Saturday, March 30, 2013

SPM results and new cover!!

Well, its already been 1 week sice the SPM results have been announced. I wouldn't say that I did very bad but it was only an average result.. :/ Basically this was the result.

Bahasa Malaysia. A-
Bahasa Ingerris A+ (1119 1A)
Pendidikan Moral. A-
Sejarah. A-
Matematik. A
Matematik Tamb. A+
Kimia. A+
Fiziks. A+
Biologi. A
Bahasa Cina. B+

Yeah.. Bahasa Cina.. Party pooper.. == robbed me off my straight A! == My first reaction when I got my results from Pn.Loo and Pn.Ya was actually quite happy! 9A and 1B+!! But after I looked closely at my results.. Rage took over.. I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE I ONLY GOT AN A IN MATH!! WTF! Add math i got A+ plus only an A for math? SERIOUSLY?? AND MY MORAL ONLY GOT A-.. Seriously not excited already.. But I'll just have to live with it then. Still thinking of remarking math or moral but we'll see :/

After the results thingy, I went out with my classmates to Sunway Pyramid and we all head to Red Box for a karaoke session. Well, we had 29 people and I was amazed we could all fit into a mega sized room! Haha! They only gave us 4 microphones so basically it was a choir singing the whole time. Haha! Great experience tho :) After that is dinner time as we sang for 3 hours and a half.. We went to Jusco food court to save some money and that place is seriously a good place to yumcha! Haha! They have ample space and no one is gonna bother you when you talk! So we listened to crazy NS story from Tien Sern, Zhi Sheng and Yim.. Haha.. Then camwhore time and who is left but me, Jayden, Au Yong, Alvin, and Lii Xiang! We went to the arcade and then few of them left. So we decided to just go to McDonalds to grab an ice cream and chat our hearts out. So lots and lots of catching up with my bro and Yin2. Finally I sent off Jayden to the Blue Atrium and went home with my sis and Bryan.

So all matters aside, I only manage to get RM1000 from Taylors while quite alot of my friends excelled. Really wondered why didn't I study as hard as I am now.. LOL.. You can never change your past. There is only looking forward to what lies on the road ahead. So I'll really have to buck up for my CAL results to be good. Well the nearest exam now is the semester exam which I hope I don't screw up. So more study sessions should be in schedule... Now with more projects going on.. SO YEAH :D

OWH! And I just posted a new cover on soundcloud :) She Will be Loved by Maroon 5.. Wanted to do When I was your man by Bruno Mars but just wasn't feeling it today so maybe next time then :/
Here's the link:


Friday, March 1, 2013

The month of March!

Its the first day of March already, and I had like few exams already, all subjects had their go on my knowledge and feeling the awesomeness of the syllabus.. Tests are really a small thing in A Levels as you will be facing like lots of them.. Just have to do good to save your forecast result.. haha.. Constant studying is the key xD

So basically a quick update on my life to avoid this blog from dying.. HAHA! Err... CNY is over and I still haven't open my ang paus yet.. No time lol.. need to open them soon already, and went to Calebration.. Telling you that this is one one of the best parties I've ever been to is NOT an understatement.. haha >.< Great DJ that spinned the right songs, great performances (NOT ALL) and great time dancing.. Really awkward games.. LOL but what the heck, its a party :p After that I got my RM250 voucher, got my bio textbook and a RM10 storybook LOL.. RM100 voucher left, will spend it some time..

Anyway, just recorded my new cover, Natalie by Bruno Mars you all can listen to it here..
Still, my best cover so far would be the man who can't be moved.. LOL.. Anyway, just try and listen? xD

Actually PM7 is filled with talent, like instruments and singing.. so being in that class is awesome, and we have crazy dancers too.. AHAH! Basically I really don't have much more to say. I think my life is gonna be more busy now since I became vice pres of reader's club. Haha.. So if I seldom update, I am busy xD