Friday, December 12, 2014

Reminiscence of old times...

Well recently its the exam season in UCD and 3 papers have passed for me. Sorry to say that I only feel confident for 1 of the papers and the others I'm wondering if I can even pass or not.. LOLOLOL!! WHAT TO DO NOW?? Dunno lar.. Well this is gonna be a short post of me ranting for fun only la hahaha :D To get away from studying I spent like a few hours going on social media looking back at old stuff that made me feel really good. For example, here is a video of my choir during our concert last December.. Ahh.. good times good times <3 br="">

And this one was before I graduated from CHS in 2012, one of the best days ever in my life..

Also, my most successful duet to date HAHA xD

Not to mention a few pictures on facebook which I'm not gonna post because they are just so personal HAHAHA!! But all in all, I miss all my choir friends definitely and can't wait to be back in Malaysia >< Missing everyone reading this blog! For now, cheers and see you all real soon :D

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