Friday, February 22, 2013

Times are getting hard

Well, 2 months in, exams are starting to pile. 1 thing I learned from this course is consistent studying is seriously required so I really need to focus on studies abit more now. Good thing my class is awesome and recently added a great singer Poh Young! Haha! So 28 ppl in PM7 now. Hopefully we can be quite an academic excellent class.. Lol..

Times are hard because I just had my physics exam today and I found it abit of hard and didn't really do my best so yeah :/ Tomorrow I have math exam. But seriously, these days I was more focused on clearing out my mind off a crush and hopefully it goes away soon.. So I can get back to my awesome life :)

Oh! And thanks Cecelia for being an awesomely incredible bestie! Haha!! xD So that I have someone to chat to when I'm as bored as a piece of plank :) Cheers!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hehe... Just in case some of you are wondering.. That's my class name.. Haha.. life has been really good since I started college.. Finally found some things that i can occupy myself with. lots of things are happening back in CHS and I'm no longer concerned.. Haha.. But I'll be back there some day :D Anyway, my class is really really fun cuz there are like so little nerds... and everyone is actually sociable! And not hiding themselves somewhere in a corner. Thursday was ECA Drive which was somehting like Gerko Day in CHS.. i signed up for lots of stuff.. so still dunno which one I'm gonna commit myself to :/

Matters aside.. 3 weeks into A Levels now and things are starting to get tricky.. Things are getting harder and Ihaven't even got all my books yet.. Wei Jin told me to wait till the RM200 voucher comes out first.. but gotta wait.. Anyway since I'm not using the books now.. I THINK I can wait.. LOL.. Wait for time to pass lor.. Met back lots of primary friends and also made lots of new ones.. At first wanted a locker but better if save money and forget about the locker.. HAHA! Tried out for student council and I failed.. Serious confidence dent there but oh well.. Experience disappointment once in a while then.. Haiz.. My lecturers are awesome.. Firstly I have an awesome mentor who is quite young and makes his own Music Video for CNY! xD His name is Mr David Yap and he teaches bio.. One thing about him is he actually makes bio interesting for me.. he makes me wanna learn bio :/ Then I have my Physcis lecturer Miss Marlene which is from India.. She is real fun and all but at the 1st week I can't get what she was saying cuz when she starts speaking fast, her indian accent kicks in and BOOM! She lost us.. HAHA! Mr Ooi our Chemistry lecturer has a habit of saying 'hor' after almost every sentence.. lol.. But we kinda got used to it already and we have our math teacher Miss Tan which Mr David joke about haha! She is cool :D

So friends wise,, I met a lot of new friends and met back some old ones too.. Like from Lick Hung's 6A! Melody is in my class! xD And I met Chloe, Leong Wai, Jamie, Wei Jun and lots of people.. Some others from CHS days are also here.. not to mention some friends I made during competitions and stuff.. So college started out like a reunion where I get to meet everyone I haven't seen in awhile.. So its a good chance to reconnect with everyone.. Still trying to work things out so I'll update you all in my relationship part.. Haha.. Honestly, I don't think I'm doing that well :p

See you guys soon! Cheers!