Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 coming to an end bois

Yes, 2015 is going to end bois! Can't say I would look back in regret cause this year has been quite an awesome one! Spent 3 months back in Malaysia and did so much this year! The gold medals in Bali seriously is still stuck in my head till today haha!

Haven't been updating my blog nowadays and now I have to say busy as a reason just ain't gonna be enough to cut it anymore! Sometimes, you really need these feeling to write a blog post and most of the time I just don't feel it anymore. Maybe I am just too busy playing dota, cramming for exams, or spending time with friends/gf. There is just so many things that are distracting me from writing a complete blog post. Like now for instance, I have to type this post at freaking 2am and its nearly 3am. This is the time when I have absolute alone time and these feelings just come. Right, now back to business. Blink of an eye and its already 3 semesters into medical school. Only 2 semesters left in Dublin and then everything is going to change again. Part of me is seriously wishing for time to go slower and part of me wants it to speed up. It seriously is a bittersweet thing that I can't make up my mind to how to react to it. Seeing all my seniors leave now 1 by 1, you seriously can't run away from the thought of urself leaving in a year. You tell yourself you still have a year and you urself know that 1 yar can pass by just like that. Seriously no joke. Time can play tricks with you. Lets try to look back in the year first.

Highlights would definitely include my first Malaysian Night in February where I acted as Sebastian in the Little Duyung. The response I got was tremendous and it opened some doors for me as well! The feeling of being in a production again was really great and the days leading up to it were ever so tiring but yet so magical. I would relive those moments again and again! Some would say i will feel the same with next year's M night. Can't say so tho. I am directing the M night next year but my heart is really not fully into it. I can't direct something that was just thrown to me and the whole thing was not my idea at all. I was just meant to oversee it on someone else's behalf. I'm not saying it will suck, I'm just saying its not up to my liking and hopefully everything goes smoothly when the time comes, 船到桥头自然直! I really really need some help after that m night for the heart attacks I'm going to get during that time LOLOL. After that would definitely when I got together with my gf, Abigail haha! Things are going strong and I miss her alot seriously! Hope we have a great year ahead la hehe 

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I can feel it now. After 20 years on this planet, i think i can finally feel stressed for when I'm in an educational institute. M night is creeping near, my seniors are leaving, exams are near and my preparations are nowhere near where they are supposed to be, house problems... Stage 3 really proved itself to be challenging. Seriously, sometimes I wish there was a punching bag at home so that I can release some stress. Right now, I just realized there isn't like a clear way for me to release some frustration (except punching the air.. which is kinda meh), so that's kinda why I'm here. This is my only real place left to vent out my frustrations.

I know I'm super lucky to be able to study here in Dublin, and being so far away from home. This is partially why I know I should be doing better than what I'm doing so far. Like come on, I may have taken more things than I can chew. Who knew that this semester would be so taxing with all the assessments and the dissections. Its going to be one more month before my exam arrives, and I really should get my shit together seriously. Less dota and less time wasting. Although I have to say some lecturers IMO are below par. Take the one from Disease Mechanisms, the lecturer speaks so fast and there is so much information in it that it is nearly impossible to put everything down into ur notes. Like wtf. How am I gonna do well in this module. Like what my senior said, this semester is going to be hard to study but easy to pass due to all the assessments, I will really try. Passing wouldn't be a problem i guess but passing just doesn't seem to be doing my parent's money or investment in me any justice, so I'll definitely try to get the most of my time here. On a side note, the seniors are only having 2 more months here and I'll have to wait another year till I see all of them again :( Will really miss them alot becuz so many of them will be going back and we aren't that close to the juniors these years yet to feel that close yet. Basically, there will be a hole in our lives, I will definitely miss them alot.

Well that's about it for this post, more like a rant than anything, after typing this, I do feel way better, no joke. So hopefully I will do better than! Cheers :D

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What A September.

Back in Dubs for a full month already and I have to say things have been slightly on the bumpy side since I came back. First, it was the house and all the troubles with the peeps staying in it. Living in a house of 6 wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. There was like a period of time where everyone was still not really at rest with anything at the house. For a moment it was almost like en-suites vs non en-suites. Then, luckily we are all getting along better now as more things are being discussed but hopefully there won't be anymore annoying traits around the house.

Actually, for most of this month I was pretty annoyed. Reasons? Seriously I don't even know. All I knew was almost everyone annoyed the shit out of me. In the end, I kinda just tell myself. Its me mentally burning out. Since August, everything just keeps on coming like a train that never ends. First, Bali and then after Bali I had to get ready for PMC PDO while answering so many questions from the juniors. Meanwhile, packing for Ireland while saying goodbye to everyone I love again... Had a rough time on the plane due to stomach pain attack halfway into the first flight. (I'll elaborate more on that below) and didn't have a good time for the second flight-ish. After landing, waited for Brendon and went to our new house. Looked around and everything was great! I slept over at Andrew's for a couple of nights. Then, for a few nights simultaneously I got woken up in the middle of the night from orientation stuffs. Everything was just so rushed. A week later, orientation week started and there begins the frequent visits to the airport again. At the end of the week, at least my birthday was really really good as it was so much better than last year's haha!!(Elaborate below) And the city tour wasn't as good as I hoped it would but oh well, anything works :D After that, there is the fresher's week which is mostly the week I lost my entire temper and interest in anything. Classes weren't making things any easier as things were starting to get real. After the fresher's week everything seem to go smoother as I went on a trip with the Jar of Grills and Kiet Zais to Slieve League all the way in Donegal! At least something different in these few weeks. I'll say more about this trip below xD After that, everything kinda was the same.. except I WENT TO MY FIRST LAN MUAHAHAHA!! It was the IreLAN hosted by Shane and it was the Gresham Hotel. Everything was really fun that weekend. And that kinda wraps up my September.

OK, lets go onto the flight thing right now. It was my first time flying Emirates and based on all the reviews I heard from my friends, I was really excited to finally get on the plane. Partially cause they sponsor Arsenal too haha xD ANYWAY, got onto the plane and I have an aisle seat which I was really grateful for. Because it was a night flight, there were like artificial stars on the ceiling which I found really really nice. Problem was, my stomach wasn't feeling well even before the flight. So about 2 hours into the flight, I had this really uncomfortable feeling. I couldn't sleep at all. It was like the chair had needles on it or what, it just felt really really uncomfortable. I went to the bathroom and I stayed in there for quite a while as I thought it was actually much more comfortable and roomy. Then, the real pain came. I was puking so hard and I just couldn't sit still in my seat. In the end, I couldn't bear the pain anymore and I went to the air stewardess for help. After telling them my condition, I asked for a place to rest because thats what I need. My heart fell when I heard that they did not provide anesthetic drugs on board. To think you are so high up off the ground and the only way for you to receive medication would be to ground the whole plane. It was like Berlin's train ride all over again. In the end, I asked if I could just lie down on the floor. Hygiene was like the last thing I cared about already and instantly after lying down, there was like relief flowing through my entire body. An air stewardess was beside me the entire time I was on the floor. First I was asked a bunch of questions and fed water and all. She even gave me pillows and a heart rate detector. It felt so much better. She also gave me some anti-cramp pills and painkillers. In the end, I was moved to business class to rest. It was a bit weird/embarrassing having her hold my hand while we walked pass row by row of people looking. My first time in business class!! YAY! She helped me set the seat to a bed like structure and I instantly fell asleep in it, under the warm covers. The leg room was unbelievable and the service was just brilliant. There were people asking how I was every 10 minutes. I must have slept for like a whole 2 hours! Things were really great up there in business class xD As the plane landed, I was accessed by a team of medical staff from Dubai who asked again if I wanted to go see a doctor. After signing the release form, I wanted to find back the air stewardess and take a picture with her but I really couldn't as a whole bus of passengers were waiting for me down there. I felt really really sad because of that... Oh well.. So that is basically it, the drama I had on the first flight from KL to Dubai.. Just to make things worse, Dubai airport is pretty and all, but WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WIFI SERVICE.. I MEAN LIKE WHAT WIFI?? WHAT WIFIII I COULDN'T EVEN CONTACT HOME LIKE WADAFAQ ==

So, now to my birthday celebration. As you guys knew, last year's birthday celebration was just quite lonely apart from my Belgrove housemates who helped me celebrate with that brilliant chocolate cake. So this year was very different as I actually knew a whole bunch of people within the last 9 years, plus I have a loving girlfriend! My birthday fell under orientation week, but luckily there wasn't much to do on that day itself. The day started with me waking up and Brendon and Kisho got me (diabetic) cupcakes. They also showed me a video from The Singaholics plus a special video by my Bali roommate Joshua xD That video was actually arranged by Abigail and them with the help from Ren Jie haha! Just read the message between Abby and Ren Jie and it was pretty hilarious xD After that, there were birthday songs from the juniors, from the Merville juniors first, then the Belgrove juniors who were right in time to start it up again LOLOL! Everything was great xD After that, nothing much went on cause I was already pretty tired that day due to the past few days... But September 4th is the city tour for the juniors and it was a really busy day xD In the end, the day ended with a Jimmy Chung dinner xD I was already suspecting why they wanted me to go so badly as I decided not to to save money, but then they said they would pay for me so I was like eh wat the heck haha! There was a birthday cake slice and everything. Reminded me so much of Alex's celebration last time haha! Everything was great :D Abby also wrote me a special letter which I won't disclose whats inside hehe :D

For now, this will be it.. but the Slieve League hike was great and I will tell more about that later, and also the S&M's first LAN experience hehe.. Until next time, love you guys and see ya real soon :D

Monday, August 17, 2015

Counting down.. till uncertainty

A week is all that I have left to stay here in Malaysia for the summer! Gahh time flied too fast T.T On my previous post, I mentioned why i was looking/not looking forward to going back to Dublin. Now as time for my long ass flight comes creeping slowly towards me, the feeling of not wanting to leave my beautiful house is growing stronger in me, almost like The Flare slowly taking over my brain. Excuse the maze runner reference, I just finished reading the series and my brain is just full of all that klunk from the maze runner haha!

Anyway, back to the stuff. The Singaholics went to Bali on the 28th of July till the 5th of August and we were there for the 4th Bali International Choir Festival! It was our first ever international event as The Singaholics and obviously everyone was freakishly excited! First time in Bali and we stayed in a hotel called Ibis which kinda looked like a boutique hotel for me. My roommate was Joshua and to my surprise we actually had quite a good time haha! He went on calling me the best roommate he ever had and he was really sad when we left Bali xD Damn he even had an instagram post for me.. gamdong man! But seriously all I remembered was just bossing him around and being a total shit HAHA oh well xD Got to know him better and all so have to thank Jie Ying for putting us together haha! We got 2 freakin golds omg!! Ok so let me explain how does this work. We entered ourselves in the Mixed Youth Choir Open Category which is actually the last open event of the Festival. This means that the Championship category will be held on the very same day. So the open category was held in the morning and we had to wake up freaking early just to get ready for the open category. Everyone was pretty excited and nervous when it finally got till our turn. When we went on stage, we really did give our all but the problem that we could actually feel was we were too soft and we were singing 2 soft songs so our chances were actually quite dim (my opinion, might not be everyone punya opinion lol) I felt abit shite after that but happy also as we head out for lunch. (side note: this is already like day 5 into the trip and our previous meals haven't been all that satisfying) We had like fried fish and steamed fish for lunch and it was actually brilliant! The fish was so gooddd omg haha! After that, everyone just chilled at the hotel. The organizer said the results for the open category would be out and they would notify us if we made it into the championship category by 1-2pm. BTW, if we score 33.01 and above in the open category we can actually be qualified for the championship category! We waited, and waited and waited. Everyone's hope was almost lost by 3pm and started to get ready to head to the open category award ceremony. Then, a loud noise came from the hallway and Joshua and I just looked at each other. We opened the door and people were jumping around and hugging everyone. We got in. I ran out of the room and so did Joshua (barefooted mind you), and everyone was ecstatic haha! 

In the end we kinda got locked out of our room lol. We had to go down to get an extra key and then, the key didnt work, down we go again. Practiced abit, changed and we went to the Sanur Paradise (competition place) again for the second time the very same day. Without dinner, we went and sang and by the time we reached the third song, all of us could sense how tired we were HAHA! In the end we got another gold medal out of that! For those who don't understand, this gold is based on your score alone and not compared to the other teams! So getting gold doesn't mean you are the champion of the category! We got gold medals for 2 categories but fell short of the champion for both. We got 2nd for the open category and 3rd for the championship category. The champion for the mixed youth category open and championship fell to another Malaysian choir, the UiTM Chamber Choir! They sounded really good when we heard them at the friendship concert so it was really great to see a Malaysian choir getting that trophy home. After that, begins our real vacation at Bali! We got ourselves to the villa that my sister booked at Seminyak and it was totally legit. It had 2 swimming pools and 5000 rooms (joking, only got like 9-10 haha) I shared a room with Ren Jie and Kai Ren. Everything was well until my phone decided to take a bath at the Seminyak Beach. Sad. Now I have no idea whats gonna happen about my phone, will update that later. So I was phoneless for the next 3 days. Sien. Told Abby and my family and then, I was a free man from the Internet. Fully appreciating Bali's wonderfulness. We got a tour from the person in charge of bringing us around during the BICF and it was really great! We went to alot of places! Tanah Lot, UluWatu, Coffee Plantation where I tried the famous Luwak Coffee, nothing special and pricey imo LOL, Lake Bratan or something that was featured in the 10k rupiah note and some other places. WHO KNEW BALI HAD FARKIN MOUNTAINS and with LEGIT COLD WEATHER. NO JOKE! I had to bring my sweater out for the other cold members weih xD Serious like some Cameron Highlands klunk weih hahaa! Even Ren Jie wore my sweater and looked like some artist liddat with the shades LOL. Food wise, I tasted Bali food loo, the ayam bertutu, bebek (duck), Babi guling, those stuff la haha! Everyday also meat, die of constipation for the last few days HAHA!!

This trip was really really awesome for me cuz firstly, 2 gold medals.. wtf! Hahaha! Also, the peeps I get to spend it with!! If only Melanie could come then we will have almost every single Fwonderful choir F5/2012 peep there d!! Not to mention the late night talks at the girls room. Hehe! Made some really nice discoveries while I was there. I actually found out strawberry actually did like me back when I was in Form 5! HAHA! It felt really awesome to know that at least after 5 years of liking someone I finally had some feelings coming back my way haha! Only it took you 3 years after confessing to actually get to her heart pshh.. Too bad I didn't notice that tho.. hmm.. Of course by that time, I still liked her but the past is the past haha! Happy that I have a gf that loves me now :) Just glad that it happened before haha! This actually can conclude by making form 5 the best year there was for me hehehe xD Oh well! Back to why this trip is awesome, I get to spend more time with ma lovely juniors! They so awesome I dun wanna go also T.T. Heck I really dun wanna leave Malaysia for so long till I actually see their faces again... Its kinda depressing really but I made the decision to study overseas so this is something I'm just gonna have to live with haiz...

Why uncertainty. Well life in Dubs is still gonna be blurry cuz Stage 3 is gonna prove itself to be really challenging and I'm not sure I'm ready for it! Sem 1 is gonna be tough for me too cuz i'll actually have to juggle quite alot of things altogether and I might consider working while studying due to this farking exchange rate but we shall see, we shall see :) For now, just happy that the Bali trip happened as it grew us closer and closer to each other (and for that little confession but lets not make a big deal out of it) and I'll just have to put the thoughts of spending time with my real family and my choir family to rest and think about my studies and ma girlfriend. Btw, won't be there to wish her Happy birthday which is on the 18th of August, technically tmr if u reading this post fresh ahha... So seriously happy burfday bby and all the best in ur trip to ze US xD Gonna see u very soon, really cant wait and love ya aites? xD (for some reason, blogger spasms everytime i put less than 3 so u know in ur heart can d la haha)

Really special mention of my family who really tried to make my summer count by actually agreeing for me to go for the Bali trip, fetching me to meet my friends, them choir peeps, the Ehstrians, Shane, Yat Kuan, dem College retards, and soon Andrea and Jia Ming! Really sorry if I couldn't go and meet you this time as I really didn't have the most relaxed of a timetable but I will really keep you in mind. Special mention to Yee Pei cuz I kinda promised to meet her soon but really sad I couldn't make that happen haha! So happy birthday 2 days ago and see ya soon. I read your blog alot so I still can keep up with you and dun la emo sangat hehe, BE HAPPY SOULMATE xD Ok back to my family being awesome, they bought a new phone for me and then it broke so now they gonna get me another one. PLUS, they made sure I get to eat almost everything I wanted to! I feel like a freaking king. Of course, I noticed my parents aren't getting any younger and while I'm away my mum as usual trying to save up as much as she can to ensure we all ahve enough money to spare. Me being her son also don't spend much overseas, but now with this farking exchange rate, I might save abit more so that she can actually not worry that much but we shall work on that plan a little more. I love them so much and I wish I can bring them with me sometimes but you know thats not possible. So please treasure the time with your parents. Heck your grandparents too, you never know when the time comes and you start to regret. Thank you mum and dad and da jie and er jie!!

So for now, its gonna be goodbye and the next time I post, should be about me going back to Dubs already, love all you readers so much. Cheers! Sorry for the long long post anyway hahaha xD

Monday, July 20, 2015

July life in Malaysia

1 more month left in Malaysia before I leave it for a whole year and a half! Yes I'm counting down for a couple of reasons. But I'll get there soon.

Firstly, CHAPTER 2: GOING BEYOND is officially over! Congrats to everyone involved! This was seriously harder to do than in Chapter 1 majorly because of the time that was spent on this project. There really wasnt much time put into it and when that day finally arrived, truthfully I personally felt that we were pretty unprepared. I had to prepare the emcee script the night before the concert and a lot of thing weren't set in stone yet. Real serious last minute skillz. For that I really need to apologize because I personally thought there was a big difference between Friday and Saturday's show. Saturday's one was much more well prepared and I enjoyed it more along with Ren Jie's surprise to us haha! We had a full house on Saturday! There was my family, Kisho and Brendon, Alex and Rachel! Ahhh soo many people haha! Good thing is now all that is over, we can focus on our Bali competition which is only a few weeks away! Yesterday Jia Zheng came into our practice session and taught us really valuable stuff and its pretty legit so hopefully we get to sing better from this haha!! Can't wait till Bali actually :)

So updates on my Dublin life. I actually have found a home (50% getting it already so don't jinx it)! I am going to stay with Jibraan, Rickie, Jared, Kisho and Brendon. Here is the thing, this is why I'm counting down. On the positive side, yes I do miss my girlfriend a lot. Oh wait pause, did I not mention I have a gf? xD Ok her name is Abigail and she is from Singapore, end of story. That, and I can't wait to get my academic year started, like seriously. My current mood is super pumped up to learn more stuff. I know this feeling will fade away sooner or later, but lets just keep it as it is right now first aite HAHA!! Not just that, can't wait to see my Dublin friends again. Sure there aren't that many and sooner or later I will say that I see them until wanna puke ad, haha but now definitely want la haha! Lets not forget the chillin weather in Dublin haha! Its so hot back here I can melt to death T.T

Of course there is the flip side. One thing would definitely be money. Once I get back there, my expenses would be high and life would be miserable once I think about it. Heck, even when i think of it now I'm freaking depressed :( Seriously why can't everything be cheaper and why does the MYR have to go down until its shite. Sien. I still have to buy a sofa bed cuz somehow I got stuck with the room that initially was the only cheapest room. Now that room is the similar price as a single bed room and they don't need to buy beds z. Good thing the Jar of Grills have mentioned about splitting the cost of the bed with me so im seriously hoping it wont be too expensive that I will actually cry T.T Worse come to worst I sleep on mattresses :( Next, would be a freakishly busy year from all the M night stuff and all that. Maybe I'll even squeeze in a small job just to have some extra money to spend. Who knows? :) Hopefully I don't get too tired la *fingers crossed*

For now let me just enjoy my life and next week is my Bali competition already!! Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing and I really cannot wait to hear all the great music yeah... OWH AND IM GONNA HAVE A NEW PHONE MUAHAHAHA CANT WAIT RAWR XD Thats it for now! Cheers guys :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Back to the land of good food and hotness

Alright.. Been back in Malaysia for about 2 weeks plus already, suffered through the jet lag and acclimatizing period so now all is good (still hot). Feels good to be back around some friends especially the choir bunch becuz its like I never left hahaha!! (well almost...) Other than all that right, I'm just stoning at home HAHA!! Nothing much has happened since I came back actually. Just gonna list a few things that actually happened.

Firstly, went back to choir and all!! Great feeling to meet some of the juniors and my fellow sampat choir friends. Although I only fully met ALL of them during Ren Jie's proposal towards Verone haha. That is one of the highlights of my return hehe!! Cece, Zhi Jie, Ting Jia also haven't come back to witness this moment MUAHAHAHA!! Nice to see their relationship finally going on to the next level le hehe.. but is sooner or later de la haha! Now is just to wait for their wedding and first born nia MUAHAHAHA!! Ok... overuse of muahahaha within this first paragraph.

Secondly, already met up with the bimbo Shane who lives so bloody near me that its retarded lol.. Had a great 3 hour chat in Doi Chaang Coffee while sharing life stories from the last 9 months haha!! Good times.. then strolled around taipan while getting ourselves blue coned ice creams from mcDonalds. IT WAS BLUE CONED OMG! Was hoping for blueberry flavor or something but was let down. Sien. Then Shane had to crack a joke saying the ice creams were cold so the cones got blue. Sakai laughing at her own joke the entire way back to her house. GENIUS! xD

Nothing much really changed back here except for the new BRT and soon-to-be LRT and stuff. Public transport still crap but I just need to live with it sometimes, Food price and all, everything went up, Ringgit getting shittier and shittier by the day. Oh well, welcome back to Malaysia xD

Sunday, May 17, 2015

2 months hiatus

Wow... I think this might be the longest I've gone without updating my blog. Really sorry for not updating for so long because I was really really busy with my academics and all, its just a big pain in the ass.. zzz

Good thing is.. now EXAMS ARE OVERR!!! Finally I don't have to deal with bullshit modules for another 3 months or so. As I am typing this, I will be on board a plane back to Malaysia in 2 hours or so hehehe... Back to the land of mamaks and good food. And my familyyyyy gahhhh!! Dublin has been really kind to me for these 9 months. Moving out of the campus residence was a pain in the ass as I don't have my own place to call home when I come home YET. Hopefully that will change soon *fingers crossed*. Exams wise, I think I did ok considering the fact that I hardly studied at all HAHA!! Life is hard.. Another one to cross fingers for xD This 3 months break will be surely appreciated.

Now I am the junior producer for next year's Malaysian Night as there was a change in agreement between PMC and UCD on the returning dates of Stage 4 students (now students have to go back to PMC by December, bummer.) I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't stressed out by this LOL.. Getting sketch director in the first place is bad enough as I've only directed one play before and that was in freakin 2010. Looking back at the video of that play, it was hilarious laa HAHA!! Plans are on the way and looks like I'll be a busy bee when I get back to Dublin next semester... Hmm..

Truth to be told, Asian food is the best already. Its something that you won't get sick off. Maybe its a bias opinion as I am an Asian myself, but to whoever travelling overseas.. treat ur Asian food well.. HAHA!! Plans for the summer include finding and indulge in any Asian food there is hehe.. EVERYTHING WILL BE CONSUMED RAWR! Of course my plans for this summer include work out, work (hopefully get one), choir (thank goodness I'M COMING BACK RAWR), and basically spending time with my family which I've missed so much.. 

Dublin has given me so many things (including a surprise in my life xD) and its time to put all that on a hold while I go back to Malaysia for a well deserved (sort-of) break haha!! This post is gonna be quite short as I don't think I have loads to add! Anddd the gate is open.. SO SEE YOU GUYS REAL SOON <3 cheers="" font="">

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big pile of lazy bum writings

By the time I post this, it should be already March the 1st, everywhere on Earth. Seriously looking at this thickass layer of dust on my blog, I feel ashamed. ASHAMED T.T Its officially been 2 months and I haven't updated anything.. AT ALL LOL!! Life is hard.

Alright, to say that I was busy, kinda maybe, It was Malaysia Night 2015, then more and more stuff came on. But those are kinda excuses. I promised myself I would update about the trips ASAP but when I sit in front of the laptop and turn on my blog, my mind just goes.. blank.. Like white piece of paper blank. I have a couple of drafts in my blog for the trip but they're just always incomplete. I have a feeling the only time I will have the mood to finish it is when I'm sitting on the airplane and typing away the 15 hour flight back to Malaysia.(Then suffer really bad jet lag when I get back to Malaysia)

So hitting March, it is the Spring break soon, well in a week to be exact. Not going anywhere this time, wanted to go to London to watch Jay's Imperial College Malaysian Night performance, but then the cost turned me down and plus he will only appear for less than a minute lol. Although Si Ming did ask us to go and watch Imperial's M Night, don't really think its worth it for what its cost. Rather go to London when all of the gang is free and we can walk around where everyone aren't tied up with stuff. Seeing how the things are right now, I would have to say it might be next year before I go over there lol... Did I mention I am currently in the Malaysian Society UCD committee? Cuz I really don't remember I did. Anyway, I am currently the Stage 2 Rep. Looking ahead at the events calender of M Soc, I will definitely be a very de busy man. LOL

Anyway, enough on that, on everything else in life, I would have to say its very calm. Nothing much has gone on. Oh yeah, I had a good Chinese New Year celebration here so far. Although the ang paus are waiting for me back home, the seniors had a really great CNY plan worked out :)

Joyce arranged a dinner for us Malaysians out in town at the Ten Thousand Asian Buffet Restaurant. Not really sure about the name tho due there being 2 Ten Thousand buffet place in Dublin LOL. Trust me, it wasn't a good start to Chinese New Year. The food was terrible, the waiter was unbearable in my opinion, and we still had to pay 7.50 euros for that crap. Of course it was nice to see some rare faces outside of class like Fei Ya who in my mind was always studying and Justin who was in Genetics. Other than the togetherness, it was really a night to forget. Most of us came back with some upset stomach-ish kind of thing that night. According to the seniors we actually went to the better one, but when the Singaporeans went for the other Ten Thousand the week after, apparently they had a waayy more positive experience LOL. They had to pay more but from the sound of it, it was worth it. :/

This day was more quiet than what I was used to. Back in Malaysia I guess I will be in Puchong almost the whole day watching CNY specials on Astro with all ze cousins, uncles and aunts. But for this year, it was going to lectures, giving oranges to the class, football with de seniors, bowling with total random people, and gambling with seniors lol.  The bowling session was organized by the Reslife organization and somehow I signed up, alone. So the first person i met was Leo Lau from Hong Kong doing engineering. Then we shared lanes with 4 other girls. There were Gina and Jen from the States, Anna from Sweden and Kaushalya from India. :) It was a really fun night and we all had fun knowing each other. Great stuff. Gina was really cute tho haha.. Dun think too much. ANYWAY, back to gambling in seniors house, lost like 6 euros that night, and brendon was the big winner that night. Life is sad lol..

Today was basically cooking day. After coming back from the early lecture, I was in the kitchen for almost the whole day preparing to cook for the potluck in the Keat Zai's house. I made 糯米鸡 my mum's style with Jared's overbought glutinous rice HAHA!! Turned out to be quite successful!! I cooked 2 batches, a halal and non-halal version, technically a vegan and non-vegan version LOL! The only difference was the non-halal had chicken thigh meat instead of carrots.. cuz i was too lazy to go to the mosque to get halal meat. Oh well, still tasted good :) Made me a really happy boy when I saw the rice disappear so fast on the table. Haha!! Stayed around till like 3 or 4 o clock because Andrew was too drunk to be able to walk home haha!! Great night tho :) First time seeing Andrew Richards drunk and talking crap. Although by this time I kinda lost my voice already.

What was left of the glutinous rice by the time I was close enough to take a picture HAHA

Went for the RCSI CNY event in Malaysian Hall with the gang and met the keat zais in the bus. Went in together and the event was ok.. We were late so we kinda skipped a few performances. I joined the charades game just for fun. Got into the finals but we lost. Oh well, onto the food!! Probably its because Alex raised my expectations for the food too high, the food didnt turn out to be that great. Well at least not to my liking :/ We had a bit of Yee Sang which was fine :) Then tang yuens which is a no for me lol. Went home to rest after that. That rest was so valuable as the night karaoke session with Alex, Khai, Wilson and the other bunch of seniors and some of the peeps in my gang was super tiring. Imagine singing karaoke from 7pm-2am. Holy crap. It was definitely one of the longest karaoke session I had. I didn't really enjoyed myself due to my fucked up throat and so many songs that I wanted to sing. The good thing was I got to enjoy Alex and Rachel's singing which was really good. Can't wait to sing with them nicely haha!! There was also an automatic mahjong table which was freaking cool. It was on the whole night and some people were glued onto it. HAHA!! Brendon and I even played chinese chess with poker cards, cuz there weren't any chess pieces haha!! All in all, a great night, can't wait to go there again. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it was a Korean restaurant which charges like approx 15-16 per person for BBQ buffet. All you can eat. Or u can order the ala carte which was approx 10 euros a plate? Not bad lar.. quite big HAHA!!

Let your imagination flow and you will know what is what HAHA!

Ze lou sang session

That practically wrapped up whatever real celebration I really had. Just remembered that there was also a Valentine's Day hiking trip yet to be posted, but may save that for later. Till next time, Ciao!! :)