Sunday, May 17, 2015

2 months hiatus

Wow... I think this might be the longest I've gone without updating my blog. Really sorry for not updating for so long because I was really really busy with my academics and all, its just a big pain in the ass.. zzz

Good thing is.. now EXAMS ARE OVERR!!! Finally I don't have to deal with bullshit modules for another 3 months or so. As I am typing this, I will be on board a plane back to Malaysia in 2 hours or so hehehe... Back to the land of mamaks and good food. And my familyyyyy gahhhh!! Dublin has been really kind to me for these 9 months. Moving out of the campus residence was a pain in the ass as I don't have my own place to call home when I come home YET. Hopefully that will change soon *fingers crossed*. Exams wise, I think I did ok considering the fact that I hardly studied at all HAHA!! Life is hard.. Another one to cross fingers for xD This 3 months break will be surely appreciated.

Now I am the junior producer for next year's Malaysian Night as there was a change in agreement between PMC and UCD on the returning dates of Stage 4 students (now students have to go back to PMC by December, bummer.) I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't stressed out by this LOL.. Getting sketch director in the first place is bad enough as I've only directed one play before and that was in freakin 2010. Looking back at the video of that play, it was hilarious laa HAHA!! Plans are on the way and looks like I'll be a busy bee when I get back to Dublin next semester... Hmm..

Truth to be told, Asian food is the best already. Its something that you won't get sick off. Maybe its a bias opinion as I am an Asian myself, but to whoever travelling overseas.. treat ur Asian food well.. HAHA!! Plans for the summer include finding and indulge in any Asian food there is hehe.. EVERYTHING WILL BE CONSUMED RAWR! Of course my plans for this summer include work out, work (hopefully get one), choir (thank goodness I'M COMING BACK RAWR), and basically spending time with my family which I've missed so much.. 

Dublin has given me so many things (including a surprise in my life xD) and its time to put all that on a hold while I go back to Malaysia for a well deserved (sort-of) break haha!! This post is gonna be quite short as I don't think I have loads to add! Anddd the gate is open.. SO SEE YOU GUYS REAL SOON <3 cheers="" font="">