Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well its been long..

I can't really remember how many times ive abandoned my blog for a long period and it seems that I've done it again! Haha! Well its almost a month since I last updated this awesome blog of mine and I'm sorry due to the fact that I was really really busy instead of lazy :p Just so u know.. Its gonna be quite a long post since a whole months entry is in here so yeah :)

Basically what I'm going to write is just some events that was going on for the whole April! The start if April was quite boring to be honest because CAL had a 2 week mid-semester break and I practically just ruined my study plan for that whole 2 weeks lol. I did go to the library a few times but it was more of a computer lab thing xD Then on the week back I had LEAD Camp with Reader's Club and all the other clubs. The first day was pure boredom as it was ALL briefing. But the second day was de BOMB! Haha! Experienced rock climbing for the first time in my life and I have to say it was a brilliant experience! It was at Camp 5 above one utama. Readers Club teamed up with Law Society and TAYMUN :) Guess what?? NICOLE WAS IN MY TEAM!! YAY! Haha!! :D After we played like so many awesome games and me and Ady's "ball-grabbing incident" it was a handsdown very very good day for me. Althought the muscle sore lasted for quite a while.. But the feeling was just brilliant!! :) For the third day pula was mostly modules for the entire morning and afternoon. The Culture Night tho was really entertaining! Most girls dressed up while guys mostly slumber je.. I wore Nadia's bro's Baju Melayu! And it was a lil too big! Hah! But the amazing food and good performances were fascinating enough to end the camp :) Although LEAD camp was a great great experience, I had to miss H&G's concert :( Hopefully theres gonna be a DVD or some sorts.

The parent teachers meeting for CAL also passed with good remarks so nothing to worry there.. These few weeks are much more busy then the others. I had to rush a few things and Reader's club just had our first meeting which went really well!! :D Besides, I'm waayyy behind on studies so I seriously need to buck up more thus explaining me staying back after college for so long almost everyday :/ So hopefully I can get my studies done ASAP as choir comp is getting near and I gotta get ready too for that!! Moral exams are this thursday and hopefully the questions don't screw me up ==

Well, recently I just met someone new.. Haha! Some of my friends keep on asking me wether I'm in love. I'm not sure actually haha. Well she isn't exactly the kind of people that u would expect. My first impression of her was she looked like Sherry. But after that she had her own image. She was more of a person who can leave her own image onto you. She was more of an introvert and cute :) Still need more time to know her tho but thats gonna be hard. Maybe cuz I don't see her that much cuz she ain't in my class. But hopefully this will work out? Haha. I don't know la :/

So thats about it for April.. Tomorrow is Labours Day so no CLASS! YEAH! Haha! Finally can relax abit :) Ciao guys :D