Friday, June 5, 2015

Back to the land of good food and hotness

Alright.. Been back in Malaysia for about 2 weeks plus already, suffered through the jet lag and acclimatizing period so now all is good (still hot). Feels good to be back around some friends especially the choir bunch becuz its like I never left hahaha!! (well almost...) Other than all that right, I'm just stoning at home HAHA!! Nothing much has happened since I came back actually. Just gonna list a few things that actually happened.

Firstly, went back to choir and all!! Great feeling to meet some of the juniors and my fellow sampat choir friends. Although I only fully met ALL of them during Ren Jie's proposal towards Verone haha. That is one of the highlights of my return hehe!! Cece, Zhi Jie, Ting Jia also haven't come back to witness this moment MUAHAHAHA!! Nice to see their relationship finally going on to the next level le hehe.. but is sooner or later de la haha! Now is just to wait for their wedding and first born nia MUAHAHAHA!! Ok... overuse of muahahaha within this first paragraph.

Secondly, already met up with the bimbo Shane who lives so bloody near me that its retarded lol.. Had a great 3 hour chat in Doi Chaang Coffee while sharing life stories from the last 9 months haha!! Good times.. then strolled around taipan while getting ourselves blue coned ice creams from mcDonalds. IT WAS BLUE CONED OMG! Was hoping for blueberry flavor or something but was let down. Sien. Then Shane had to crack a joke saying the ice creams were cold so the cones got blue. Sakai laughing at her own joke the entire way back to her house. GENIUS! xD

Nothing much really changed back here except for the new BRT and soon-to-be LRT and stuff. Public transport still crap but I just need to live with it sometimes, Food price and all, everything went up, Ringgit getting shittier and shittier by the day. Oh well, welcome back to Malaysia xD

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