Sunday, January 26, 2014

Its a new year 2014 people!!

Well for me to use that caption, it seems a bit late as January 2014 is about to come to an end soon already haha.. That also means Chinese New Year is starting soon!! So an early Happy CNY to all ma fellow readers, lets have a blessed year of the horse!! NEIGHHHH!!! Thats a horse sound in case u guys don't know! Hahaha!! OH YEAH! Brace urself cuz this post is gonna be quite a long one haha xD

So sorry that it took 26 days into the new year for my first blog post! Its been a fairly busy start to the year. I'll just write down what i remembered doing then haha! Before college started this year, me and my fam went to penang to see my grandma and aunts and my niece and nephews and stuff like that haha just for fun cuz my dad wanted to go. Then I just got thrown back straight into the deep fryer of Semester 3 of the ever-grueling A-Level course. Starting to wonder why did I take A levels if they are just so demanding :/ I completely forgotten what's been taught last year about A2.. and then trials is in 2 months? U CEREAL BRO? == Well, I told myself I will need to dig into the books ASAP but obviously it hasn't been done well. LOL Can't sit in front of a god damn book for more than 30 minutes. I seriously have alot to catch up.. THAT I know.. lol..

Other than studies, I've been busy preparing a song for CNY!! Cuz the Sing-A-Holics have been invited to perform on ASTRO's Jia Yu channel!! The whole song was 12 minutes long and we only learned it within a week lol.. Worse was 华乐 cuz they needed to gather people AND master the song within a week which for me is impossible LOL.. but they are really pros cuz Jie Ying can lead them all and all those mar xD pro lee xD Well then, the recording was held in Summit USJ. Yes that god so awful place that I like alot because of that cheap and awesome cinema! 2nd time performing there. This time its much more different then the first time. The first time was a drama competition, malay drama mind you. It was held by MPSJ and that was when I was Standard 5/6 can't really remember. MPSJ actually held the competition before Summit was even open. Competition started at 8am lol.. So not many people watched it lar. This time there was cameras everywhere, live audiences here and there, it was definitely a great experience! My family was there to watch too haha.. Ren Jie even sneaked out of hospital just to see us.. walao.. he looked really bad cuz he had denggue, but he is slowly recovering now, wish him get well soon la :D

Well, there was this performance yesterday,(25th Jan 2014) at SJK(C) Yak Chee.. I had Yat Kuan fetch me there cuz I don't have transport. That journey was the funniest I've been in my entire life LOL!! She keyed in SJK(C) Yak Chee on Waze and we just blindly followed till we reached somewhere near Sepang. Then the road just ended. LOL!! We then had to U-turn and go back a super long way to reach that school which was built in the middle of freaking housing areas.. LIKE WTF? Then we just keyed in the correct address and we arrived at the school after 1 and half hours which we could have just reached in 20 minutes if we took the correct route lol..Whatever then, during rehearsal it was kinda weird cuz we just couldn't get 夜來香 right for some reason, so we dropped the song after all. Had a dry dinner of fried chickens, an egg, some cucumbers and rice. Then performance time! Was not bad lar haha.. Saw Ong Boon Puah taking pics of us with his Samsung lol, Mr. Lean and Mr. Lim Kean Siong was spotted by others but I didn't see them lol.. On the way back, I lead Yat Kuan to a wrong way and we had to stop at a Petronas to navigate our way back lol.. what a day la seriously. I also had to put the keyboard back up to YCA at night. Sibeh scary lol..

Oh yeah, another major event that happened in January, AS RESULTS!! YEAH!! I wasn't even worried about that whole shit until like 5 minutes before 2pm which was the time that it was released.. All of the dogs started to gather in a circle in the learning hub and opened the website ready to log in. I left my log in ID all those in Sean's house so I couldn't check with them, but the moment their faces turned, I knew it didn't really turned out well. Fear grew more. I walked back to Sean's house and wanted to check, but I left my laptop battery in class so I went back to college to get it. All those random thoughts going into my mind during that time. Then, went back, turned on my laptop in Sean's room. He helped me unveil my results haha. I logged in and he covered my laptop screen with a towel. Then when he unveiled it, I was totally relieved. Got all 4 As with math getting a 94%.. Really satisfied and that gave me the motivation to work harder for my A2! Although I'm really behind right now, I just have to find a way to catch up on all those lost times then. Good thing my forecast grade wasn't pulled down because of that!!

Well thats about it for January then, haha.. It was quite an eventful month as I met some of my juniors in college and even had lunch with Trixie and Cheryl so yeah... Till the next time we meet, hopefully I've really worked hard for my A2 syllabus! LETS WORK HARD TOGETHER! CHEERS PEOPLE :D

P.s: Shoutout to MELANIE KHOO!! HAPPY?? xD We certainly had some great times together singing HAHAHAHA! MAKE UP NEXT TO ME NEXT TIME xD