Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big pile of lazy bum writings

By the time I post this, it should be already March the 1st, everywhere on Earth. Seriously looking at this thickass layer of dust on my blog, I feel ashamed. ASHAMED T.T Its officially been 2 months and I haven't updated anything.. AT ALL LOL!! Life is hard.

Alright, to say that I was busy, kinda maybe, It was Malaysia Night 2015, then more and more stuff came on. But those are kinda excuses. I promised myself I would update about the trips ASAP but when I sit in front of the laptop and turn on my blog, my mind just goes.. blank.. Like white piece of paper blank. I have a couple of drafts in my blog for the trip but they're just always incomplete. I have a feeling the only time I will have the mood to finish it is when I'm sitting on the airplane and typing away the 15 hour flight back to Malaysia.(Then suffer really bad jet lag when I get back to Malaysia)

So hitting March, it is the Spring break soon, well in a week to be exact. Not going anywhere this time, wanted to go to London to watch Jay's Imperial College Malaysian Night performance, but then the cost turned me down and plus he will only appear for less than a minute lol. Although Si Ming did ask us to go and watch Imperial's M Night, don't really think its worth it for what its cost. Rather go to London when all of the gang is free and we can walk around where everyone aren't tied up with stuff. Seeing how the things are right now, I would have to say it might be next year before I go over there lol... Did I mention I am currently in the Malaysian Society UCD committee? Cuz I really don't remember I did. Anyway, I am currently the Stage 2 Rep. Looking ahead at the events calender of M Soc, I will definitely be a very de busy man. LOL

Anyway, enough on that, on everything else in life, I would have to say its very calm. Nothing much has gone on. Oh yeah, I had a good Chinese New Year celebration here so far. Although the ang paus are waiting for me back home, the seniors had a really great CNY plan worked out :)

Joyce arranged a dinner for us Malaysians out in town at the Ten Thousand Asian Buffet Restaurant. Not really sure about the name tho due there being 2 Ten Thousand buffet place in Dublin LOL. Trust me, it wasn't a good start to Chinese New Year. The food was terrible, the waiter was unbearable in my opinion, and we still had to pay 7.50 euros for that crap. Of course it was nice to see some rare faces outside of class like Fei Ya who in my mind was always studying and Justin who was in Genetics. Other than the togetherness, it was really a night to forget. Most of us came back with some upset stomach-ish kind of thing that night. According to the seniors we actually went to the better one, but when the Singaporeans went for the other Ten Thousand the week after, apparently they had a waayy more positive experience LOL. They had to pay more but from the sound of it, it was worth it. :/

This day was more quiet than what I was used to. Back in Malaysia I guess I will be in Puchong almost the whole day watching CNY specials on Astro with all ze cousins, uncles and aunts. But for this year, it was going to lectures, giving oranges to the class, football with de seniors, bowling with total random people, and gambling with seniors lol.  The bowling session was organized by the Reslife organization and somehow I signed up, alone. So the first person i met was Leo Lau from Hong Kong doing engineering. Then we shared lanes with 4 other girls. There were Gina and Jen from the States, Anna from Sweden and Kaushalya from India. :) It was a really fun night and we all had fun knowing each other. Great stuff. Gina was really cute tho haha.. Dun think too much. ANYWAY, back to gambling in seniors house, lost like 6 euros that night, and brendon was the big winner that night. Life is sad lol..

Today was basically cooking day. After coming back from the early lecture, I was in the kitchen for almost the whole day preparing to cook for the potluck in the Keat Zai's house. I made 糯米鸡 my mum's style with Jared's overbought glutinous rice HAHA!! Turned out to be quite successful!! I cooked 2 batches, a halal and non-halal version, technically a vegan and non-vegan version LOL! The only difference was the non-halal had chicken thigh meat instead of carrots.. cuz i was too lazy to go to the mosque to get halal meat. Oh well, still tasted good :) Made me a really happy boy when I saw the rice disappear so fast on the table. Haha!! Stayed around till like 3 or 4 o clock because Andrew was too drunk to be able to walk home haha!! Great night tho :) First time seeing Andrew Richards drunk and talking crap. Although by this time I kinda lost my voice already.

What was left of the glutinous rice by the time I was close enough to take a picture HAHA

Went for the RCSI CNY event in Malaysian Hall with the gang and met the keat zais in the bus. Went in together and the event was ok.. We were late so we kinda skipped a few performances. I joined the charades game just for fun. Got into the finals but we lost. Oh well, onto the food!! Probably its because Alex raised my expectations for the food too high, the food didnt turn out to be that great. Well at least not to my liking :/ We had a bit of Yee Sang which was fine :) Then tang yuens which is a no for me lol. Went home to rest after that. That rest was so valuable as the night karaoke session with Alex, Khai, Wilson and the other bunch of seniors and some of the peeps in my gang was super tiring. Imagine singing karaoke from 7pm-2am. Holy crap. It was definitely one of the longest karaoke session I had. I didn't really enjoyed myself due to my fucked up throat and so many songs that I wanted to sing. The good thing was I got to enjoy Alex and Rachel's singing which was really good. Can't wait to sing with them nicely haha!! There was also an automatic mahjong table which was freaking cool. It was on the whole night and some people were glued onto it. HAHA!! Brendon and I even played chinese chess with poker cards, cuz there weren't any chess pieces haha!! All in all, a great night, can't wait to go there again. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it was a Korean restaurant which charges like approx 15-16 per person for BBQ buffet. All you can eat. Or u can order the ala carte which was approx 10 euros a plate? Not bad lar.. quite big HAHA!!

Let your imagination flow and you will know what is what HAHA!

Ze lou sang session

That practically wrapped up whatever real celebration I really had. Just remembered that there was also a Valentine's Day hiking trip yet to be posted, but may save that for later. Till next time, Ciao!! :)