Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everything comes to a wonderful end :D

December is almost ending and so is 2013. This year has been great all year long for me as I seriously cannot recall any devastating events that has occur this year. Looking back at the 17 blog posts this year, I kinda blog more than previous years haha.. maybe cuz college life is actually worse than high school life. Right now, I'm just gonna conclude whatever 2013 has been to me. :)

1) College life --> A-levels
Ok, just to clarify, A-Levels is a shit course.. Not to say I hate it.. but its kinda hard.. No kidding.. lots of juniors ask me how is A-Levels and Mei Xin is just scaring everyone by describing it almost near to the end of the world. Haha.. For me, this course is interesting if you choose subjects that actually interest you. I was lucky enough to have wonderful lecturers that make subjects super interesting like Mr. David seriously changed my view on Biology and opening a new choice for me on degree courses. I met wonderful friends too and study partners. Taylor's obviously wasn't my first choice but my mum's but no regrets going to Taylors :) AS definitely has been easy and i will get my results next year. Don't know if I really did THAT well in my AS as my previous exams, but we shall see next year then. :)

2) Reader's Club
This club has given me so much things to learn. How to handle lots of stuff as its a very small club and keeping it alive is so much harder than u think. I have wonderful club mates and get to have very new experiences like handling a booth all alone. You have no idea all the crap I've been thru.

3) Night life
This year I would say I spend lots and lots of time at night in college studying.. It works for me alot as I cant study at home.. AT ALL.. I study better in college in the beginning of the year but as AS creeps nearer I just stay at home.. Getting away from the topic now.. HAHA! 2013 is the year where I sleepover the most too.. especially in December due to the concert and caroling.. Definitely great times watching football with college friends and all those stuff.. Good times good times :)

4) F choir AKA F'wonderful Singers AKA The Sing-A-Holics
This year i've been through so many things with them. Every Sunday its just a joy to see them and spend time with them. Plus our first ever competition together in johor which we actually got a consolation prize out of. The experience was just unreal! Also, the concert that we held in DPAC in December. That was just ahhh...
I got to be the emcee and I was so happy i got so many compliments back! It was my first time being an emcee for a professional event. Heck, I even wrote down a script damn it xD All these years of being emcee of CHS Idol, scripts are never a thing for me lol.. Singing and emcee-ing is fun.. Sure, things did fall out between some members of the choir but I believe we will mend it together somehow.. Caroling is a pain in the ass and I'm starting to get really sick of Christmas songs, but with friends, its worth it. Also the money HAHAHA!!

Well practically, just to let you all know how my whole December went. First 2 weeks was just plain old boring stuff in college with A2 syllabus going around and I'm already in holiday mood because AS is over. LOL.. Then heavy prep going on for the "Chapter 1: Something About" concert. That really test us as we are the seniors and we need to be a role model to the younglings and I think we did good. First experience as a professional emcee was great actually. Of course I have lots of room to improve. But its a real hobby for me now and I'm gonna work hard on it now :D Then it was caroling everywhere which was terribly tiring. So thats gonna be about it. Of course I shall post about our celebration dinner of the concert as soon as it pasts :D

Of course, 2013 is another year where I'm still single and I'm really happy to be for once. This year I thought hard on why didn't I want a gf as I have too many great friends and i wanna share every moment with them till I think I'm matured or grown up enough for a gf.. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell u how childish and immature I am xD

Thats about it for now. Sorry if some of the stuff that i say don't click. Its really late and I can't think straight just that I know I have to update my blog because I want to haha xD Thank you all for reading and love all of you so much! Muaks muaks! <3 cheers="" p="">