Saturday, March 29, 2014

March, month of sadness

Well obviously when u say March 2014, first incident that pops up in ur minds will be the MH370 incident which started in the beginning of March.. and the whole saga lasted for the whole month of March and truthfully its not yet finished and lots and lots of drama going on. Truthfully I got sick of it by the second week of the plane's disappearance. Everyone was coming up with their own theory and the press conference held everyday just didn't really have any new news. So it was kinda annoying to hear everyone talking about it and randomly throwing theories on the table for everyone to believe.

Ok now that you've seen the title of my post, and then at my first paragraph, you must be quite puzzled. I think i am even though I'm the one writing this. Well I was sad for the first week as I said but then I just didn't really followed up as crazily as I did in the first week.Well near the last week of March, this actually hit me harder than the MH370 maybe because people I know were actually involved. One of the 4 CHS bus overturned when they were coming back from their prefect camp in Ulu Langat and one of thew student passed away. Just as I got in the car after exam. My mum spilled the news to me. First thought that came to my mind was actually Sue-Anne as she was a prefect. What hit me harder was when I reached home, i sent a text and tried calling but there wasn't any reply. Then, my juniors said that that was the committee bus. That made things worse as she is Form 5 and that would mean that she was in that bus. Finally, I got a reply from her and it was really unexpected, "who are you?". That part made me relax abit and anxious at the same time. Relax because I finally got a reply, anxious because what if this wasn't her? Well maybe she didn't had my new number so i just replied saying who I was. Then, no reply again until like forever. of course that affected my mood for the whole day and the next day. Well, for the prefect that unfortunately passed away, his name is Ian Chin Yeong Peng, another Form 5 prefect. Although we weren't like friends or something but I actually saw him around in CHS quite alot. What I knew was he was in the 扯铃队 of the Chinese Society, he was a responsible prefect that woke me up every morning to go for assembly. He used to annoy me because he would always go for the light switches to ask us to go for assembly as that would stop us from doing whatever we were doing, and that was quite annoying. After his death, condolences began to pour in on facebook, quite alot of my friends also had to apologize for teasing him last time.. Well the confession page on CHS turned into a message station for him too. From there, i found out that he actually had a girlfriend. Imagine the scar on her heart, must've been tough. Can you imagine the pain on his parent's heart and also the mental scar left on the prefects in the bus, not to mention the discipline teachers too. Well, it was an accident so nobody wanted it to happen.

Just like that wasn't bad enough, almost few days later, one of my junior's dad passed away. Too bad I couldn't attend the funeral as my parents weren't in so I couldn't get permission. Didn't really quite expect it to happen but I don't even know the cause of death! All I know is I pray that my junior can go through this as a tought girl I know she is and stay strong :) We will always be by your side.

So thats about it on March, other than I screwed up my trials.. pretty badly on Chemistry, but oh well, it was expected. Hopefully we get to have more fun AFTER THIS WHOLE DAMN THING IS DONE! Well, A levels is gonna finish soon and I seriously still do not know where will I study or what will i study! All I know is I want to go to UCD to study just I DUNNO WHAT! I'm applying every single scholarship I know just to have a crack on it. Hopefully they will just give me a course and I'll study it. Simple as that. i hate making choices in life although its an important part of life :/ SO now that trials is over, these 2 weeks of break will be the time where I catch up with what I didn't study in trials. start doing the past year papers, make a new cover, post something on instagram as its been ages. And update my blog if something interesting happens :)

Cheers guys :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everything has Changed!!

Haha just a short post on my recently posted cover! I just uploaded a new cover! YAY! Its been a while I know. Well this new cover has Yin Yin inside!! xD I approached her and asked her for a cover and we've been working on this song around last year August? We practised in the music chamber, and kinda everywhere then practically recorded it in Collab Zone 2 in Taylor's College :D The background got cheers and stuff because Sports Carnival was going on at the same time too so yeah haha! Reason why I only posted it this year was because I always thought we could re-record for a better version but it seems that A2 is really getting the better of our time, so TADAAA :D

HERE IS ZE LINK!!! HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT!! Special thanks to Yin Yin for teman me crazy and Ady for lending me his guitar haha :D


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whole of February :)

Well obviously this post is waay way overdue since today is already the first day of March and whatever happened already happened 2 weeks ago. Pssh sorry have been really busy with studies as I am way behind and trials is in less than 3 weeks. SAVE MEEEEE.. Why did I choose A levels ==

ANYWAY, lets kick things off with Valentines Day.. YEAH FEBRUARY 14TH! The Friday which I had my butt worked out for. == Well this year I actually celebrated it unlike past years where it was just a normal day. This year's Val Day also coincides with Chap Goh Meh, so its kinda special. Haha.. Anyway, people who actually know me will know that I have a 'wifey' from S3! So I decided to do something special just to keep this "relationship" ongoing :D I planned a surprise for her that day which kinda met lots of bumps in the way of the planning. Because, that Sunday, 16th of Feb is also the day where a surprise birthday party was thrown for Jing Yee, Melanie and Ming Zhao! Lets not forget the celebration dinner for Chapter 1 on Saturday, 15th of Feb. so a string of events from 14-16 February really knocked me out hard. On that week, I was planning on how to give a surprise to my wifey, so my original plan was, have a rose, a necklace and a card on her car by the time she finishes class. But since that week i was so busy, I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to do half the things I just said. With that planned, on Thursday I was gonna go to Khai Qi's house to prepare for the surprise birthday party on Sunday. I went to pyramid to get the picture for my wifey's card to get printed and bought the materials. Wanted to find a necklace but the designs in Pyramid were just disappointing and Padini was under construction so I had to abandon that plan, so I got a Sticky Lollipop instead. I know the difference is so big lol. Then, i went on to Khai Qi's house to get ready for the cards, didn't do much but punched holes and cut some stuff for the big letters on the wall. When I reached home, it was already 11.45 pm and I knew i didn't had much time, so after a quick bath I decided to carry on with the card. problem was, I actually fell asleep on the sofa till about 3am and my parents were kinda pissed so i had to go back to sleep. So it was a final rush when I reach school the next day and there was a math test to be done also! (Good thing I studied that before hand.. got a 28/30 xD)

After rushing for the whole day and using Zhi Jie's Stabilo pens and my own marker pens and all the free time I can muster, i felt really really sick for some reason. Couldn't even eat anything, was just so shaken up. Oh yeah, by the way, got a Valentine's gift from Miss Ho, a half drunk coffee from starbucks lol.. Then, it was lunch with Yim, Angel, Kit yan, Zhi-Sheng, Ruey Ying, Yin Yin to celebrate Yung Ming's birthday in Big Hug burger.. too bad I couldn't eat anything, so couldn't try that place yet. So after lunch I rushed back to college to finish off the card. In the end, I found out I could make it in time, but I didn't have any energy left in me to go buy a rose from the nearby florist, so I had to cancel that plan which sucked a lot actually :/ After decorating her car with only a card and a lollipop, I went straight back to college and rested in the library. Was waiting for her message on fb and finally got it after almost an hour haha. Seriously wished I could have executed it much more better, and be there to see her reaction when she got it, but oh well.. im only human, gotta get sick some time. After i got her reply and thanks, I actually felt really really better. So hopefully u really liked it Mei Xin!! And sorry for all the things that weren't done lol.. She actually described it as like primary school cuz lollipop hahaha xD

Then, the next day it was preparation for the dinner and I didn't really rest well that night for some reason :/ Nothing much really happened during dinner just few pictures were taken, got to see my juniors especially my beloved "sister" xD, an enemy resurfaced (LOL), celebrated Jing Yee and Mr. Ong Boon Puah's birthday, made Ren Jie a special thank you card and video! Then, I slept over at Zhi Jie's house where he did more work than me the whole night haha.. All I did was help him cut a few stuff then I fell asleep. I even woke up when he was watching Frozen to keep him awake. So I decided to stay awake with him lol... even though I couldn't do much but oh well.. at least he has accompaniment? xD After sleeping from 5-7 and almost what seemed like THOUSANDS of alarm ringtones went off, we were awake and we went to SS15 for his tuition! I went back to Taylors to doze off and finish off the cards for the 3 lucky ppl haha xD I seriously love sleeping in Taylors cuz the donuts are so god damn comfortable (if u dun care about the cats that climb onto and how dirty ppl make that place be) xD

When he finally finished his tuition, we slowly went back to sri petaling. As I can't be seen dropped off by Zhi Jie I decided to go late! Haha! So we went to Khai Qi's house, finished off the cards and Zhi Jie got a tiny nap and by the time I went to the Karaoke I was already 2 hours late lol.. sang for almost an hour left then we left the karaoke place in Scott Garden. We went on to Wong Kok down at the first floor where we ate our lunch, talked about all sort of various things just to buy time for Zhi Jie and the others to deco the place and get the video in place. We even celebrated Ming Zhao's birthday with a cake that Jing Yee bought to calm his curiosity towards our behaviors as he expected there was some sort of celebration for him so we made him think that was it! Haha :D We had to down 2 large-until-i-also-beh-tahan sized milk tea. We were really stuffed by the time it was 5 or something. Then we head on to Tesco inside Scott Garden to get some stuff then played in the arcade for awhile before Zhi Jie came and fetch some of us to Ming Zhao's house for the surprise haha :D

Once we reached there, Ming Zhao went quite crazy and kept on saying what did u all do to my house! HAHA xD Well we showed them the video which was almost an hour and 40 minutes long lol.. It was nice seeing what we said and everyone's answer haha! Jing Yee changed into CHS PJK clothes halfway cuz it was getting really hot. Once the video ended, I realized how hot it was too, but turns out I already had a fever and I didn;t even had the appetite to eat :/ Too bad I missed out on all those good food. Then Jing Yee hurt her jaw for some reason and she kinda felt uneasy for the whole night. In the end she left the earliest right during our sharing session haha. OH YEAH! Forgotten that we gave them presents and it was so funny when they found out what we gave them. Mel and Jing Yee got bras each and Ming Zhao got a special edition horse year underwear haha! The look on their faces were kinda priceless xD after sharing loads of stuff, lots of people cried too.. including me.. lol.. damn Frederick for his music.. So that was kinda it haha :D Then Zhi Jie sent me home around 1am plus.. then I finally could rest.. but the whole weekend was awesome and I had little regrets :D Here are some photos! :)

Mei Xin's car with my lollipop and card!! Haha!

Me and ma "sister" Sue-Anne!!! xD

Mel, Ming Zhao and Jing Yee in front of the surprise house haha xD

The decos on the wall :D

Their birthday cake haha :D

Well I haven't included photos in a while haha xD Hope u guys didnt die of boredom reading this xD