Thursday, October 24, 2013

AS!! xD and a concert!! xD

WAZZUP PEOPLE!! HAHA!! Sorry its been so long its just that there wasn't really much new material I could actually put into here.. So its been that long, about 1 month plus and this is basically just a random drop in cuz I have so much emotional attachment to this very blog :D

Anyway, 4 papers down for AS so far and I have like 7 more and thats it! HAHA! Who am I kidding, A2 next year is gonna be a gg month for me haha.. These 4 papers are kinda fun and not really that hard.. Although after Bio prac there was a slight sense of ggness in me but other than that it should be no problem la haha. Now my life practically becomes a more relaxed after thaat Bio 2 no question about that. Although my aim to finish Bio 2 past years failed abit.. but still, after all that hard work put in for Bio 2 I kinda just wanna relax myself abit haha.. So after the paper, Dota with the buds, then it was Hon at home, then relax until today.. which is one day after the paper haha.. I'm hopeless I know..

AS lasts for another month which I'll have to slowly endure.. Meanwhile, i will have choir every Sunday to make me feel that just much better after seeing all the choir peeps again :D AND WE GONNA HAVE A CONCERT SOON BROS HAHAHA! Make sure u do come and support us!! Here is the poster for everything u need to know :D

So contact those 3 people if u wanna know more about the tickets and stuff la :D Its gonna be fun so hope to see y'all there xD

As a conclusion, my life now is just basically, computer, pokemon, dota, hon, AS, study, revise, more studying and shit.. So i can foresee my next post should be after AS HAHA! Sorry lar.. UNLESS I GOT SOMETHING AWESOME I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW LIKE A COVER OR SOMETHING OMFG HAHA!!

Till then, ciao guys :) Stay safe :D