Monday, September 16, 2013

Countdown begins!

It is officially 1 month away from the starting of AS!! YEAH!! Feeling motivated but looking back at what I did for the past week.. Meh.. Nothing.. HAHA! Practically did nothing at all lol while some of my friends are already starting to work their ass off revising.. I have my unofficial AS trial results and will post it up as soon as I get the confirmation ones haha xD Some weren't as good as I expected while some exceeded expectations haha! Update y'all on that next post la xD

AS Starts on the 15th of October which probably means for the next 4 weeks I'll need to juggle AS and A2 stuff.. While A2 stuff is murdering me, I'll have to revise and practice AS stuff.. Fantastic! Salute the seniors who pulled this off and got all 4 A stars.. Y'all freaking geniuses lol.. Updates on other stuff, my next post is gonna be quite a long one since I have something stuck on my heart that I just have to share it out, need to see if anyone feels the same as me haha.. Gonna be abit emo so maybe u all wanna skip that haha xD

Basically thats all that is to this blog post. OH YEAH! Haha.. I'm recording a cover with Yin Yin so stay tuned to my soundcloud or my blog for updates! Meanwhile, I recorded this song that is absolutely one of my fav songs now haha xD Sweater Weather by The Neigbourhood! So enjoy lar :D Cheers!!