Thursday, July 24, 2014

Melaka trip again haha xD

Well my actual first trip after A levels ended so.. I was looking forward to it.. ALOT! Haha! Since Its been so long since we last hang out with each other xD Although the choir gang wasn't completed due to some missing links, but it was gonna be fun xD I knew it before we even started the trip haha :) Although I'm not really a big fan of Melaka if compared to other states but going with friends should be fun :D

So!!! We start our journey by focusing on ME waking up LATE and getting an ear bashing from my mum all the way to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) in Bandar Tasik Selatan.. which I have to say was a new place for me :P Although it looked familiar as in the place Hui Lei took me and the Hongkees to go to Taman Conaught's pasar malam, but I was half sure it wasn't that place haha xD But I have to say TBS was really big and spacey.. It looked almost like an airport haha! Well I reached around 8am and met up with Ming Zhao first while calling Cecelia and then we finally met up with everyone as Jie Ying was late HAHA! Then we all went down to the platform and got on the bus and I sat with Wei Han. Talked about dota along the way haha and then decided to listen to music for the remaining hour. Journey only took 2 hours.. 0830-1030 and my first interstate public bus ride experience was awesome haha! Except for the tad malfunction of the air conditioning at my seat which was meh :P Upon reaching, we just transferred onto an unser and an uncle fetched us from the bus station to Jonker Street and the place where we stayed was named Jonker Sayang. Kind of a homestay place. When we first got there, it wasn't really anything like they photographed on the brochure and stuff and we got kinda pissed abit. The lady was still cleaning up as we arrived so we just locked our stuff in the master bedroom and went down to grab lunch or some sort of food first. Did I mention there wasn't any TV? I'm so done HAHAHA! xD

Well, first stop was the 88th shop on Jonker street which was apparently very famous for its Laksa and Cendols.. I ordered a bowl of Laksa not knowing that they actually had different versions of Laksa and all i got was what KL people would call curry mee when i was craving for Assam Laksa LOL.. Sad boy is sad.. Durian cendol was ok.. not to say really awesome but well it was ok.. Then we continued walking and we went to a few nice places. I actually didn't know that Jonker street would be so near to the Red house and all them places.. but yeah we went to the red house, st.Pauls, the famous A Famosa gate, and went through the Dutch cemetery located at St.Paul's Hill. When we came out of the cemetery, we kinda found ourselves in the middle of nowhere LOL!! So we just strolled on until we entered a garden or some sorts. In the end, we found ourselves in the forbidden garden.. HAHAHA! We actually passed by the ticketing counter with an alternate entrance from the forbidden garden into a museum compound. We noticed lots of cool stuff in the museum, most importantly the air cond, since the weather out there is kinda scorching hot. Found out some pictures taken in our Sejarah textbooks haha :D After coming out of the museum we continued on until we all felt hungry and we went to eat 蠔煎. I didn't even eat it as I kinda hate it if compared to Penang's one. Melaka's version has smaller oysters and has more oil in it, well thats my opinion on it so don't judge me :p After that, we went to a pork satay place which served really really heavenly pork satay at only 70 cents a stick. They also had pork intestines and other stuff which was ok.. I didn't touch the gizzards but the pork satay was absolutely delicious even for a non satay fan like me HAHA! Great great satay :D Then, we just had to cool off as the weather decided to show us the definition of hot. So into the coconut stall we go! It has a really simple set up with planks on bricks as chairs and tables, an audio system hooked up onto a pick up truck parked inside the shop which played songs about 7-8 years ago but still awesome and also half bamboos nailed to the walls to give a "beach" feeling. They had fresh coconuts, coconut shake, coconut jelly and some other stuff. Seriously local coconuts are really good too!! And we even got to witness the shopkeeper cutting the coconut with his parang filled with awesomeness HAHA!! Seriously good place to go to :)

After the coconut drink, we just returned back to our now prep-ed up room to rest while we wait for the second batch people to arrive. Before arriving at our room, we actually stopped by lots of places to shop and stuff which was all so boring HAHA!! Then back in our room, we played UNO and some chor dai di just to spend a few time and not to mention selfies galore. After they arrived around 6, we went down to Jonker street which was already filled with stalls and so we made our way to a Chinese restaurant at a road leading off Jonker street for dinner. Bit o drama happened when Melanie actually locked the keys inside the room. See there were two sets of keys and apparently they had different keys attached LOL! So we had to call the admin and the son came to open the door for us. Embarrassment aside, we had a pretty decent dinner with 咸蛋鸡, stir-fried bayam, 芙蓉蛋, stingray, and tofus. After that it was Jonker Walk time.. finding our way through the seemingly endless street while getting pushed around by what seems millions of people, we tried a few famous stuff. Just like the long potato strip stuck to a stick, durian puffs, 叮叮糖 and some other stuff that I don't think I remember LOL... Ren Jie just reached as we were near the end of the jonker walk and he had to bring "red-eye" Verone for dinner hahaha xD We continued to explore and we found the Hard Rock Cafe beside the river! So we just headed to the walkway right by the river and somehow under Hard Rock Cafe. We sang along horribly with the singer in the cafe and took more selfies. Then me and Zhi Jie went to a Baker's Cottage which had a very nice view of the river to buy 2 slices of cakes. One was a belated cake for Ren Jie and a birthday cake for Pow Lee as it was her birthday the next day. Then, the gang started rushing in the bakery and demanded for tissues. They got bird bombed HAHHAHA!! Talk about luck xD

Kept the cake in the fridge and then had to stay behind to be outside the bathroom to teman the 2 girls bathing lol.. Then when everyone was back we played lots of Spy, celebrated Poh Lee and Ren Jie's birthday together xD Some of us even had a late night car ride with Ren Jie and Verone to a 7-11 to get some mineral water haha! It was all cool until it started raining.. HEAVILY! HAHA!! Owh yeah and some facial time for some girls and Hao Lu as he brought some Taiwan masks hahaha!! Then, slowly everyone went to sleep around 3.45am. Everyone woke up at around 7 plus just to get down to the famous chicken rice ball. We were first in the line as we started queuing up since 7.30am just to find out the opening hours were 8.30am onwards LOL.. so I was standing around with the people who woke up earlier in the line when Melanie called me to remind me I had the keys to lock the door. So I had to walk all the way back to the room and lock it then come back.. I HAD TO WALK BLOODY 1.8KM BEFORE I EVEN HAD BREAKFAST GRRRRRR.... So after having them chicken rice balls (which I found a tad bit salty) and chicken.. we went to the red house to take more pics.. had a recording session of man in the mirror down by the river.. waved at every tour boat that passed by.. took a massively nice photo near the forts thanks to Ren Jie and Verone for being professional photographers HAHA!! Then it was more or less souvenir shopping and Ren Jie bought all of us a very sweet and cooling chinese lime mixture juice thingy which was brilliant. I brought it home to share with my family... After that, Ren Jie and Verone left first as Verone had some Parent Teacher Meeting thingy in YCA to attend to. Then, most of us just walked around and explore. Hao Lu rented a bike to self explore and self-indulge in good food haha xD After we had lunch in a cheap cheap place, most of us just sat down to rest while Wei Han brought a few of them girls for durian cendol again.. After resting for a while and all that, we got our stuff together and went in 2 vans to the bus station for our ride back to KL.. this time it took 2.5 hours to reach due to some jam and everyone was sleeping in the bus... That lack of sleep the night before really knocked alot of us out haha!

Upon reaching TBS, we all said our goodbyes and my mum was already there to pick me up so we just all went home. That just about concludes the trip and it was a pretty great trip considering my low fondness of Melaka due to some incidents pshhh.. HAHA! So here is basically what I spent for the whole trip :)


Bus ride (one way) : RM13.40  X2  : RM26.80
Accommodation                              : RM35.00
Transport from Bus station to room   : RM 5.00
Lunch Spree                                    : RM12.80
Dinner Spree                                   : RM13.00
Cake and candles                            : RM 8.80
Lunch                                              : RM 5.50
Transport from room to Bus station  : RM 2.00

Total cost : RM108.90

So that was about it haha... This was gonna be the last trip where most of us will be together since everyone wsas kinda leaving soon and stuff like that haha.. Just hope that everyone keeps in touch and no one falls out of the group.. STAY STRONG PEOPLE RAWR! Cheers :D