Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sorry its been so longg haha!

Well its been a whole month since I updated my blog. Sorry for the absence as you know its OBVIOUSLY because of my AS trial exam which I would have to say went pretty ok.. Although i won't say it will be better than the Semester Exam but we'll just see what is the results during the hols.. To be honest, nothing much really happened to my life as I was busy preparing for trials and dotaing.. PM7 really dotaed alot compared to during Semester 1. Even me and Wei Jin also said we weren't as hardcore as we were in Semester 1. Its like we actually go play more during exam time haha!! Well, most of the guys in the class are starting to pick up DOTA now and some of them are getting better so its quite nice to play with classmates.. THE FEEL YA KNOW!! xD

Speaking about classmates, I was only in contact with a few of my classmates as some of them just don't really feel like talking to you after they left.. Who knows whats going on in their mind.. Hmmpph.. HAHA! Their loss whatever... ANYWAY... The day I finished trials Phang Hoong dropped a bombshell by saying Yim is going to China to study.. And the farewell dinner was tonight. Well just in luck that i finished my trials and I don't have any plans on Friday night and Merdeka Eve.. So I went, actually still half believing wether that is true or not.. But my mum picked up Yin Yin from Taylors and we went off to Sunway. Wanted to eat in Shabu Shabu but found out it was 40++ per person which was so goddamn expensive... So we changed place. But I also found out that Wan Li was flying off to the UK soon! So Wan Li if you are reading this, have a safe trip and good luck there? haha! Yeah.. that should be good enough.

We ended up in our old place Yuen Steamboat and practically the people who went was me, Yim, Phang Hoong, Zhi-Sheng, Yin Yin, Kit Yan, Lii Xiang, Mah zai, Sin Che, Yi Lin, Yi Jane, Chai Hoong, Wen Zhe, and Au Yong which came the latest. Haha.. We wrote a book that night which was prepared by Yi Lin and co. It was a memorial book for Yim to bring to China.. Well i wrote alot of things and quite alot of memories flushed back. How we danced the awesome "Im Sexy and I Know It" during Teachers Day, planning the class trip, being one of the main organizers with me, being a cocker in class.. Haha.. Trust me, I'll miss him lots.. Ehstrians will miss him loads.. DAMNN I MISS EHSTRIANS T.T

Emo ady.. Sien... Well hopefully we all can go back to Mei Xin's house for a BBQ like we used to in the near future.. We'll get the chance :) I have faith.. Right now, I'll live everyday full of awesomeness and treasure my time with EVERYONE of my friends.. Love you guys loads.. Cheers!

P.S: Have a safe flight Yim, sorry we can't send you off on that day but our hearts will be with you! Once an Ehstrian, Forever an Ehstrians :D <3 p="">