Friday, June 20, 2014

Really no update so far..

This time i'm really updating for the sake of updating only haha.. Seriously I've been living such a boring life after A levels that I actually wish to be back studying.. no kidding.. While other people are most probably on their trips or going out with their friends, I'm just sitting at home, rotting, slowly decaying, blending into the wall, becoming one with the house.. cheh.. Pirates of Caribbean meh.. Haha!

Hmm, I promised a cover but recently for some reason my throat has been feeling really bad EVERYDAY.. like literally after I wake up my throat feels so dry and it just hurts until I gulp enough water to sooth my throat.. Plus, I just can't seem to find a suitable song to cover right now.. everything just doesn't seem right psshh.. I'll just have to figure it out soon then. Well good news in my life! I'm having my undang test tomorrow which is a Saturday and after that I can be counted halfway done la.. Just wanna get my license and do nothing with it. At least I know I have a license and thats about it lol.. Also, I've finished all 5 books of the Percy Jackson series!! YEAHH!! And I'm stuck bookless now lol.. If anyone have any free ebooks site that y'all know just drop the link in the cbox or leave a comment, much appreciated yo :)

As usual, my parents are pressuring me into making a choice to study and as usual I still have no idea what I wanna do.. Really hate everything.. And everyone was like owh u should study this and everyone has their own different opinions.. Quite frustrating I might add.. If only life arranges everything for u so I won't have to make so many choices I hate hahaha... Owh pshh.. Oh yeah, I joined a Dota 2 tournament with Phang Hoong a couple of CHS form 6 peeps and I'll tell u one thing.. Competitive games are so much different than casual games and I think I will stick with casual games until I find a team with better chemistry lol.. Plus the pressure just makes the game more unfun haha...

So that basically rounds up my latest update.. not much actually but the next few weeks will be more fun as my trips and outings all kick in more ;D So I'll chat with you guys soon then :) Cheers :D