahhh soo many people haha! Good thing is now all that is over, we can focus on our Bali competition which is only a few weeks away! Yesterday Jia Zheng came into our practice session and taught us really valuable stuff and its pretty legit so hopefully we get to sing better from this haha!! Can't wait till Bali actually :)

So updates on my Dublin life. I actually have found a home (50% getting it already so don't jinx it)! I am going to stay with Jibraan, Rickie, Jared, Kisho and Brendon. Here is the thing, this is why I'm counting down. On the positive side, yes I do miss my girlfriend a lot. Oh wait pause, did I not mention I have a gf? xD Ok her name is Abigail and she is from Singapore, end of story. That, and I can't wait to get my academic year started, like seriously. My current mood is super pumped up to learn more stuff. I know this feeling will fade away sooner or later, but lets just keep it as it is right now first aite HAHA!! Not just that, can't wait to see my Dublin friends again. Sure there aren't that many and sooner or later I will say that I see them until wanna puke ad, haha but now definitely want la haha! Lets not forget the chillin weather in Dublin haha! Its so hot back here I can melt to death T.T

Of course there is the flip side. One thing would definitely be money. Once I get back there, my expenses would be high and life would be miserable once I think about it. Heck, even when i think of it now I'm freaking depressed :( Seriously why can't everything be cheaper and why does the MYR have to go down until its shite. Sien. I still have to buy a sofa bed cuz somehow I got stuck with the room that initially was the only cheapest room. Now that room is the similar price as a single bed room and they don't need to buy beds z. Good thing the Jar of Grills have mentioned about splitting the cost of the bed with me so im seriously hoping it wont be too expensive that I will actually cry T.T Worse come to worst I sleep on mattresses :( Next, would be a freakishly busy year from all the M night stuff and all that. Maybe I'll even squeeze in a small job just to have some extra money to spend. Who knows? :) Hopefully I don't get too tired la *fingers crossed*

For now let me just enjoy my life and next week is my Bali competition already!! Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing and I really cannot wait to hear all the great music yeah... OWH AND IM GONNA HAVE A NEW PHONE MUAHAHAHA CANT WAIT RAWR XD Thats it for now! Cheers guys :)

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