Friday, November 29, 2013

Sudden awareness

Well, its really just a few hours away from my final paper of AS and its currently about 2.30am in the morning.. Just when i reached home from college, i immediately felt really bad. It was like sudden emoness because nesr the night, i think maybe due to exhaustion, i suddenly melted in front of abio questions, I can't seem to get lots of questions. So, I started to reflect on the time of my entire AS.. Sure i have been doing well for my semester exam and trials, well they hit my mark of 4A's even though some were borderline. I can't help but think that i really did not perform well for AS. The one that really mattered I felt like I screwed up. Just by the chem paper 1.. I actually left 5 questions unshaded with 30 sec left. It was really a lucky thing I had some time to shade all of em before my paper was taken away although i tembak-ed quite alot :/

Normally these things won't happen to me as I would finish the paper before time and think of what to do next, but somehow I just couldn't. Then thoughts going out to getting a scholarhsip. Seeing most of my friends applying for UCAS and stuff and they are all like have you wrote ur personal statement yet and im like i dun plan to go overseas. i'm actually hoping my results will be good enough to send me overseas or fund my degrees at least :/ So messing up AS is seriously not a very wise choice for me as I seriously can't remember a thing about A2 now..

Now i have my awesome choir concert after AS and i'm really looking forward towards it. all those time preparing during AS, dota-ing, trading and all those stupid stuff that I've been doing during the one and a half month of AS, hopefully won't come and haunt me back next year when I get back my results. Never liked the feeling of taking my results. Well during UPSR i was practically too sick and had to crawl up to the hall and get my results so no anxiousness there, just pure agony. PMR I was expecting 8A's already so nothing much there. SPM this year was agonizing for me cuz I know I didn't do too well cuz I was too playful during SPM.. Whatever then, next year will hopefully be a new year. Worse come to worst I'll just have to resit a few papers :/ 

Well, thats about it in my life right now and I'm feeling tad too tired to actually continue updating u guys but I promise I shall post more soon and sorry for the typos I may have, first time updating my blog from the ipad so yeah :/

Love you guys lots, cheers :D