Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back to this year..

2014.. what an eventful year, in another hour Malaysia will be in 2015 while I'm a year back. Lots of lots of things have happened in 2014 definitely.. Starting the year with my last semester in A levels in Taylors..  (just as I'm typing this.. WOW THIS IS SO LONG AGO MAIGOD) Just highlighting some of the major things that happened this year. Well most likely things started to change alot after my A levels, the point where I had to choose where and what I wanted to pursue my studies in.

As most of u know I'm studying in Ireland already, but the process of getting there wasn't easy. My goal in my entire A levels life was to get a scholarship, in whatever field I can get my hands on. This is mainly due to me not wanting to choose what to study and thinking of me being flexible in almost everything. Obviously, back then I was too naive to think that I would actually land one of them scholarships, even with my mediocre results pshh.. Then, I kinda found out how much shit I was in. I didn't apply through UCAS, I had nothing. I really didn't mind studying in Malaysia because I love Malaysia so damn much. But crunch time came, I narrowed down my choice to chemical engineering and medicine. I couldn't imagine myself an engineer so here I am on the long road of Medicine. Along the way I had to get reassurance from a few other people that studying medicine was worth it in Malaysia. This is kinda a well known fact that Malaysia has an overflow of doctors due to some good planning from our beloved government. Pshh, whatever. So.. uni choice!! Manipal!! That was my first choice and only one apparently. My parents never really liked the idea of me going to India to study mainly due to my condition (stomach), so they agreed on the Penang Medical College program. I never even considered about this one mainly due to it almost doubling Manipal's price, but my parents said it was worth it so I rushed my application within a month (less actually). I was just on a family trip to Penang and we decided to extend another day of stay just so I could attend my interview in PMC. Naturally I got my offer on that day and we settled on almost everything by that month. Of course, due to the shortage of time, things got a bit stressed out and planning was rushed and everything. For all the people who asked why I didn't tell anyone why I was leaving, this is mainly why HAHA!! I'd specially like to thank Janice, Aunty Leng Im, Dr. Wendy, Bryan, Jordan, THE ENTIRE F CHOIR, Ren Jie and Verone, and of course my lovely family, we'll get to that part soon :D

September 1st, my flight to Ireland!! That was when I me my Dublin family, and had the privilege of my friends singing a song in KLIA for me. Most beautiful moment ever. Of course not to forget my dad for being sour faced and rushing me down the departure gate haha.. Oh well!! Dad being awesome and caring. Hugged everyone and rushed down the aerotrain and everything. That was the time I experienced long flights are never fun. NEVER. HAHA!! Once I reached Ireland, everything was smooth and sail with seniors and friends. Until the exam this past month, where I kinda screwed up and felt so bad haha.. This taught me not to take anything lightly already. There was also this trip to Europe with Jun Wei and our planning was kinda brilliant. This trip will be added into the blog next year as it will be long but here just wanna thank Jun Wei for everything on the trip.

Now, a special appreciation paragraph for my family, definitely mostly my parents. This year, they helped me through thick and thin, splashed so much money on me and still were freakishly understanding. I had a shitty exam as I said and I kinda knew I was letting down everyone back there but they just told me to work harder for next sem. So now I know I need to do harder. Best motivation ever. Then, they allowed me to go on that trip and gave me tips along the way. Besides, I get to go to Bali next year with the F choir!! HOW CAN U ASK FOR BETTER PARENTS U TELL ME!! I love my family <3 p="">
Of course, there a couple of other people along the way, Mei Xin, Cecelia, Shane, the entire F choir, the dogs from PM7, Vivian, people in Dublin.. thank you all for making this a great great year for me.. Will never forget it.. Cheers guys!! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR AND SEE YOU ALL WHEN I GET BACK TO MALAYSIA!!! :D

Friday, December 12, 2014

Reminiscence of old times...

Well recently its the exam season in UCD and 3 papers have passed for me. Sorry to say that I only feel confident for 1 of the papers and the others I'm wondering if I can even pass or not.. LOLOLOL!! WHAT TO DO NOW?? Dunno lar.. Well this is gonna be a short post of me ranting for fun only la hahaha :D To get away from studying I spent like a few hours going on social media looking back at old stuff that made me feel really good. For example, here is a video of my choir during our concert last December.. Ahh.. good times good times <3 br="">

And this one was before I graduated from CHS in 2012, one of the best days ever in my life..

Also, my most successful duet to date HAHA xD

Not to mention a few pictures on facebook which I'm not gonna post because they are just so personal HAHAHA!! But all in all, I miss all my choir friends definitely and can't wait to be back in Malaysia >< Missing everyone reading this blog! For now, cheers and see you all real soon :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guess where I am?

Once I put this title, you guys should know this is going to be my first post in Dublin. If you didn't knew that I was in Ireland, you must have been off Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the past months. So just recently it has been 72 days since I set foot in Dublin, and settled in nicely. Love my room, love my housemates, and seriously nothing could be better. Apparently the weather here has been really kind to us as there was so little rain in September! So lets start this post on August 31st shall we. It was kind of a packed day because I just only started packing on the day right before I fly itself. Talk about last minute. HAHA!! I got my phone also on the last day. No iPhone guys.. just an ASUS ZenFone 5 LTE!! Coincidentally there was a tech carnival in SS15 so I bought my phone there for RM700 :D Really satisfied with it as its my first smartphone and first android device. Was really bad with it tho. I literally had no idea how to switch on things and everything. SHO BAD HAHA!! Ok, so at night after having my last dinner in Malaysia at a chinese restaurant in USJ19 Digital Mall, a couple of my ehstrians friend stopped by my house to chat and take some pics. Yim, Angeline, Phang Hoong and Zhi Sheng all came and we just chat abit and tried my new phone camera xD It was quite bad haha.. Pictures will be below! Then afterwards Shane, Emily and her dad came along and stayed for an hour plus. Had some fun around the house and so it was time to get ready to go to the airport. Reached the airport and met up with Denzel who flew in from Penang. He helped took a polaroid of me and my family and just stuck together with us until we kinda met up with most of the other PMC people :) I really don't know most of them then other than Denzel. Zhi Jie called me while I was in line to check in for my Abu Dhabi flight and said he was gonna find me. Apparently they planned for a surprise but it kinda went bad cuz I spotted them from like a far far far place away. Too bad the checking in process took forever. I think it took about 2 hours? I lined up for the solo check in but just as it was going to be my turn, Shean's mum pulled me to go to the group check in. There we had to wait for another nearly 1 hour. It was really really depressing just standing holding the luggage while seeing my friends waiting in a corner. It was already 2am plus and they were still waiting for me. Touched. T,T When everything of the check in was done, my dad was already in a foul mood and he rushed me to the gate like ASAP.. Then the choir gang came over with their ipads skyping Poh Lee and Cece hahaha.. We had like a group picture and they were all shoving cards in my arms, I didn't get to know who actually gave me what (Although later I found out that they all had their names on it so it was fine haha :D) After hugging everyone who came including my family members, I go past the guard and down the escalator. Then, they all started singing. BOOM EMOTIONAL OUTBREAK!! They started singing 凤凰花开的路口 which we just learned in choir. Then I started to tear abit and the lady guard standing nearby was like :"Awww.. jangan nangis la." I managed a faint smile as I turned back occasionally just to give them a big wave goodbye. Somehow in your heart you know you will never find another bunch of friends like that ever again. That song will forever hold a special place in my heart. Going through the security check and I really thought how lucky I was and stopped tearing haha.

Believe it or not, its my first time in the International flight of KLIA.. I was actually quite amazed by the way we traveled to the gate. All of us were waiting for the train to go to our gates when I noticed Denzel was missing LOL!! I checked my phone and apparently he called me like lots of time but I didn't realize. Maybe it was because of the new phone or I was too hooked up over my friends. ANYWAY, the rest of the Malaysians went on the train after missing the first one to wait for Denzel while I stayed behind for him haha! We sat the next train and I was feeling so jakun grinning at everything xD We reached the gates and apparently Denzel's gate number and mine was different and mine was the more updated one haha! We went into the gates and joined up with the other Malaysians, might as well just tell you their names. We were on the same flight with Jared, Andrew, David, Mun Hon, Jia Le, Yin Shean, Nurul and we met up with another one in Abu Dhabi. Believe itor not I actually met Hui Xin in the gate!! HAHA!! She was actually flying back to the United States and she was feeling really tired-ish. We talked and talked and talked until we were about to get on the plane. The plane was actually delayed for almost an hour. We eventually boarded the plane at about 4.10am on the 1st of September Malaysian time. Due to the delay, Andrew decided to get  starbucks while waiting. Just as he left, the announcement came that the plane was ready for boarding!! We called him but he didn't pick up so in the end we were the last ones to board the plane as he rushed back without any Starbucks.. Maybe it was because we were the last ones to board the plane, we didn't have alot of space for our luggage so I had to put my cabin bag into the business class while I say in the economy class. For the trip, I sat beside Jia Le which that time actually was quite scary to me since she doesn't smile alot HAHA!! Hui Xin sat like 5-6 rows ahead of me and I was the nearest to the corridor which was good. First thing after getting onboard was to check the mini-screen right in front of my seat which was so interesting to me. Of course since it was 4am I was feeling lil bit tired. But after eating their bread then I watched a few movie before sleeping. Well at least I tried to sleep. For those who haven't been on a long flight before which I assume is a minority, it is so hard to fall asleep OMG! Seats can only be inclined by a bit, and I dunno it just feels weird to sleep. The first 7 hours flight was kinda shit to be honest. The movies were nice and all but the food was really bad. I had orange and apple juice all the way. I watched X-Men:Days of Future Past on the plane but didn't manage to finish it as we landed in Abu Dhabi already.

I think I've seen better airports, thats the first thing that came to my mind as I looked out the window as the plane slowed down on the runway. All I could see was... sand. Depressing. HAHA!! Exited the aircraft and into a traveller bus that fetched us all the way to the inside of the airport where we got to see the inner part of Abu Dhabi airport which I have to say was quite meh. Reminded me of Genting for some reason HAHA!! Since our first flight was delayed, we didn't have to wait long for our next flight to Dublin. Took a few pictures here and there while asking David which is not even 18 but my tech guru since I have no idea how to work an android LOL!! Boarded the plane and the same place all over again. This time, it was an 8 hour flight but the food was so much better!! I watched The Lego Movie on board and thought it was brilliant. Had a can of Kronenburg beer and some douche spilled it on my jeans. Spoke chinese with a Chinese international air stewardess. Anyhow still dread the day I fly back to Malaysia since the flight is so god damn long.. :(  On the flight just as I entered mid Europe I felt really cold so sweater on. Then, entering Irish air space, I could see never ending plains of green. So much better than Abu Dhabi and as we landed, we could feel the cold weather brushing on our skins. After going through the immigration process which was kinda unpleasant, collected our luggage and went out to meet our seniors which I only recognize Alex from the PMC PDO. Collected our town maps and orientation timetable and went into the bus which brought us all the way INTO UCD!! THERE ARE BUSES THAT LEAD STRAIGHT INTO UCD OMG HAPPY XD I know it maybe common but if it means less walking for me, anything will do HAHA :D Checked into our place and had a good ol hotdog with milk shakes free. Got to my house which is the Belgrove House 21 Apartment 2! Everyone was already sitting in the kitchen by the time I arrived. After settling my luggage, I got to talk to them and that was officially our first day of meeting. My flatmates are Luen, Paddy and Elaine. Yes, I live with a girl. with 2 other guys. SO yeah.. HAHA! The first night I was here was really a great introduction to what my life would be. Elaine brought us all over for pre-drinks at her friend's place in Glenomena and then I got to find out about one thing. When you have a bunch of Irish people chatting loudly in a room, it is so hard to listen to what they are saying. Luen has really no problem since its not his first time in Ireland (He is Malaysian, but his mum is Irish). Nowadays I really have gotten used to it as my apartment is also like a mini party house haha :D Trust me, things can get wild. After the pre-drinks, we went to the campus bar and we had a few drinks. That kinda resulted in me being late for orientation the next day LOL!! Sad case haha :)

Its been so long since that day now and I have really fitted in really well. Got a new UCD jacket from the Karaoke night which was super grand as it costs 47.50 Euros which was approx 200 Ringgit. SYOK! :D AND IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! Well so yeah :D Nothing much has happened and I'm involved in Malaysian Night next year so bye bye Tuesdays due to practices pshh.. What to do... Update you guys more soon.. I've been s behind on my blog posts that I don't even know how I'm gonna fit two months of crap into this HAHA!! For now.. See ya guys real soon :) CHEERS!!

Here are some pics to send you guys off :)

Bunch of Ehstrians which took their time to send me off from my house T.T Miss you guys :)

Tong sisters who came to my house for 2 hours and bomb me xD
My great great family <3 td="">

Second family <3 br="">
Airplane food with beer :)
Flight shot form the toilet.

P.s: From now on the sequence of the photos migh
Dublin day travels :)

Inside of Trinity College

River on the way to GP visit

Adventure day with Sze Mean and Justin

Dinner with Joyce cooked by me.. (ingredients by her)

Bridge connecting the two ends separated by Liffey River

Random picnic gang :D

Me and my new sweater won on Karaoke Night <3 td="">

Malaysia Hall in Dublin

Spire in the city

NIKE futsal shoes newly bought <3 td="">

Pancake night with my flatmates.

Met Andrew Scott in UCD and had no idea who he was.

View from the top layer of the double decker bus.

View from the bridge.

River view on the way to GP

Swans in the main UCD lake

Free cupcakes one day XD

Life achievement unlocked!! xD

Long legged spiders :)

Malaysian Hall :)

Jalur Gemilang flying high in Dublin

Hari Raya Qurban open house in Malaysian Hall Dublin

My beautiful plate of food <3 td="">

UCD Main Gate Entrance

Football with the seniors :)

Burger with the other Malaysians in town :)

Entrance to my residence :D

Selfie with the weird building in Dublin haha

Residents in Belgrove House 21 Apartment 2

UCD Main Lake

UCD second lake

Rice cooked by the seniors for us on our first day

St. Stephen's Green

Back to Liffey's River haha

The Health Science Building where I have my classes :)

Selfie with the Malaysians celebrating Mooncake Festival :D

Cheers peeps :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Yeah I know my life after A levels hasn't been the greatest and most interesting.. but oh well.. more outings means more money spent and I think I'm gonna spend quite alot soon so meh.. stay home haha xD

This post shall be about the trip with the PM7 Dogs to Krabi, Thailand. My first international trip with friends only.. This trip really made me feel so excited LOL.. was so hyped up about it the day before the trip. This trip was from 14-17 July (Mon-Thu) I packed everything into a handheld and set the passcode and everything.. Well for easier purpose I followed my sister and Jason's car to KLIA2 at 8am.. I arrived there quite early so I decided to explore KLIA2 as it was my first time there! Walked around the departure area then walked down to find the food court. Basically once I've finished walking past every floor it was only 9.20am.. and the dogs are still at home mind you. SO I bought Auntie Anne's and chilled to have my breakfast, walked further up the departure area... found a good place to have a nap and catch the highlights of the World Cup final of Germany vs Argentina which I did catch the night before. Germany won by the way. Finally it was time and I actually had a hard time locating the dogs as they kept changing places while I stood at McD waiting for them == Then, everyone started calling my Bruno Mars just cause I was wearing my fedora haha! We all web checked in so we just headed into the departures area past the customs and everything... Before this I never knew the existence of E-passports and apparently we could self check in which I found extremely cool HAHA!! Once we were in, there wasn't much of a choice for lunch, it was either Burger King or McD since a large chunk of that area is apparently still under renovation so yeah :P We all sat at BK and had our lunch while talking about TI and all the other crazy drunk stuff. We were kinda waiting for Harresh since he is transferring flight from Singapore in the morning. Anyway, that douche tried to pull a fast one to everyone by saying his flight got delayed but everyone knows he is lying so just a simple reply of OK by everyone on whatsapp HAHA

After slowly walking past the gate and finding our gate at the very end having last call, we walked into the cockpit and took a couple of selfies along the way. We met up with Harresh anyway and everyone got into their seats. We were kinda split into 2 batch as different check-in time meant different seats. I had to seat between Edward and Sean while Kartigan sat a row behind me near the window. Again, selfies. After the flight lifted off, we realized it only took an hour and about 5 minutes extra to reach Krabi. So much nearer than I expected LOL! Filled out the immigration cards on the plane, and listened to music basically the whole flight with my new headphones that my dad got me in Japan :) Once we touched down, the pilot announced it just drizzled in Krabi which explained the wet floors. Got past the immigration department again and we were immediately hyped up about a malay lady holding a card that said "Harresh Robert and company" and all we did was just repeating Harresh's name lol.. The lady brought us over to the boat agency and we immediately spent a ton of time there discussing and scolding each other for being so noisy. After settling on a island hopping trip the next day, we finally got on our way to the hotel which was about 30-40 minutes away from the airport. Again, more jokes on the van and all that laughing and cursing. Once we arrived at the hotel, first thing that I noticed was the maybe-can-be-described-as-an-altar place in front of the hotel with a small 四面佛. Small prays and we arrive at the Lobby!

Lets put it this way.. Since we arrived in Beyond Resort Krabi.. They never had a moment of peace and silence in their main compound. We practically thrashed around and made loud noises wherever we went LOL!! In the lobby, we assigned roommates by shuffling everyone's passport and randomly pairing them up. I got to be with Nicholas!! After the receptionist handed out our keys and wifi password, some of us walked to the cottage as the buggy could only fit like 7 of us. Me and Nic got the first cottage, Kart and Zer En got the second one, followed by Wei Jin and Sean, then it was Harresh and Edward with Ady and Vishaal in the last cottage. We settled in and went back to the main compound for some food as we were quite famished. So off to the bar where we all ate some spaghetti or burgers. Me and Nic shared a carbonara which was really good but the portion was saddening. After that.. BEACH FOOTBALL!!! We borrowed a volleyball from the lobby counter and went to the beach. Goal posts drawn and all, we went on to play for 2 hours. Me, Edward, Ady, Zer En and Wei Jin against Kartigan, Harresh, Vishaal, Nicholas and Sean. Our team kinda owned.. yeah.. HAHA!! Then, we went on to a quick dip in the pool just to find out we forgotten to bring the pool towels which were in our room.. SO DRIPPIN ALL THE WAY BACK UP THE LOBBY AND PASS EVERYONE HAHA!! Bathed and stuff, then we all went to the restaurant right outside the hotel. It was really not that bad!! The price wasn't as sky high as I expected it to be! Had an awesome fried rice and finished off Vishaal's leftover rice too. They bought a couple of beer and headed back to the room. Ady and Sean meanwhile wanted to have foot massage so they headed to a nearby massage center. Gambled abit in Wei Jin and Sean's room then we all head to bed around 12.00 am haha.. Me and Nic had to turn on the TV the whole night because we didn't have the adapter for the power plugs, so charging thru TV USB port is our only choice LOL!!

THE NEXT DAY!!! We woke up to a very disappointing start of the day actually. It was raining and we were supposed to go Phi Phi Island.. Whatever then, we went to the lobby to have our buffet breakfast which some of them had researched on and apparently it was to die for. Seeing those comments, of course the expectation would be very high. But what really came out was actually just meh. It wasn't "to die for", just a normal buffet haha xD Some things to notice was :

1) Their omelette had cili padis in it. Gives u a great kick that you really wasn't expecting.
2) They have Bacon xD
3) Great source of water as the water from pipes cannot be boiled. NOT AT ALL.
4) There weren't that many choices anyway.

Thats about it. Well that was all I can think of right now of the buffet that morning. After a call to the agency, apparently we still had to travel to the jetty for god knows what reason. After fooling around at the jetty with all those information boards and making the other waiting tourists feel annoyed, we retreated to a long table beside the jetty and started gambling again haha.. After like 45 minutes, we were told to go back and the trip would be postponed for one day. We went back to the lobby and tried to plan a trip in the event planner office. In the end, we settled on a canoeing trip down a river swamp thingy. Before leaving, we spent some time at the beach where the weaves were humongous. The patch of sand where we played beach football that day was completely covered with water, the waves are pounding against the concrete wall and splashing everywhere. It was a really great yet scary sight. One thing to mention was most of us got down to a series of rocks where we went out to the ocean a lil bit. Edward decided to throw the frisbee and it was lost at sea HAHA!! So once we got on to the van leading to the canoe trip, we met this couple where what seems to look like, is a thai girl and an ang moh boyfriend. Practically we were making some noise because well, what can u expect from like 10 guys in a freaking van. The angmoh boyfriend just decided to tell us off abit. Well being that this is a vacation for us of course some of us are abit pissed off. SO Continous harrassment towards the bf the whole trip. HAHA!! Ok, when we reached the canoeing place it was still raining, so we had lunch first, which was provided. It was practically fried fish with thai sauce, stir-fried vegetables, some kind of chicken, rice, egg, and a bottle of soda for everyone. That tasted really good, but after that it STILL RAINED. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! So, everyone got a paddle, and we shared canoe based on our roommates. So I started from the back and Nicholas got the front seat. We basically took like 5-10 minutes to fully master how are we going to move around the lake in a canoe.Then, we followed everyone in a single file into a swamp area where we were supposed to come out from the other side and canoe back to the original place. It was a really fun ride and the rain stopped only a quarter way into our trip :D There were brilliant views to really enjoy so it was quite worth it :) Somethings happened that I'm just going to list it down since this post is going to be damn long HAHA!!

1) Kartigan and Zer En's canoe just suddenly overturned when we were just going about our way. The instructor had to help them back on the boat and he had a hard time stabilizing the boat back for them. Hearing from Kartigan and Zer En, apparently they couldn't touch the bottom of the swamp and the water was so murky they couldn't see anything going on from their trunk and below. So it was kinda scary but everything turned out fine afterwards, Kartigan lost his slippers but oh well haha xD
2) Nicholas got super red due to mosquito bites, while i got only like 3 small bites.. his blood too sweet HAHA
3) Harresh and Edward overturned their boats because of a spider.
4) We stuck around the waters for too long that eventually the instructor just went back without us HAHA!! We had to find our own way back after messing around the lake/sea. We left Vishaal on his own on a canoe without a paddle, tried to take a group selfie on the canoe but failed. Had Ady on my canoe along with Nicholas so making the canoe unstable as hell giving me the biggest scare ever. Thats about it HAHA!! In the end, we were so late that the tide had gone down and we kinda have to drag our canoe all over the mud to reach the base again!! Great experience although the couple who had to wait for us along with the van driver weren't too happy about it.

Everyone was really tired that night, but we still went to Ao Nang (town) to have dinner. We had a good thai seafood dinner, again splitting to 2 tables. I had steamed red scallop, stir-fried vegetables, chicken, squid, and something else kinda forgotten the details. It was good, not great. After that, a short walk around Ao Nang and we traveled back to Beyond Resort by 10.30pm. Then, most of them had their massage in a nearby pallor. I was looking at everyone's reaction and it was so FUN!! Ady was screaming like mad when he had his traditional Thai massage which eventually switched to Foot and Body massage. Everyone got back to their rooms soon enough and everyone just slept :D

The next day, we woke up believing it was a better day. The sun was shining bright and we head over to the lobby to have breakfast first. Basically nothing much changed, just that the day before's USA Fried Rice changed to a quite delicious Phad Thai xD Had plenty of it actually haha!! Then we called the agent and got stunned when we heard the news. Apparently the sea was rough in between Phi Phi and Krabi so no boat can travel through. That was it.. no more going out to the sea anymore.. After all that, we came to Krabi and didn't manage to go on a single sea trip. Great. Mood ruined for the whole day. Instead we went to a couple of tourist destinations. First off we went to a hot spring waterfall which I hardly went down because I don't wanna get wet at our first stop. Oh yeah did I mention one of our tour guides was a transexual? xD That was fun hahaha!! Nothing much really happened in the hot spring. It wasn't really a nice place with mud almost everywhere, small space, just hot water which I use to wash the mud off my slippers.. That's about it. Next was the Emerald Pool which we can actually swim in. Them boys being boys started goggling girls in bikinis and discussing about their age and stuff HAHA!! The surroundings of the Emerald Pool was all trees which made great shade. Before we could reach the Emerald Pool, there was a 800m walk first. Well if you are asking for a description of Emerald pool, its basically a big swimming pool, naturally emerald in colour, nice to swim in. has moss on the rocks around the pool. Tadaaa.. xD Pretty much sums it up really. There was another Blue Pool which we didn't have a chance to see because apparently there wasn't enough time. Potong steam. The blue pool was supposedly really blue and pretty. When u clap, bubbles will appear. That is it. No swimming there la haha :D We had lunch at a restaurant near the entrance to the Emerald Pool. TONS OF FLIES OMG! We had to ditch our watermelon because it was "contaminated" hahaha!! The food was ok and at least we get refills haha :) So after that it was to the tiger cave temple.

Basically we have 1.5 hours to look around the place. We started by going to see the Tiger Cave which this temple was named after. There was really just a small room where apparently a tiger stayed inside and a long story which is kinda vague to me now. I knocked my head in there a couple of times zz.. THEN IT STARTED RAINING AND WE WERE STUCK INSIDE THE TEMPLE. Pshh.. We had to talk for a while to wait for the rain to stop. Then, we went to get ice creams in a nearly convenient store. I got a green tea Cornetto which isn't available in Malaysia. Tastes good actually. HAHA!! Then the others just got lazy and wanted to just sit down and wait for the van. I went to explore the inner side of the temple. There was a great attraction that caught my attention. 1237 steps to top of the mountain. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Only had 45 minutes to get up and down the mountain but screw it. Was gonna climb when suddenly nicholas and sean caught up with me and said they wanted to go along. SO LETS GO!! And I finally got to find out that Sean was afraid of snakes.. MUAHAHA!! Ok.. first few flight of steps were good. Then, it got really steep and I was out of my breath no sooner than the 300 step mark. IT WAS CRAZY but worth it. Nicholas and I stuck together throughout the climb and Sean fell behind. We carried on and we reached the top of the mountain finally after a 35 minute climb. We drank a few cups of water which was provided at the top of the mountain. Then, I prayed fast, took super lots of pictures. As me and Nic were about to descend, we saw Sean making his way up! We actually thought he wouldn't make it. But we knew we were gonna be late if we wait for Sean to make his way up the remaining 100 steps. So I stayed behind while Nicholas went down first. I waited and waited, soon it began to drizzle. After an agonizing long wait, Sean finally came down and we descended together. Trust me, going down was so much easier than going up. We only took like 5-10 minutes to go down the whole mountain. But bad news, the van left without us. Harresh and Vishaal stayed behind to wait for us. We had to catch a cab back. There really wasn't any choice but a blur tutu driver which nodded to everything. Trust was all that we have towards the driver and somehow he managed to reach Ao Nang. From there, Harresh and Vishaal had to ask for directions at a nearby tourist agency just to get back to the hotel. After some further price negotiating.. we got back to our resort and finally managed to rest. Went on to play more beach football. After that, it was fooling around at the pool. We managed to talk to a retired chemical engineer who worked for a petroleum company. He was there to attend his son's wedding. Few friendly chat later, somehow zer en's pants got pulled down in the middle of the pool and he was butt naked lol.. not a great sight HAHA!! We went back to our rooms to bath and dinner was at the same restaurant on our first night. My table decided to have tiger prawns each and it was really good and worth the price! Again, disappointing tom yam but whatever haha!!

Then, most of them decided to head down to Ao Nang to go for the bar. Me and Nic decided to opt out and we spent our time in Ao Nang travelling around doing nothing. He decided to go have a massage but I still didn't feel like it. So while he was having his Thai massage, I wondered on the beach alone while exploring Ao Nang. It was really peaceful. Then, after he was done we got an ice cream in Burger King and Edward joined us. He told us about the experience and soon after we all went back to our hotel at around 12am. That part wasn't really that fun for me, but Edward, Nic and I had a good chance to just sit down and talk. That was about it. We all went back at 12am. For some reason, I was kinda in a bad mood maybe because of he smoke and alcohol smell on them.. I dunno :/  Reached back in my room and I was kinda done for the night. Talked to Nicholas until we slept and u know, the next day is the end of our trip. We actually planned alot of things to do on Thursday morning, but obviously alot of things failed and we ended up having breakfast at like 9.30am, and it was already time to go to the airport after that.

Packed up everything, settled the bills, and it was off to the airport. I bought a couple of postcards in the airport for only 50 cents RM each, just to get to use their wifi xD Well we had lunch in the airport too, had to say their phad thai wasn't that half bad as well! :D After chatting about the new TI4 items and everything, we went on to the immigration department and went past security and all. After sitting down in the back corner of the boarding area, we sat down and all started to finally chat about our future. Who was going where, who was staying where and everything else. We knew this was goodbye for quite some time because most of us were flying off somewhere. So it was really great to bond with them right before we all leave to pursue or studies. Boarded the plane, an hour later I arrived in KLIA2! A couple of them bought some chocolates first while we all met up at the arrival gate. After bidding goodbyes and everything, I sat the bus to KL Sentral alone. I found out one thng about the bus, they don't depart until the bus is full. My bus departed 15 minutes later than the scheduled time just to fill in the empty spaces lawl. I had to sit beside a man in his forties or so. He was really annoying in the sense of he opened his legs the whole journey, constantly invading my leg space. Plus, his luggage fell from the compartment above and fell onto a woman when the bus was turning hard right. Pshh.. some people.. zzz.. After that, I got a free bottle of drink from KL Sentral before heading down to the KTM platform to get back home. My mum and sis picked me up from the Subang KTM station. Thats about it for my trip. It was really really great to travel overseas for the first time just with a bunch of friends (dogs). Had a really really great time as usual :D

Just like the previous post, I'm gonna post my spendings for this trip, ignore it if you want, its more for me xD

*everything is in RM

Auntie Annes                              3.80
Burger King                                4.70
Tour on 3rd day                          120.00
Transport to hotel                       10.00
Transport from hotel (4th day)   10.00
Spaghetti                                     13.00
Dinner                                         13.00
Kayak                                         105.00
Dinner (2nd night)                      37.00
Transport to and fro Ao Nang    10.00
Transport (tut tut)                       15.00
Green Tea Cornetto                    2.50
Dinner (3rd night)                      30.00
Transport to and fro Ao Nang    12.00
Bus back to KL Sentral              10.00
Postcard                                      1.50
Accommodation                         444.00
Airplane Tix                               400.00

Total Cost:                                  1214.50

This trip is actually quite expensive, but well once in a lifetime anyways hahaha :D Sakit hati everytime paying and converting in my mind lawl.. Hope you guys didn't get bored the shit out of this post.. SO HERE SOME PICS YO XD

KLIA2 tracks :D

Selfie inside the boarding area haha xD

Another selfie before boardng xD

From my seat :D

Some other random plane 

Selfie Overload!!!


First thing that greeted us in Krabi, Rain and awesome cars (not for us lawl)

View from the lobby of Beyond Resort :D

Sweep to the right of the lobby!

The amazing architecture of the roof of the hotel haha :D

Romantic walkway connecting our cottages! Owh, and Ady xD

Nicholas and my bed ^^

Selfie at ze beach :D

Beach!! (Low tide)

The pool!

We-fie before we have dinner on the 2nd night in Ao Nang

Bunch of awkward dogs xD

Waves in Ao Nang!

This 2 enjoy massage until fell asleep, Nic even snored HAHAHA

Bigger picture xD

The hot spring on the first stop of the tour

View from the muddy area of the hot spring

Map of the national park..

Legends of the map above haha :D

The long way to the Emerald Pool ( we didn't take this route)

Emerald Pool!!!

Look at that Emerald water!! xD

From where we put our stuff!

At the Tiger Temple :D

Far away from ze 2 dragons :)

"Tiger" in the tiger cave haha!!

Focus on the history, not Vishaal!

Hit my head twice here T.T SAKITTT

The statue in the cave temple :D

Abundance of monkey

More monkeyss

I was bored.

Whale thing? I dunno.. lawl
P.s: Focus on the last line on the yellow notice xD

Just some stones above the cave temple :)

Green Tea Cornetto not found in Malaysia yo :D

View from halfway up the stairs :)


Still halfway...

Almost there...

God kill me now...



View from ze top of the hill!!

How high we travelled from lol

Some random view xD

Me and Nicholas!!!

Back part of the hill :)

Huge statue at the top :)

Details :)

More view!

Final few 100 steps to the top :)

Statues along the way


More Ao Nang waves lawl

Beyond resort de beach and waves xD

Some view from the lobby again haha!

Some worm? 

Looking down from the lobby!!

I was seriously bored when i took this --


The 4 faced Buddha in front of the hotel :)

CIAO KRABIII <3 br="">

Thanks for staying till the end, love you guys :D Cheers!!