Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Semester Exam

Well, semester exam is only like less than 2 weeks away and here I am in the library during our break to update my blog.. Haha.. I'm like so unprepared == The only subject that I think I am most ready at should be math which I lack practice too. Physics I have like halfway to go. Bio have lots to revise and don't let me get started about chem cuz that should be the most taxing one. Who knew that SPM Chemistry wasn't preparing you for anything at all!! Once ur here in CAL for Chemistry, you'll learn that lots of things are different and so many things are there for you to remember! From msot favorite subject to the most stressful subject. As most of u guys know I don't really stress for exams as I'm always the happy go lucky guy who goes around kacau-ing people who are studying, the sabotage guy LOL. Still, lots of seniors tell me Sem exam only mar... Problem is I can't seem to relax on this exam because something my mum told me. If I don't do well in this exam I will have to quit YCA ==

For some of you who don't know what YCA is.. Its the choir I've been attending every Sunday in Taipan. its the place where I can finally relax from the whole week and meet up with the old choir gang andma fellow choir mates. If I really can't do well in the semester exam which is hard as hell, I really can't attend anymore. Seriously studying my be my first priority now. Problem is.. I have a couple of things to juggle. I've got a choir competition in Johor this Saturday and Sunday so 2 days will be gone which I'll have to grab every free time I have studying == which is probably gonna be a mood killer.. Then, Readers Club has been inactive in a while so I'll definitely have to work on the next meeting ASAP or Manesh is gonna kill me.. LOL Probably thats all lar..

If some of you read my previous blog post, I mentioned about a girl right.. Well quick update lar.. Its been quite good so far just some problems here and there of me getting a wee bit of jealous HAHA! But nothing much lar.. We spend quite alot of time now together and I would say I may have a chance? MAY.. I'm not guaranteeing anything like seriously. I need time to really bond with her more and maybe then make a move AFTER sem exam loo.. Currently studying hard to ensure target is reached so I'll see you guys really really soon aite? Cheers :D