Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back to this year..

2014.. what an eventful year, in another hour Malaysia will be in 2015 while I'm a year back. Lots of lots of things have happened in 2014 definitely.. Starting the year with my last semester in A levels in Taylors..  (just as I'm typing this.. WOW THIS IS SO LONG AGO MAIGOD) Just highlighting some of the major things that happened this year. Well most likely things started to change alot after my A levels, the point where I had to choose where and what I wanted to pursue my studies in.

As most of u know I'm studying in Ireland already, but the process of getting there wasn't easy. My goal in my entire A levels life was to get a scholarship, in whatever field I can get my hands on. This is mainly due to me not wanting to choose what to study and thinking of me being flexible in almost everything. Obviously, back then I was too naive to think that I would actually land one of them scholarships, even with my mediocre results pshh.. Then, I kinda found out how much shit I was in. I didn't apply through UCAS, I had nothing. I really didn't mind studying in Malaysia because I love Malaysia so damn much. But crunch time came, I narrowed down my choice to chemical engineering and medicine. I couldn't imagine myself an engineer so here I am on the long road of Medicine. Along the way I had to get reassurance from a few other people that studying medicine was worth it in Malaysia. This is kinda a well known fact that Malaysia has an overflow of doctors due to some good planning from our beloved government. Pshh, whatever. So.. uni choice!! Manipal!! That was my first choice and only one apparently. My parents never really liked the idea of me going to India to study mainly due to my condition (stomach), so they agreed on the Penang Medical College program. I never even considered about this one mainly due to it almost doubling Manipal's price, but my parents said it was worth it so I rushed my application within a month (less actually). I was just on a family trip to Penang and we decided to extend another day of stay just so I could attend my interview in PMC. Naturally I got my offer on that day and we settled on almost everything by that month. Of course, due to the shortage of time, things got a bit stressed out and planning was rushed and everything. For all the people who asked why I didn't tell anyone why I was leaving, this is mainly why HAHA!! I'd specially like to thank Janice, Aunty Leng Im, Dr. Wendy, Bryan, Jordan, THE ENTIRE F CHOIR, Ren Jie and Verone, and of course my lovely family, we'll get to that part soon :D

September 1st, my flight to Ireland!! That was when I me my Dublin family, and had the privilege of my friends singing a song in KLIA for me. Most beautiful moment ever. Of course not to forget my dad for being sour faced and rushing me down the departure gate haha.. Oh well!! Dad being awesome and caring. Hugged everyone and rushed down the aerotrain and everything. That was the time I experienced long flights are never fun. NEVER. HAHA!! Once I reached Ireland, everything was smooth and sail with seniors and friends. Until the exam this past month, where I kinda screwed up and felt so bad haha.. This taught me not to take anything lightly already. There was also this trip to Europe with Jun Wei and our planning was kinda brilliant. This trip will be added into the blog next year as it will be long but here just wanna thank Jun Wei for everything on the trip.

Now, a special appreciation paragraph for my family, definitely mostly my parents. This year, they helped me through thick and thin, splashed so much money on me and still were freakishly understanding. I had a shitty exam as I said and I kinda knew I was letting down everyone back there but they just told me to work harder for next sem. So now I know I need to do harder. Best motivation ever. Then, they allowed me to go on that trip and gave me tips along the way. Besides, I get to go to Bali next year with the F choir!! HOW CAN U ASK FOR BETTER PARENTS U TELL ME!! I love my family <3 p="">
Of course, there a couple of other people along the way, Mei Xin, Cecelia, Shane, the entire F choir, the dogs from PM7, Vivian, people in Dublin.. thank you all for making this a great great year for me.. Will never forget it.. Cheers guys!! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR AND SEE YOU ALL WHEN I GET BACK TO MALAYSIA!!! :D

Friday, December 12, 2014

Reminiscence of old times...

Well recently its the exam season in UCD and 3 papers have passed for me. Sorry to say that I only feel confident for 1 of the papers and the others I'm wondering if I can even pass or not.. LOLOLOL!! WHAT TO DO NOW?? Dunno lar.. Well this is gonna be a short post of me ranting for fun only la hahaha :D To get away from studying I spent like a few hours going on social media looking back at old stuff that made me feel really good. For example, here is a video of my choir during our concert last December.. Ahh.. good times good times <3 br="">

And this one was before I graduated from CHS in 2012, one of the best days ever in my life..

Also, my most successful duet to date HAHA xD

Not to mention a few pictures on facebook which I'm not gonna post because they are just so personal HAHAHA!! But all in all, I miss all my choir friends definitely and can't wait to be back in Malaysia >< Missing everyone reading this blog! For now, cheers and see you all real soon :D