Sunday, June 30, 2013

New cover and the start of something new

Well the title may seem abit high school musical to y'all haha but that just popped up in my mind so yeah xD I MADE A NEW COVER!! XD So do click the link below to listen to it :) Its a Malay song, Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai :)

Right, semester break is gonna end in like 2 more days and truth to be told, my break was kinda unproductive. All the things I said would do before the exam practically just went out of my mind until, today. HAHA! Well, I still could get my math up to date but there isn't much point in there, plus I dun really have the mood for that since I'm still in a carefree and joyful mood. Recently, I got my semester exam results. I checked the results and I was really happy with what I got but there was always space for improvement. I can't believer I got 4A haha, although my math was just slipping through. Here were my actual and unofficial results. I dunno why isit unofficial but the portal says so so oh well haha.. Gonna reconfirm with y'all once I get back to school and get my stuff :D

Biology : 82
Chemistry : 83
Physics : 80
Math : 76

Surprisingly for Chem, I didn't really expect such a high result, in fact highest among all my other subjects, but I'll take it haha.. so obviously I still need to work harder on my math, means more working. Ok, so for the start of something new part of the title, the timetable for my 2nd semester just came out at the portal and I would say its not really as good as I thought it would be. What really sucks was:

1) Teachers have changed : Mr David and Miss Tan have both left and were replaced my Miss Ho and Miss Annie Goh respectively. I dunno if I'll like them anot, but since we are humans, we tend to compare a lot. Its really hard to find a bio teacher like Mr. David. Some might say he is inexperienced. Well in my book, its not experience that counts, he could click with us easily and so the information was easier to be taught to us and we could absorb it much more better and his lessons weren't boring, so hopefully Miss Ho will be almost like that? haha.. We will see.. As for Miss Tan, I liked the way she teach and maybe because I understand her teachings and they were fun to me and SHE is fun xD Gonna miss her tho, BUT WHY DIDN'T SHE TELL OUR CLASS SHE WAS LEAVING. That hurts me ==

2) ALL MY GODDAMN CLASSES ARE ON THE FOURTH FLOOR == What a great thing to happen.. Everything will be at the fourth floor other than the labs. Good news is we get to use the new block means more ipod charging time for me HAHA..

3) Sem 2 is definitely gonna be tough. I'll need to balance lots of stuff now with the Hallmark event coming up, the AS trials, the AS, the A2 syllabus. The first semester was definitely an opening act. Now its time for the real show to go on for another year. SO lets hope for an amazing semester.. CHEERS :D

P.s: I'm wearing specs soon, just for studying HAHA

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Johor competition with the F'wonderfuls :)

Haha.. Its been almost 2-3 weeks after the competition so here it is, the trip down south for a competition that bonded us really closer and made me really happy :D

SO I went to Kheng Hoe's house around 1130 and I et the 2 little hyper kids there haha.. Yes I'm talking about you two Shervin and Amanda xD Yeah after being amazed at how they pack their stuff, cuz they actually have a smaller bag then me and Kheng Hoe! LOL! Forget about it, then we went to fetch Yat Kuan and we are off to Sri Petaling. After using Yat Kuan's GPS we found THE STORE! And we waited for everyone to come slowly, and we got on the bus. As usual, we these bunch of hyper people took the last few seats at the back of the bus and then we picked up the Liberta Voce people and we were on our way to Johor! :D For the 6 hour journey, we TALKED NON STOP! LOL.. The Liberta Voce guys were either looking at their scores or sleeping while we were soo noisy.. HAHA! We didn't even recharge, during the stop at Ayer Hitam we talked and got hyper then hyper all the way till dinner in Johor.. The dinner was ok, just abit too pricey cuz the appetizer was really uncalled for. After that, we went to our hotel, 8 days hotel.

For that hotel, I would really recommend people to go :) Its near the city, price is ok, has free breakfast and it really suits teenagers. Yes the room is abit cramp, but I would prefer the term cosy. Not to say too cramp until cannot walk.. CAN WHAT! I just love that place lar, haha.. They really took  my boutique hotel image to a whole new level. They could fit so many things into a small room! I shared rooms with Kheng Hoe. Our room had 2 single beds, a bedside table separating the beds, a wall plasma TV with 16 channels with lots of Singapore channels haha, A cool kettle, a berry clean toilet and nice heater and shower. Security wise, u need a card to access to ur floor in the lift. Scan ur card before the lift will be activated. After settling down, we went down to the back of the hotel which was a street with pubs and restaurant. We practiced our song there. Got to say our voice projection wasn't that loud and that kinda killed my mood abit. After practising hard enough, we went to Jusco which was only 20 seconds away from our hotel as it was literally just right beside! HAHA! The jusco was kinda big and Justin and I wanted to play in the arcade for the basketball machine, but it was closed already so sien lor. After that we went back to our rooms to bath and stuff and Ren Jie came to our rooms at 1130 to tell us to sleep. Well me and Kheng Hoe shared lots of stories and it was nice to know him better. Though for some reason we keep waking up in the middle of the night. LOL Forget about that then, next day we went down for breakfast and went to the competition place around 10am after a group photo with Liberta Voce.

Once we reach "Kuan Rou High School" (Sorry this computer don't have Chinese input) we got ready and registered. Waited for the CHS people to arrive and I SAW MISS SHIRLEY! xD And after the CHS people came, we soundchecked and then the whole competition started and lots of things went on. First time I goy so nervous in these few years and once we got into the finals we were practically screaming in delight! HAHA! For some reason, once I heard the recordings, we were speeding for all 3 songs! HAHA! We love doing it fast.. In the end we settled for consolation while Liberta Voce got champion.. DUH?? LOL Well known fact xD On the way back they were actually more hyper than us. We got at the store around 1.10am and most of us had class the next day. Of course we had lots of fun :) And thanks again to Yat Kuan for the ride home. We also chat a lot in the bus haha.. LOTS OF STUFF :D OH YEAH! We had dinner in Yong Peng! And it was delicious :) Thanks Ren Jie for that! So of course this was an awesome experience and I wouldn't forget it in my life. Gave me the motivation for the semester exam too :) Now just to see my result to continue being in the F'wonderfuls :)


Semester 1 is over..

Well, as most of you know I'm currently on my Semester break :D YAY! Haha.. These 6 months of A Levels have been quite tough I would have to say.. CAL program is seriously no joke weih, After the 1st sem exam, it really shows that you need to study on a regular basis cuz studying the SPM way is soo not gonna cut it. Yes there are less subjects in CAL, only 4, but the content is waaayyy more than in SPM believe it or now, the answering techniques are totally different. Still, I'm not scaring away those who wanna study this course, its actually enjoyable in some ways inf u really like those subjects and you still can have ur awesome class mates to enjoy it with, stay back in college till go knows what time, or just sleepover in campus while getting ready for exams.

My first exam experience was kinda weird tho. First time sitting for exam in a hall along with 200+ students. Also, the rules are too weird for my liking haha.. No correction tape, no calculator covers, no LEAD BOX! HOW TO SURVIVE WITH THAT T.T And also no highlighters.. LOL.. 2 important things for me gone lor.. Fine lar.. Haha.. Now its finally sem break which means I can finally take a break from those 6 months of crazy shit. Problem is, I'm into the first week of sem break and I have just stoned at home for the past few days. I do have plans of going out, but just going out with them would cause my wallet to explode.. LOL.. Plus I think I might have to get glasses soon, eyesight power should be exceeding 100 already, can't delay the fact anymore.. And that summore is gonna burn a hole in my wallet. sien...

SUE IS BACK! xD Haha.. Yeah she is back for the 2nd time and I'm gonna go see her just dunno when.. That's also another problem, transport haha.. She recently had a gathering with Guan Hong they all so I just have to find time to ask her out again, not to mention place and stuff, we seriously have lots of catching up to do :D And also my dear sister Yen Ting, came back again and this time I MUST FIND HER OMG! Not to mention Jia Ming which I haven't seen in god knows how long.. Then also another Sue-Anne.. So many things to do, so little time... If I can only stop time, that would be fun :D Rearry fun xD

I think that must be all.. OH WAIT! Haha.. Lots of you has been asking about the girl? Yeah.. Lots of thing happened meanwhile I never updated and I thought it was best to stay friends and I kinda knew who she liked, and it was my friend? So its best to let go as it wasn't worth it to go against my friend for a girl.. Besides, it was a crush, long enough feelings should fade, SHOULD :) Nah, try my best, for now get my mind into music and studies and I'll be fine, just like Ive been holding on for the past few years :D Cuz I'm a happy go lucky person :D

Alright, that WILL be it for me now, will update y'all once I got some juice for y'all xD Have a great week and thanks for reading! Cheers :)

P.s: Finger crossed for my sem exam results xD