Saturday, January 19, 2013

New cover!! xD

First cover for the year 2013.. Hehe.. Little Things by One Direction.. Hope you guys like it! :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And so the training starts..

Its been one week into 2013 now and honestly speaking I haven't done much.. Not really no.. Haha! So Inti and Sunway students are having their orientation tomorrow while Taylor's decides to let us have another week of break before hell starts. Well college ain't hell, it's just that one week of relaxation more, thats all :D

Anyway.. Since my orientation is on the 14th, I only have another week to start preparing myself for college.. Some training sessions to get me back on track..

Firstly, I need to reset on my body clock already. These days its all sleeping like 1,2 am and waking up 10am plus.. Lol.. Things gotta change! No more club penguin with another childish person xD No more football.. (Exceptional) No more sleeping after 12 and waking up after 9.. So thats my goal, waking up before 8 or 9 and sleeping before 12 :) Hopefully it works haha

Secondly, since I haven't actually written anything lately and didn't even hold a pen for so long. Maybe its time I start writing again.. So maybe I will be writing stories and if I think they are good enough well on the blog it will appear :D Stay tuned then, not sure if it will be everyone's cup of tea tho.. :/

Thirdly, be more serious.. Haha! After SPM, recently I've been worrying about my SPM results for some reason.. Maybe because I was too relaxed when I was sitting for the exam.. So hopefully I don't screw up alot :/ And the bad thing about joking around all the time is nobody takes you seriously when you really are serious.. That sucks :p So it can be counted as a new year resolution too and lets just say I'll work hard on it then :)

That should be it, I'll post the stories if they are good enough then.. HAHA! So I'll see you all soon! And I'll definitely be asking you out soon.. Watch out xD

Cheers :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ehstrians Class Trip and Happy New Year :)

After the caroling jobs, the only event I have left on the calendar is this awesome event. Sadly I have to say I had to ditch 2 other trips to attend my class trip. There was the trip to Morib with the F's, Genting trip with the Badminton Gang, and the class trip. Seeing that I missed the Pangkor trip last year, there was no way I was missing the class trip this year, even though it is going to Melaka, not on my favorite places list. I helped organize the schedule few days before the trip and go really depressed before the trip. This was caused by the mental trauma by last year's H&G trip which got cancelled the night before.. Brrr... Bad memory.. Don't talk about it anymore.. HAHA! So anyway, next day, after having SS19 Pan Mee which I've been having for 10 years now.. LOL, OFF TO CLASS TRIP! I was the last one to arrive, maybe cuz I woke up late.. LOL.. At about 9 we are off from Petron!

First stop was the Broga Hill Temple there.. After taking pictures with the 12 zodiacs, climb up to the Monkey King hill there, left a mark, took some pics and off to the REAL Broga Hill.. Haha.. We only managed to climb the first peak, and only a few really completed the first peak. There was a 60 degree part where most of my classmates avoided due to fear of not being able to get down. After overcoming that fear myself, a quick sing of negaraku thanks to Au Yong.. LOL I climbed to the top. View was acutally kinda awesome, got some pride of conquering the first peak. Would have gone all the way with Yim, PH they all, but time constrain. After helping the girls to come down, we head to a nearby Pan Mee stall, so I had 2 Pan Mee in one day lol.. Good news was the price for the Pan Mee was cheaper than our original calculations, so RM100+ saved there, then off to Menara Taming Sari in Melaka. WASTE OF MONEY LOL! Wanted to waste some time there mana tau seriously dumb thing to do. Nevermind lar, its fun enough.. Got sampat friends enough.. Plus some Gangnam Style on the zebra crossing.. Freaking high lar everyone. Then another 1 hour to A Famosa where we stayed. By 6, everyone settled in while me and Yim tried to sort some complicated stuff with the admin part, made us seriously down, but after everyone bathed and ate, the atmosphere was instantly lifted. Cards, screams, cheers everywhere.. Haha, great night. Played cards with some people until 3am then everyone went to sleep. Most went to bed early due to tiredness from the hiking. Well, I didn;t sleep the whole night due to coldness and some noise. LOL

Still had to wake up the earliest to wake everyone up. Second day Yi Lin helped me to wake up the girls while I woke up the boys. Then Au Yong started Negaraku again.. == SERIOUSLY ANNOYING LOL! Prepared breakfast for everyone, then we left for town by 10. Visited the maritime musuem at 11. Lots of stuff happened there. Met some ang mo, then the girls got really crazy, and pictures taken and bla bla.. Wanted to go to Jonker for lunch but then it started drizzling so we went to Dataran Pahlawan mall for lunch instead. Had a crappy lunch to be fair == BUT MONKEY AND ANGEL FINALLY CAME! Everyone got happy. Then off to buy Christmas exchange present for everyone. Saw Mei Xin at the watch shop there and I noticed that she didn't had a watch on her wrist. Wanted to buy one for her but didn't know that she wants a watch or she just doesn't like to wear it. (after coming back ask her only know she wanted a new watch since last year, serious facepalm) HAHAHA! Anyway, got our gifts and off to eat crepe cake with the Ehstrians to celebrate Chee Kit's Bday.. Chee Seng had to say I Love You there.. XD Haha, enjoyed Raisin and Rum plus another Banana Chocolate.. Was quite full, then the journey to Pantai Kundur for BBQ! My games were kinda lame to be fair, especially the second one.. LOL.. But the 3rd one should be their favourite. 1st game was plain physical, 2nd game was complete observation and that bored them, 3rd game was construction and I think they loved it.. LOL! Anyway, during BBQ I tasted rabbit meat for the first time.. Taste like chicken to be honest, but whatever lar.. Ate and had lots and lots of fun at the beach, then when we came back. Was still very high everyone until suddenly Yi Lin told me Mei Xin hurt her leg.. FRANTIC! LOL! Ran inside, put stuff down saw the leg, quite bad to be honest. So immediately me and Phang Hoong tried to get some ice from the freezer but the ice container was freezed too == THANK YOU A FAMOSA FOR UR LOVELY FACILITIES == Took their cans instead to cool her leg and could see she was kinda in pain. So sat with her until everything was over. Sipped a few Nescafe Gold thanks to Bryan and just kept on checking on the leg. After she was able to calm down and move her leg. I moved around and found out that Chee Seng and most of the boys were outside in the pool playing a ball game.. FREAKING HIGH! I joined in but didn;t enter the pool cuz my feet got hurt by something at the beach so couldn't really mess with them in the pool. Instead, I helped Kit Yan's team to win some points! LOL! So in and out of the house and taking care and stuff like that. After finally waiting for my turn to bath which is about 1, I came out of the bathroom just in time for the gift exchange. The first draw was revoked cause everyone didn't like it.. LIKE THAT ALSO CAN! LOL! So the second round I got Au Yong's supposedly RM99 sports shoe mana tau he troll me, inside put a RM9.90 kik kok shoe == Abit bu shuang to be honest due to the bad omen.. Bright RED summore.. DENG! LOL! Suan liao lar... Ehstrians always wild de.. xD Mei Xin got a bolster and a pack of condom... Then the jokes started and everyone high dao.. LOL! Everything was about the condom already after that. What make baby what instructions what condom pack.. == Dunno what they thinking lol.. Then she go put into my bag.. lol.. SUAN LIAO LA! GIMME THAT THING FOR WHAT? XD

I slept at 3 but the girls were all still gossiping with Bryan in their room. Got woken up by the same noise again that night. 3rd day I woke up the earliest and woke up everyone again. This time need to go to girl's room cuz Yi Lin also slept late. The breakfast was better that day. There was toast, maggi, egg plus sausage and lots.. Had a hearty breakfast and everyone packed to leave the house. After checking out, we head to the water world in A Famosa. RM40 for everyone with a set lunch. It was a real blast in there.. WE DID LOTS! HAHA! But there were really little Chinese there, so we stood out lol.. Everyone wore black class t shirt summore.. HAHA! I played lots. Body Slide, Wave Pool, Family Raft with Chee Seng, Phang Hoong and Zhi-Sheng.. All below 60 de in one.. HAHA! Then ate lunch.. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE AT AYAM KICAP MANIS WITH ME! LOL.. Curry Chicken 16 set, Ginger chicken 8 set, and my 1 miserable ayam kicap manis. The lunch was really good to be honest. Everyone was kinda surprised and it was really good. With a drink and we ordered Citrus for everyone. Everyone enjoyed it. THEN THE REAL FUN WAS ON! Everyone went to the wave pool and mess around. Then off to HI-SPEED! BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE! It was really really high. Then you would be down in a few secs.. OMG! The girls even went for it! Yin Yin, Li Wen, Pei Jean, Sin Che and some more.. LOL! SURPRISED TO SEE THEM GO DOWN! HAHA! Too bad Mei Xin scared of heights if not seeing her go down the hi-speed slide would be awesome.. LOL Then off to the Wave pool again to finish off the day for everyone. I lost my RM 20 there.. HAHA! DON'T CARE LAR! (I actually blogged thru 2 years.. LOL.. its 2013 now..)  We sang the school song in the middle of the wave pool. Gave a ball to a mix blood toddler and bathed in a semi-transparent shower.. LOL It was really really weird.. Anyway, after that. Major breakdown happened. I got stung by a bee, the driver got abit pissed due to schedule changing and miscommunication. Screw it in the end, we had dinner in Seremban's Siew Pao City.. Well they kinda force me to sit beside Mei Xin and we kinda served each other food and Chuen Hong kept on teasing.. lol.. screw him.. After that, it was all photos all the way back to Petron. The TUI gang's bus was right beside us when we arrived at Petron. Then, yam cha at Kanna's until about 10 and I kinda sent everyone home then only me, Chee Seng and Phang Hoong went home.

Ehstrian's class trip was really really amazing although Jayden kinda missed it. I had lots and lots of brilliant time and more and more teases about me and Mei Xin.. Haha... next year we will have our class trip again.. Don't know where.. but it will be somewhere.. You can bet on it :) Ehstrians for life <3 p="p">
To all my readers, happy 2013, have a great year ahead of you and may all your wishes come true. Cheers :)