Sunday, July 21, 2013

Semester 2 so far.. STROBES

Right.. 2 weeks of Semester 2 has passed, and I really don't like the way its going on.. Learning A2 while revising AS is just WTF suicide == A2 stuff is just so boring.. Or I dunno wether is because lecturer change.. Biology used to be my fav subjects thanks to David, now changed to Miss Ho is just boring.. And all the Bio class is at 8am which sucks ttm.. WHO THE HELL CAN LISTEN TO BORING STUFF FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!!! That explains why I have been sleeping or playing FIFA for most of her class.. Good thing she has showme where I can rewatch her lectures.. Her lectures are really informative dun get me wrong, just because her style is a very distinct contrast compared to David's style and it went from really fun to boring.. Well I just have to get used to it now if I dun wanna fail my A2.. 

For my other lecturers, Physics is a really really good turn because the way he tries to get you to explain and stuff and the way he links things together.. its just too awesome.. HAHA! He trolls us sometimes by giving us wrong answers and starts laughing.. hahaha.. Great work for physics! Chem we're still with mr Ooi.. Nothing changed and I still like it, just have to study hard again now.. Math changed to Miss Annie aka Miss Kinder Bueno as me and Nic called her hahaha.. Everytime u are late, didn't hand in your homework, didn't print notes, we owe her a Kinder Bueno.. Expensive weih.. Haha.. But screw that, she is a good math teacher too :D

Obviously I need to work harder for Sem 2 since I have lots more to cover now so less relaxing time.. Hopefully I can control myself from playing games and slacking.. Time for more intensive training due to trials in another month.. Need to be prepared already.. past year questions and shit.. I CAN DO IT!! xD Perhaps Strobes will be my last event for this sem? Who knows.. Strobes is an event organized by the CAL student council 2013. Actually planned to not go, but since Ady and most of our class is going and I kinda just went, in fact I stayed till 1130, longer than I did in CALebration! HAHA! Truth to be told, the way the party started, it wasn't one of the best ones.. No one could hear the emcee, the front few performances were kinda dry as they shouldn't have done it during this kind of party.. Sad that I couldn't hear May Yean's cup performance.. But after 10 was when the real fun was at.. Performance from Ady's band was just BAMMM!! Poh Young's voice was wow.. Ady's friend had a solo performance too which was off the roof! There were games that night too but I didn't go and play cuz there was just too many ppl going around askin for bangles to win which destroys the whole purpose.. So meh.. Then open dance floor was as crazy as I thought... PM 7 danced together and then we spend lots of time with the PM5 boys to dance like mad and shizz.. HAHA! It was a truly great night :)

Thats all from me today, so hopefully when I see u all, I would be more intense in studying then I am now HAHA!

Cheers :D