Saturday, May 24, 2014

One and a half years are up :D

Sorry i havent been updating in all this while after March cuz I was kinda busy with A2 so yeah xD

22nd of March, this marks the last day that I will be an A-Levels student in TCSJ. It was the final paper which was Physics 52. At that point before the paper even started, I just really didn't care that much about the paper anymore. The mood was totally gone haha xD So it was basically the slowest exam paper I had ever done for paper 5 cuz my speed was really way too slow haha.. After the paper ended, I just realized as I walked out from the hall that this will be the last time I see some of my classmates and college friends. Of course I'm not overly sentimental to a point where I would break down and hug every single person I know and cry "DON'T LEAVE ME" LOL.. of course not.. HAHA! Although the dogs plans for after AS was much more than what we did for plans directly after A2 (camping in FTZ) , it was still nice to hang around the dogs a final few more times just before we say goodbye for a long haul. Of course there will be the Krabi trip in July for the dogs, but that's another story i guess :)

Thinking back to the time where I first set foot into PM7 and Zer En was the first friend I talked to and he turned out to be my assistant class rep and he DID SO MUCH STUFF FOR ME.. SO MUCH HAHAHAHA! Sarcasm to the max. Of course he helped on the online group stuff, but he is still an awesome friend to have and he even helped with the class page, although the class page wasn't everyone's cup of tea... Haha! PM7 I would have to say is another class where we are not ALL united into one group. Yes we do mix around rarely but its just groups and groups and groups of people of different personality. But its still a definitely fun class for me as we are not like a super study nerdy class where all you talk about is chances to go overseas and study this study that.. At least we have fun throughout A Levels.. It was fun being class rep and frustrating at times since some of them go AWOL when exam is near and its really hard for me to do my job but its all part of the job i guess haha.. Seriously thinking I may not even see spme of these people for the rest of my life since these people may go overseas, some stay in other states and all those stuff, pictures are mostly whats left to see them? I dunno..

HAHA! Sudden emoness i also dunno why xD So basically I'm over A-Levels now and results ain't coming out till 12th of August so I've got plenty of time to do.... nothing. I dunno its only the second day A levels is over from me and I'm bored LOL.. I know I have a couple of things to settle like my driver's license, meeting up with a few important people of my life, think about my degree course and where asap.. u know, stuff like this.. But of course I wanna enjoy as much as i can before degree starts and I'm back buried under the books! So far for me, its just Dota 1 and HON all day.. I am gonna start on my Percy Jackson books that I bought almost 2 years ago from the Scholastic thingy in CHS haha.. I know its been a long time but since I'm so free now I really don't mind reading story books haha... So I won't be going to prom which means the next big thing to look forward to is the Krabi trip with the dogs in July.. Will keep you guys update in my life if anything happens.. but most likely it should be quite normal.. so yeah :D