Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everything comes to a wonderful end :D

December is almost ending and so is 2013. This year has been great all year long for me as I seriously cannot recall any devastating events that has occur this year. Looking back at the 17 blog posts this year, I kinda blog more than previous years haha.. maybe cuz college life is actually worse than high school life. Right now, I'm just gonna conclude whatever 2013 has been to me. :)

1) College life --> A-levels
Ok, just to clarify, A-Levels is a shit course.. Not to say I hate it.. but its kinda hard.. No kidding.. lots of juniors ask me how is A-Levels and Mei Xin is just scaring everyone by describing it almost near to the end of the world. Haha.. For me, this course is interesting if you choose subjects that actually interest you. I was lucky enough to have wonderful lecturers that make subjects super interesting like Mr. David seriously changed my view on Biology and opening a new choice for me on degree courses. I met wonderful friends too and study partners. Taylor's obviously wasn't my first choice but my mum's but no regrets going to Taylors :) AS definitely has been easy and i will get my results next year. Don't know if I really did THAT well in my AS as my previous exams, but we shall see next year then. :)

2) Reader's Club
This club has given me so much things to learn. How to handle lots of stuff as its a very small club and keeping it alive is so much harder than u think. I have wonderful club mates and get to have very new experiences like handling a booth all alone. You have no idea all the crap I've been thru.

3) Night life
This year I would say I spend lots and lots of time at night in college studying.. It works for me alot as I cant study at home.. AT ALL.. I study better in college in the beginning of the year but as AS creeps nearer I just stay at home.. Getting away from the topic now.. HAHA! 2013 is the year where I sleepover the most too.. especially in December due to the concert and caroling.. Definitely great times watching football with college friends and all those stuff.. Good times good times :)

4) F choir AKA F'wonderful Singers AKA The Sing-A-Holics
This year i've been through so many things with them. Every Sunday its just a joy to see them and spend time with them. Plus our first ever competition together in johor which we actually got a consolation prize out of. The experience was just unreal! Also, the concert that we held in DPAC in December. That was just ahhh...
I got to be the emcee and I was so happy i got so many compliments back! It was my first time being an emcee for a professional event. Heck, I even wrote down a script damn it xD All these years of being emcee of CHS Idol, scripts are never a thing for me lol.. Singing and emcee-ing is fun.. Sure, things did fall out between some members of the choir but I believe we will mend it together somehow.. Caroling is a pain in the ass and I'm starting to get really sick of Christmas songs, but with friends, its worth it. Also the money HAHAHA!!

Well practically, just to let you all know how my whole December went. First 2 weeks was just plain old boring stuff in college with A2 syllabus going around and I'm already in holiday mood because AS is over. LOL.. Then heavy prep going on for the "Chapter 1: Something About" concert. That really test us as we are the seniors and we need to be a role model to the younglings and I think we did good. First experience as a professional emcee was great actually. Of course I have lots of room to improve. But its a real hobby for me now and I'm gonna work hard on it now :D Then it was caroling everywhere which was terribly tiring. So thats gonna be about it. Of course I shall post about our celebration dinner of the concert as soon as it pasts :D

Of course, 2013 is another year where I'm still single and I'm really happy to be for once. This year I thought hard on why didn't I want a gf as I have too many great friends and i wanna share every moment with them till I think I'm matured or grown up enough for a gf.. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell u how childish and immature I am xD

Thats about it for now. Sorry if some of the stuff that i say don't click. Its really late and I can't think straight just that I know I have to update my blog because I want to haha xD Thank you all for reading and love all of you so much! Muaks muaks! <3 cheers="" p="">

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sudden awareness

Well, its really just a few hours away from my final paper of AS and its currently about 2.30am in the morning.. Just when i reached home from college, i immediately felt really bad. It was like sudden emoness because nesr the night, i think maybe due to exhaustion, i suddenly melted in front of abio questions, I can't seem to get lots of questions. So, I started to reflect on the time of my entire AS.. Sure i have been doing well for my semester exam and trials, well they hit my mark of 4A's even though some were borderline. I can't help but think that i really did not perform well for AS. The one that really mattered I felt like I screwed up. Just by the chem paper 1.. I actually left 5 questions unshaded with 30 sec left. It was really a lucky thing I had some time to shade all of em before my paper was taken away although i tembak-ed quite alot :/

Normally these things won't happen to me as I would finish the paper before time and think of what to do next, but somehow I just couldn't. Then thoughts going out to getting a scholarhsip. Seeing most of my friends applying for UCAS and stuff and they are all like have you wrote ur personal statement yet and im like i dun plan to go overseas. i'm actually hoping my results will be good enough to send me overseas or fund my degrees at least :/ So messing up AS is seriously not a very wise choice for me as I seriously can't remember a thing about A2 now..

Now i have my awesome choir concert after AS and i'm really looking forward towards it. all those time preparing during AS, dota-ing, trading and all those stupid stuff that I've been doing during the one and a half month of AS, hopefully won't come and haunt me back next year when I get back my results. Never liked the feeling of taking my results. Well during UPSR i was practically too sick and had to crawl up to the hall and get my results so no anxiousness there, just pure agony. PMR I was expecting 8A's already so nothing much there. SPM this year was agonizing for me cuz I know I didn't do too well cuz I was too playful during SPM.. Whatever then, next year will hopefully be a new year. Worse come to worst I'll just have to resit a few papers :/ 

Well, thats about it in my life right now and I'm feeling tad too tired to actually continue updating u guys but I promise I shall post more soon and sorry for the typos I may have, first time updating my blog from the ipad so yeah :/

Love you guys lots, cheers :D

Thursday, October 24, 2013

AS!! xD and a concert!! xD

WAZZUP PEOPLE!! HAHA!! Sorry its been so long its just that there wasn't really much new material I could actually put into here.. So its been that long, about 1 month plus and this is basically just a random drop in cuz I have so much emotional attachment to this very blog :D

Anyway, 4 papers down for AS so far and I have like 7 more and thats it! HAHA! Who am I kidding, A2 next year is gonna be a gg month for me haha.. These 4 papers are kinda fun and not really that hard.. Although after Bio prac there was a slight sense of ggness in me but other than that it should be no problem la haha. Now my life practically becomes a more relaxed after thaat Bio 2 no question about that. Although my aim to finish Bio 2 past years failed abit.. but still, after all that hard work put in for Bio 2 I kinda just wanna relax myself abit haha.. So after the paper, Dota with the buds, then it was Hon at home, then relax until today.. which is one day after the paper haha.. I'm hopeless I know..

AS lasts for another month which I'll have to slowly endure.. Meanwhile, i will have choir every Sunday to make me feel that just much better after seeing all the choir peeps again :D AND WE GONNA HAVE A CONCERT SOON BROS HAHAHA! Make sure u do come and support us!! Here is the poster for everything u need to know :D

So contact those 3 people if u wanna know more about the tickets and stuff la :D Its gonna be fun so hope to see y'all there xD

As a conclusion, my life now is just basically, computer, pokemon, dota, hon, AS, study, revise, more studying and shit.. So i can foresee my next post should be after AS HAHA! Sorry lar.. UNLESS I GOT SOMETHING AWESOME I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW LIKE A COVER OR SOMETHING OMFG HAHA!!

Till then, ciao guys :) Stay safe :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

Countdown begins!

It is officially 1 month away from the starting of AS!! YEAH!! Feeling motivated but looking back at what I did for the past week.. Meh.. Nothing.. HAHA! Practically did nothing at all lol while some of my friends are already starting to work their ass off revising.. I have my unofficial AS trial results and will post it up as soon as I get the confirmation ones haha xD Some weren't as good as I expected while some exceeded expectations haha! Update y'all on that next post la xD

AS Starts on the 15th of October which probably means for the next 4 weeks I'll need to juggle AS and A2 stuff.. While A2 stuff is murdering me, I'll have to revise and practice AS stuff.. Fantastic! Salute the seniors who pulled this off and got all 4 A stars.. Y'all freaking geniuses lol.. Updates on other stuff, my next post is gonna be quite a long one since I have something stuck on my heart that I just have to share it out, need to see if anyone feels the same as me haha.. Gonna be abit emo so maybe u all wanna skip that haha xD

Basically thats all that is to this blog post. OH YEAH! Haha.. I'm recording a cover with Yin Yin so stay tuned to my soundcloud or my blog for updates! Meanwhile, I recorded this song that is absolutely one of my fav songs now haha xD Sweater Weather by The Neigbourhood! So enjoy lar :D Cheers!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sorry its been so longg haha!

Well its been a whole month since I updated my blog. Sorry for the absence as you know its OBVIOUSLY because of my AS trial exam which I would have to say went pretty ok.. Although i won't say it will be better than the Semester Exam but we'll just see what is the results during the hols.. To be honest, nothing much really happened to my life as I was busy preparing for trials and dotaing.. PM7 really dotaed alot compared to during Semester 1. Even me and Wei Jin also said we weren't as hardcore as we were in Semester 1. Its like we actually go play more during exam time haha!! Well, most of the guys in the class are starting to pick up DOTA now and some of them are getting better so its quite nice to play with classmates.. THE FEEL YA KNOW!! xD

Speaking about classmates, I was only in contact with a few of my classmates as some of them just don't really feel like talking to you after they left.. Who knows whats going on in their mind.. Hmmpph.. HAHA! Their loss whatever... ANYWAY... The day I finished trials Phang Hoong dropped a bombshell by saying Yim is going to China to study.. And the farewell dinner was tonight. Well just in luck that i finished my trials and I don't have any plans on Friday night and Merdeka Eve.. So I went, actually still half believing wether that is true or not.. But my mum picked up Yin Yin from Taylors and we went off to Sunway. Wanted to eat in Shabu Shabu but found out it was 40++ per person which was so goddamn expensive... So we changed place. But I also found out that Wan Li was flying off to the UK soon! So Wan Li if you are reading this, have a safe trip and good luck there? haha! Yeah.. that should be good enough.

We ended up in our old place Yuen Steamboat and practically the people who went was me, Yim, Phang Hoong, Zhi-Sheng, Yin Yin, Kit Yan, Lii Xiang, Mah zai, Sin Che, Yi Lin, Yi Jane, Chai Hoong, Wen Zhe, and Au Yong which came the latest. Haha.. We wrote a book that night which was prepared by Yi Lin and co. It was a memorial book for Yim to bring to China.. Well i wrote alot of things and quite alot of memories flushed back. How we danced the awesome "Im Sexy and I Know It" during Teachers Day, planning the class trip, being one of the main organizers with me, being a cocker in class.. Haha.. Trust me, I'll miss him lots.. Ehstrians will miss him loads.. DAMNN I MISS EHSTRIANS T.T

Emo ady.. Sien... Well hopefully we all can go back to Mei Xin's house for a BBQ like we used to in the near future.. We'll get the chance :) I have faith.. Right now, I'll live everyday full of awesomeness and treasure my time with EVERYONE of my friends.. Love you guys loads.. Cheers!

P.S: Have a safe flight Yim, sorry we can't send you off on that day but our hearts will be with you! Once an Ehstrian, Forever an Ehstrians :D <3 p="">

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Semester 2 so far.. STROBES

Right.. 2 weeks of Semester 2 has passed, and I really don't like the way its going on.. Learning A2 while revising AS is just WTF suicide == A2 stuff is just so boring.. Or I dunno wether is because lecturer change.. Biology used to be my fav subjects thanks to David, now changed to Miss Ho is just boring.. And all the Bio class is at 8am which sucks ttm.. WHO THE HELL CAN LISTEN TO BORING STUFF FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!!! That explains why I have been sleeping or playing FIFA for most of her class.. Good thing she has showme where I can rewatch her lectures.. Her lectures are really informative dun get me wrong, just because her style is a very distinct contrast compared to David's style and it went from really fun to boring.. Well I just have to get used to it now if I dun wanna fail my A2.. 

For my other lecturers, Physics is a really really good turn because the way he tries to get you to explain and stuff and the way he links things together.. its just too awesome.. HAHA! He trolls us sometimes by giving us wrong answers and starts laughing.. hahaha.. Great work for physics! Chem we're still with mr Ooi.. Nothing changed and I still like it, just have to study hard again now.. Math changed to Miss Annie aka Miss Kinder Bueno as me and Nic called her hahaha.. Everytime u are late, didn't hand in your homework, didn't print notes, we owe her a Kinder Bueno.. Expensive weih.. Haha.. But screw that, she is a good math teacher too :D

Obviously I need to work harder for Sem 2 since I have lots more to cover now so less relaxing time.. Hopefully I can control myself from playing games and slacking.. Time for more intensive training due to trials in another month.. Need to be prepared already.. past year questions and shit.. I CAN DO IT!! xD Perhaps Strobes will be my last event for this sem? Who knows.. Strobes is an event organized by the CAL student council 2013. Actually planned to not go, but since Ady and most of our class is going and I kinda just went, in fact I stayed till 1130, longer than I did in CALebration! HAHA! Truth to be told, the way the party started, it wasn't one of the best ones.. No one could hear the emcee, the front few performances were kinda dry as they shouldn't have done it during this kind of party.. Sad that I couldn't hear May Yean's cup performance.. But after 10 was when the real fun was at.. Performance from Ady's band was just BAMMM!! Poh Young's voice was wow.. Ady's friend had a solo performance too which was off the roof! There were games that night too but I didn't go and play cuz there was just too many ppl going around askin for bangles to win which destroys the whole purpose.. So meh.. Then open dance floor was as crazy as I thought... PM 7 danced together and then we spend lots of time with the PM5 boys to dance like mad and shizz.. HAHA! It was a truly great night :)

Thats all from me today, so hopefully when I see u all, I would be more intense in studying then I am now HAHA!

Cheers :D

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New cover and the start of something new

Well the title may seem abit high school musical to y'all haha but that just popped up in my mind so yeah xD I MADE A NEW COVER!! XD So do click the link below to listen to it :) Its a Malay song, Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai :)

Right, semester break is gonna end in like 2 more days and truth to be told, my break was kinda unproductive. All the things I said would do before the exam practically just went out of my mind until, today. HAHA! Well, I still could get my math up to date but there isn't much point in there, plus I dun really have the mood for that since I'm still in a carefree and joyful mood. Recently, I got my semester exam results. I checked the results and I was really happy with what I got but there was always space for improvement. I can't believer I got 4A haha, although my math was just slipping through. Here were my actual and unofficial results. I dunno why isit unofficial but the portal says so so oh well haha.. Gonna reconfirm with y'all once I get back to school and get my stuff :D

Biology : 82
Chemistry : 83
Physics : 80
Math : 76

Surprisingly for Chem, I didn't really expect such a high result, in fact highest among all my other subjects, but I'll take it haha.. so obviously I still need to work harder on my math, means more working. Ok, so for the start of something new part of the title, the timetable for my 2nd semester just came out at the portal and I would say its not really as good as I thought it would be. What really sucks was:

1) Teachers have changed : Mr David and Miss Tan have both left and were replaced my Miss Ho and Miss Annie Goh respectively. I dunno if I'll like them anot, but since we are humans, we tend to compare a lot. Its really hard to find a bio teacher like Mr. David. Some might say he is inexperienced. Well in my book, its not experience that counts, he could click with us easily and so the information was easier to be taught to us and we could absorb it much more better and his lessons weren't boring, so hopefully Miss Ho will be almost like that? haha.. We will see.. As for Miss Tan, I liked the way she teach and maybe because I understand her teachings and they were fun to me and SHE is fun xD Gonna miss her tho, BUT WHY DIDN'T SHE TELL OUR CLASS SHE WAS LEAVING. That hurts me ==

2) ALL MY GODDAMN CLASSES ARE ON THE FOURTH FLOOR == What a great thing to happen.. Everything will be at the fourth floor other than the labs. Good news is we get to use the new block means more ipod charging time for me HAHA..

3) Sem 2 is definitely gonna be tough. I'll need to balance lots of stuff now with the Hallmark event coming up, the AS trials, the AS, the A2 syllabus. The first semester was definitely an opening act. Now its time for the real show to go on for another year. SO lets hope for an amazing semester.. CHEERS :D

P.s: I'm wearing specs soon, just for studying HAHA

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Johor competition with the F'wonderfuls :)

Haha.. Its been almost 2-3 weeks after the competition so here it is, the trip down south for a competition that bonded us really closer and made me really happy :D

SO I went to Kheng Hoe's house around 1130 and I et the 2 little hyper kids there haha.. Yes I'm talking about you two Shervin and Amanda xD Yeah after being amazed at how they pack their stuff, cuz they actually have a smaller bag then me and Kheng Hoe! LOL! Forget about it, then we went to fetch Yat Kuan and we are off to Sri Petaling. After using Yat Kuan's GPS we found THE STORE! And we waited for everyone to come slowly, and we got on the bus. As usual, we these bunch of hyper people took the last few seats at the back of the bus and then we picked up the Liberta Voce people and we were on our way to Johor! :D For the 6 hour journey, we TALKED NON STOP! LOL.. The Liberta Voce guys were either looking at their scores or sleeping while we were soo noisy.. HAHA! We didn't even recharge, during the stop at Ayer Hitam we talked and got hyper then hyper all the way till dinner in Johor.. The dinner was ok, just abit too pricey cuz the appetizer was really uncalled for. After that, we went to our hotel, 8 days hotel.

For that hotel, I would really recommend people to go :) Its near the city, price is ok, has free breakfast and it really suits teenagers. Yes the room is abit cramp, but I would prefer the term cosy. Not to say too cramp until cannot walk.. CAN WHAT! I just love that place lar, haha.. They really took  my boutique hotel image to a whole new level. They could fit so many things into a small room! I shared rooms with Kheng Hoe. Our room had 2 single beds, a bedside table separating the beds, a wall plasma TV with 16 channels with lots of Singapore channels haha, A cool kettle, a berry clean toilet and nice heater and shower. Security wise, u need a card to access to ur floor in the lift. Scan ur card before the lift will be activated. After settling down, we went down to the back of the hotel which was a street with pubs and restaurant. We practiced our song there. Got to say our voice projection wasn't that loud and that kinda killed my mood abit. After practising hard enough, we went to Jusco which was only 20 seconds away from our hotel as it was literally just right beside! HAHA! The jusco was kinda big and Justin and I wanted to play in the arcade for the basketball machine, but it was closed already so sien lor. After that we went back to our rooms to bath and stuff and Ren Jie came to our rooms at 1130 to tell us to sleep. Well me and Kheng Hoe shared lots of stories and it was nice to know him better. Though for some reason we keep waking up in the middle of the night. LOL Forget about that then, next day we went down for breakfast and went to the competition place around 10am after a group photo with Liberta Voce.

Once we reach "Kuan Rou High School" (Sorry this computer don't have Chinese input) we got ready and registered. Waited for the CHS people to arrive and I SAW MISS SHIRLEY! xD And after the CHS people came, we soundchecked and then the whole competition started and lots of things went on. First time I goy so nervous in these few years and once we got into the finals we were practically screaming in delight! HAHA! For some reason, once I heard the recordings, we were speeding for all 3 songs! HAHA! We love doing it fast.. In the end we settled for consolation while Liberta Voce got champion.. DUH?? LOL Well known fact xD On the way back they were actually more hyper than us. We got at the store around 1.10am and most of us had class the next day. Of course we had lots of fun :) And thanks again to Yat Kuan for the ride home. We also chat a lot in the bus haha.. LOTS OF STUFF :D OH YEAH! We had dinner in Yong Peng! And it was delicious :) Thanks Ren Jie for that! So of course this was an awesome experience and I wouldn't forget it in my life. Gave me the motivation for the semester exam too :) Now just to see my result to continue being in the F'wonderfuls :)


Semester 1 is over..

Well, as most of you know I'm currently on my Semester break :D YAY! Haha.. These 6 months of A Levels have been quite tough I would have to say.. CAL program is seriously no joke weih, After the 1st sem exam, it really shows that you need to study on a regular basis cuz studying the SPM way is soo not gonna cut it. Yes there are less subjects in CAL, only 4, but the content is waaayyy more than in SPM believe it or now, the answering techniques are totally different. Still, I'm not scaring away those who wanna study this course, its actually enjoyable in some ways inf u really like those subjects and you still can have ur awesome class mates to enjoy it with, stay back in college till go knows what time, or just sleepover in campus while getting ready for exams.

My first exam experience was kinda weird tho. First time sitting for exam in a hall along with 200+ students. Also, the rules are too weird for my liking haha.. No correction tape, no calculator covers, no LEAD BOX! HOW TO SURVIVE WITH THAT T.T And also no highlighters.. LOL.. 2 important things for me gone lor.. Fine lar.. Haha.. Now its finally sem break which means I can finally take a break from those 6 months of crazy shit. Problem is, I'm into the first week of sem break and I have just stoned at home for the past few days. I do have plans of going out, but just going out with them would cause my wallet to explode.. LOL.. Plus I think I might have to get glasses soon, eyesight power should be exceeding 100 already, can't delay the fact anymore.. And that summore is gonna burn a hole in my wallet. sien...

SUE IS BACK! xD Haha.. Yeah she is back for the 2nd time and I'm gonna go see her just dunno when.. That's also another problem, transport haha.. She recently had a gathering with Guan Hong they all so I just have to find time to ask her out again, not to mention place and stuff, we seriously have lots of catching up to do :D And also my dear sister Yen Ting, came back again and this time I MUST FIND HER OMG! Not to mention Jia Ming which I haven't seen in god knows how long.. Then also another Sue-Anne.. So many things to do, so little time... If I can only stop time, that would be fun :D Rearry fun xD

I think that must be all.. OH WAIT! Haha.. Lots of you has been asking about the girl? Yeah.. Lots of thing happened meanwhile I never updated and I thought it was best to stay friends and I kinda knew who she liked, and it was my friend? So its best to let go as it wasn't worth it to go against my friend for a girl.. Besides, it was a crush, long enough feelings should fade, SHOULD :) Nah, try my best, for now get my mind into music and studies and I'll be fine, just like Ive been holding on for the past few years :D Cuz I'm a happy go lucky person :D

Alright, that WILL be it for me now, will update y'all once I got some juice for y'all xD Have a great week and thanks for reading! Cheers :)

P.s: Finger crossed for my sem exam results xD

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Semester Exam

Well, semester exam is only like less than 2 weeks away and here I am in the library during our break to update my blog.. Haha.. I'm like so unprepared == The only subject that I think I am most ready at should be math which I lack practice too. Physics I have like halfway to go. Bio have lots to revise and don't let me get started about chem cuz that should be the most taxing one. Who knew that SPM Chemistry wasn't preparing you for anything at all!! Once ur here in CAL for Chemistry, you'll learn that lots of things are different and so many things are there for you to remember! From msot favorite subject to the most stressful subject. As most of u guys know I don't really stress for exams as I'm always the happy go lucky guy who goes around kacau-ing people who are studying, the sabotage guy LOL. Still, lots of seniors tell me Sem exam only mar... Problem is I can't seem to relax on this exam because something my mum told me. If I don't do well in this exam I will have to quit YCA ==

For some of you who don't know what YCA is.. Its the choir I've been attending every Sunday in Taipan. its the place where I can finally relax from the whole week and meet up with the old choir gang andma fellow choir mates. If I really can't do well in the semester exam which is hard as hell, I really can't attend anymore. Seriously studying my be my first priority now. Problem is.. I have a couple of things to juggle. I've got a choir competition in Johor this Saturday and Sunday so 2 days will be gone which I'll have to grab every free time I have studying == which is probably gonna be a mood killer.. Then, Readers Club has been inactive in a while so I'll definitely have to work on the next meeting ASAP or Manesh is gonna kill me.. LOL Probably thats all lar..

If some of you read my previous blog post, I mentioned about a girl right.. Well quick update lar.. Its been quite good so far just some problems here and there of me getting a wee bit of jealous HAHA! But nothing much lar.. We spend quite alot of time now together and I would say I may have a chance? MAY.. I'm not guaranteeing anything like seriously. I need time to really bond with her more and maybe then make a move AFTER sem exam loo.. Currently studying hard to ensure target is reached so I'll see you guys really really soon aite? Cheers :D

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well its been long..

I can't really remember how many times ive abandoned my blog for a long period and it seems that I've done it again! Haha! Well its almost a month since I last updated this awesome blog of mine and I'm sorry due to the fact that I was really really busy instead of lazy :p Just so u know.. Its gonna be quite a long post since a whole months entry is in here so yeah :)

Basically what I'm going to write is just some events that was going on for the whole April! The start if April was quite boring to be honest because CAL had a 2 week mid-semester break and I practically just ruined my study plan for that whole 2 weeks lol. I did go to the library a few times but it was more of a computer lab thing xD Then on the week back I had LEAD Camp with Reader's Club and all the other clubs. The first day was pure boredom as it was ALL briefing. But the second day was de BOMB! Haha! Experienced rock climbing for the first time in my life and I have to say it was a brilliant experience! It was at Camp 5 above one utama. Readers Club teamed up with Law Society and TAYMUN :) Guess what?? NICOLE WAS IN MY TEAM!! YAY! Haha!! :D After we played like so many awesome games and me and Ady's "ball-grabbing incident" it was a handsdown very very good day for me. Althought the muscle sore lasted for quite a while.. But the feeling was just brilliant!! :) For the third day pula was mostly modules for the entire morning and afternoon. The Culture Night tho was really entertaining! Most girls dressed up while guys mostly slumber je.. I wore Nadia's bro's Baju Melayu! And it was a lil too big! Hah! But the amazing food and good performances were fascinating enough to end the camp :) Although LEAD camp was a great great experience, I had to miss H&G's concert :( Hopefully theres gonna be a DVD or some sorts.

The parent teachers meeting for CAL also passed with good remarks so nothing to worry there.. These few weeks are much more busy then the others. I had to rush a few things and Reader's club just had our first meeting which went really well!! :D Besides, I'm waayyy behind on studies so I seriously need to buck up more thus explaining me staying back after college for so long almost everyday :/ So hopefully I can get my studies done ASAP as choir comp is getting near and I gotta get ready too for that!! Moral exams are this thursday and hopefully the questions don't screw me up ==

Well, recently I just met someone new.. Haha! Some of my friends keep on asking me wether I'm in love. I'm not sure actually haha. Well she isn't exactly the kind of people that u would expect. My first impression of her was she looked like Sherry. But after that she had her own image. She was more of a person who can leave her own image onto you. She was more of an introvert and cute :) Still need more time to know her tho but thats gonna be hard. Maybe cuz I don't see her that much cuz she ain't in my class. But hopefully this will work out? Haha. I don't know la :/

So thats about it for April.. Tomorrow is Labours Day so no CLASS! YEAH! Haha! Finally can relax abit :) Ciao guys :D

Saturday, March 30, 2013

SPM results and new cover!!

Well, its already been 1 week sice the SPM results have been announced. I wouldn't say that I did very bad but it was only an average result.. :/ Basically this was the result.

Bahasa Malaysia. A-
Bahasa Ingerris A+ (1119 1A)
Pendidikan Moral. A-
Sejarah. A-
Matematik. A
Matematik Tamb. A+
Kimia. A+
Fiziks. A+
Biologi. A
Bahasa Cina. B+

Yeah.. Bahasa Cina.. Party pooper.. == robbed me off my straight A! == My first reaction when I got my results from Pn.Loo and Pn.Ya was actually quite happy! 9A and 1B+!! But after I looked closely at my results.. Rage took over.. I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE I ONLY GOT AN A IN MATH!! WTF! Add math i got A+ plus only an A for math? SERIOUSLY?? AND MY MORAL ONLY GOT A-.. Seriously not excited already.. But I'll just have to live with it then. Still thinking of remarking math or moral but we'll see :/

After the results thingy, I went out with my classmates to Sunway Pyramid and we all head to Red Box for a karaoke session. Well, we had 29 people and I was amazed we could all fit into a mega sized room! Haha! They only gave us 4 microphones so basically it was a choir singing the whole time. Haha! Great experience tho :) After that is dinner time as we sang for 3 hours and a half.. We went to Jusco food court to save some money and that place is seriously a good place to yumcha! Haha! They have ample space and no one is gonna bother you when you talk! So we listened to crazy NS story from Tien Sern, Zhi Sheng and Yim.. Haha.. Then camwhore time and who is left but me, Jayden, Au Yong, Alvin, and Lii Xiang! We went to the arcade and then few of them left. So we decided to just go to McDonalds to grab an ice cream and chat our hearts out. So lots and lots of catching up with my bro and Yin2. Finally I sent off Jayden to the Blue Atrium and went home with my sis and Bryan.

So all matters aside, I only manage to get RM1000 from Taylors while quite alot of my friends excelled. Really wondered why didn't I study as hard as I am now.. LOL.. You can never change your past. There is only looking forward to what lies on the road ahead. So I'll really have to buck up for my CAL results to be good. Well the nearest exam now is the semester exam which I hope I don't screw up. So more study sessions should be in schedule... Now with more projects going on.. SO YEAH :D

OWH! And I just posted a new cover on soundcloud :) She Will be Loved by Maroon 5.. Wanted to do When I was your man by Bruno Mars but just wasn't feeling it today so maybe next time then :/
Here's the link:


Friday, March 1, 2013

The month of March!

Its the first day of March already, and I had like few exams already, all subjects had their go on my knowledge and feeling the awesomeness of the syllabus.. Tests are really a small thing in A Levels as you will be facing like lots of them.. Just have to do good to save your forecast result.. haha.. Constant studying is the key xD

So basically a quick update on my life to avoid this blog from dying.. HAHA! Err... CNY is over and I still haven't open my ang paus yet.. No time lol.. need to open them soon already, and went to Calebration.. Telling you that this is one one of the best parties I've ever been to is NOT an understatement.. haha >.< Great DJ that spinned the right songs, great performances (NOT ALL) and great time dancing.. Really awkward games.. LOL but what the heck, its a party :p After that I got my RM250 voucher, got my bio textbook and a RM10 storybook LOL.. RM100 voucher left, will spend it some time..

Anyway, just recorded my new cover, Natalie by Bruno Mars you all can listen to it here..
Still, my best cover so far would be the man who can't be moved.. LOL.. Anyway, just try and listen? xD

Actually PM7 is filled with talent, like instruments and singing.. so being in that class is awesome, and we have crazy dancers too.. AHAH! Basically I really don't have much more to say. I think my life is gonna be more busy now since I became vice pres of reader's club. Haha.. So if I seldom update, I am busy xD

Friday, February 22, 2013

Times are getting hard

Well, 2 months in, exams are starting to pile. 1 thing I learned from this course is consistent studying is seriously required so I really need to focus on studies abit more now. Good thing my class is awesome and recently added a great singer Poh Young! Haha! So 28 ppl in PM7 now. Hopefully we can be quite an academic excellent class.. Lol..

Times are hard because I just had my physics exam today and I found it abit of hard and didn't really do my best so yeah :/ Tomorrow I have math exam. But seriously, these days I was more focused on clearing out my mind off a crush and hopefully it goes away soon.. So I can get back to my awesome life :)

Oh! And thanks Cecelia for being an awesomely incredible bestie! Haha!! xD So that I have someone to chat to when I'm as bored as a piece of plank :) Cheers!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hehe... Just in case some of you are wondering.. That's my class name.. Haha.. life has been really good since I started college.. Finally found some things that i can occupy myself with. lots of things are happening back in CHS and I'm no longer concerned.. Haha.. But I'll be back there some day :D Anyway, my class is really really fun cuz there are like so little nerds... and everyone is actually sociable! And not hiding themselves somewhere in a corner. Thursday was ECA Drive which was somehting like Gerko Day in CHS.. i signed up for lots of stuff.. so still dunno which one I'm gonna commit myself to :/

Matters aside.. 3 weeks into A Levels now and things are starting to get tricky.. Things are getting harder and Ihaven't even got all my books yet.. Wei Jin told me to wait till the RM200 voucher comes out first.. but gotta wait.. Anyway since I'm not using the books now.. I THINK I can wait.. LOL.. Wait for time to pass lor.. Met back lots of primary friends and also made lots of new ones.. At first wanted a locker but better if save money and forget about the locker.. HAHA! Tried out for student council and I failed.. Serious confidence dent there but oh well.. Experience disappointment once in a while then.. Haiz.. My lecturers are awesome.. Firstly I have an awesome mentor who is quite young and makes his own Music Video for CNY! xD His name is Mr David Yap and he teaches bio.. One thing about him is he actually makes bio interesting for me.. he makes me wanna learn bio :/ Then I have my Physcis lecturer Miss Marlene which is from India.. She is real fun and all but at the 1st week I can't get what she was saying cuz when she starts speaking fast, her indian accent kicks in and BOOM! She lost us.. HAHA! Mr Ooi our Chemistry lecturer has a habit of saying 'hor' after almost every sentence.. lol.. But we kinda got used to it already and we have our math teacher Miss Tan which Mr David joke about haha! She is cool :D

So friends wise,, I met a lot of new friends and met back some old ones too.. Like from Lick Hung's 6A! Melody is in my class! xD And I met Chloe, Leong Wai, Jamie, Wei Jun and lots of people.. Some others from CHS days are also here.. not to mention some friends I made during competitions and stuff.. So college started out like a reunion where I get to meet everyone I haven't seen in awhile.. So its a good chance to reconnect with everyone.. Still trying to work things out so I'll update you all in my relationship part.. Haha.. Honestly, I don't think I'm doing that well :p

See you guys soon! Cheers!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New cover!! xD

First cover for the year 2013.. Hehe.. Little Things by One Direction.. Hope you guys like it! :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And so the training starts..

Its been one week into 2013 now and honestly speaking I haven't done much.. Not really no.. Haha! So Inti and Sunway students are having their orientation tomorrow while Taylor's decides to let us have another week of break before hell starts. Well college ain't hell, it's just that one week of relaxation more, thats all :D

Anyway.. Since my orientation is on the 14th, I only have another week to start preparing myself for college.. Some training sessions to get me back on track..

Firstly, I need to reset on my body clock already. These days its all sleeping like 1,2 am and waking up 10am plus.. Lol.. Things gotta change! No more club penguin with another childish person xD No more football.. (Exceptional) No more sleeping after 12 and waking up after 9.. So thats my goal, waking up before 8 or 9 and sleeping before 12 :) Hopefully it works haha

Secondly, since I haven't actually written anything lately and didn't even hold a pen for so long. Maybe its time I start writing again.. So maybe I will be writing stories and if I think they are good enough well on the blog it will appear :D Stay tuned then, not sure if it will be everyone's cup of tea tho.. :/

Thirdly, be more serious.. Haha! After SPM, recently I've been worrying about my SPM results for some reason.. Maybe because I was too relaxed when I was sitting for the exam.. So hopefully I don't screw up alot :/ And the bad thing about joking around all the time is nobody takes you seriously when you really are serious.. That sucks :p So it can be counted as a new year resolution too and lets just say I'll work hard on it then :)

That should be it, I'll post the stories if they are good enough then.. HAHA! So I'll see you all soon! And I'll definitely be asking you out soon.. Watch out xD

Cheers :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ehstrians Class Trip and Happy New Year :)

After the caroling jobs, the only event I have left on the calendar is this awesome event. Sadly I have to say I had to ditch 2 other trips to attend my class trip. There was the trip to Morib with the F's, Genting trip with the Badminton Gang, and the class trip. Seeing that I missed the Pangkor trip last year, there was no way I was missing the class trip this year, even though it is going to Melaka, not on my favorite places list. I helped organize the schedule few days before the trip and go really depressed before the trip. This was caused by the mental trauma by last year's H&G trip which got cancelled the night before.. Brrr... Bad memory.. Don't talk about it anymore.. HAHA! So anyway, next day, after having SS19 Pan Mee which I've been having for 10 years now.. LOL, OFF TO CLASS TRIP! I was the last one to arrive, maybe cuz I woke up late.. LOL.. At about 9 we are off from Petron!

First stop was the Broga Hill Temple there.. After taking pictures with the 12 zodiacs, climb up to the Monkey King hill there, left a mark, took some pics and off to the REAL Broga Hill.. Haha.. We only managed to climb the first peak, and only a few really completed the first peak. There was a 60 degree part where most of my classmates avoided due to fear of not being able to get down. After overcoming that fear myself, a quick sing of negaraku thanks to Au Yong.. LOL I climbed to the top. View was acutally kinda awesome, got some pride of conquering the first peak. Would have gone all the way with Yim, PH they all, but time constrain. After helping the girls to come down, we head to a nearby Pan Mee stall, so I had 2 Pan Mee in one day lol.. Good news was the price for the Pan Mee was cheaper than our original calculations, so RM100+ saved there, then off to Menara Taming Sari in Melaka. WASTE OF MONEY LOL! Wanted to waste some time there mana tau seriously dumb thing to do. Nevermind lar, its fun enough.. Got sampat friends enough.. Plus some Gangnam Style on the zebra crossing.. Freaking high lar everyone. Then another 1 hour to A Famosa where we stayed. By 6, everyone settled in while me and Yim tried to sort some complicated stuff with the admin part, made us seriously down, but after everyone bathed and ate, the atmosphere was instantly lifted. Cards, screams, cheers everywhere.. Haha, great night. Played cards with some people until 3am then everyone went to sleep. Most went to bed early due to tiredness from the hiking. Well, I didn;t sleep the whole night due to coldness and some noise. LOL

Still had to wake up the earliest to wake everyone up. Second day Yi Lin helped me to wake up the girls while I woke up the boys. Then Au Yong started Negaraku again.. == SERIOUSLY ANNOYING LOL! Prepared breakfast for everyone, then we left for town by 10. Visited the maritime musuem at 11. Lots of stuff happened there. Met some ang mo, then the girls got really crazy, and pictures taken and bla bla.. Wanted to go to Jonker for lunch but then it started drizzling so we went to Dataran Pahlawan mall for lunch instead. Had a crappy lunch to be fair == BUT MONKEY AND ANGEL FINALLY CAME! Everyone got happy. Then off to buy Christmas exchange present for everyone. Saw Mei Xin at the watch shop there and I noticed that she didn't had a watch on her wrist. Wanted to buy one for her but didn't know that she wants a watch or she just doesn't like to wear it. (after coming back ask her only know she wanted a new watch since last year, serious facepalm) HAHAHA! Anyway, got our gifts and off to eat crepe cake with the Ehstrians to celebrate Chee Kit's Bday.. Chee Seng had to say I Love You there.. XD Haha, enjoyed Raisin and Rum plus another Banana Chocolate.. Was quite full, then the journey to Pantai Kundur for BBQ! My games were kinda lame to be fair, especially the second one.. LOL.. But the 3rd one should be their favourite. 1st game was plain physical, 2nd game was complete observation and that bored them, 3rd game was construction and I think they loved it.. LOL! Anyway, during BBQ I tasted rabbit meat for the first time.. Taste like chicken to be honest, but whatever lar.. Ate and had lots and lots of fun at the beach, then when we came back. Was still very high everyone until suddenly Yi Lin told me Mei Xin hurt her leg.. FRANTIC! LOL! Ran inside, put stuff down saw the leg, quite bad to be honest. So immediately me and Phang Hoong tried to get some ice from the freezer but the ice container was freezed too == THANK YOU A FAMOSA FOR UR LOVELY FACILITIES == Took their cans instead to cool her leg and could see she was kinda in pain. So sat with her until everything was over. Sipped a few Nescafe Gold thanks to Bryan and just kept on checking on the leg. After she was able to calm down and move her leg. I moved around and found out that Chee Seng and most of the boys were outside in the pool playing a ball game.. FREAKING HIGH! I joined in but didn;t enter the pool cuz my feet got hurt by something at the beach so couldn't really mess with them in the pool. Instead, I helped Kit Yan's team to win some points! LOL! So in and out of the house and taking care and stuff like that. After finally waiting for my turn to bath which is about 1, I came out of the bathroom just in time for the gift exchange. The first draw was revoked cause everyone didn't like it.. LIKE THAT ALSO CAN! LOL! So the second round I got Au Yong's supposedly RM99 sports shoe mana tau he troll me, inside put a RM9.90 kik kok shoe == Abit bu shuang to be honest due to the bad omen.. Bright RED summore.. DENG! LOL! Suan liao lar... Ehstrians always wild de.. xD Mei Xin got a bolster and a pack of condom... Then the jokes started and everyone high dao.. LOL! Everything was about the condom already after that. What make baby what instructions what condom pack.. == Dunno what they thinking lol.. Then she go put into my bag.. lol.. SUAN LIAO LA! GIMME THAT THING FOR WHAT? XD

I slept at 3 but the girls were all still gossiping with Bryan in their room. Got woken up by the same noise again that night. 3rd day I woke up the earliest and woke up everyone again. This time need to go to girl's room cuz Yi Lin also slept late. The breakfast was better that day. There was toast, maggi, egg plus sausage and lots.. Had a hearty breakfast and everyone packed to leave the house. After checking out, we head to the water world in A Famosa. RM40 for everyone with a set lunch. It was a real blast in there.. WE DID LOTS! HAHA! But there were really little Chinese there, so we stood out lol.. Everyone wore black class t shirt summore.. HAHA! I played lots. Body Slide, Wave Pool, Family Raft with Chee Seng, Phang Hoong and Zhi-Sheng.. All below 60 de in one.. HAHA! Then ate lunch.. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE AT AYAM KICAP MANIS WITH ME! LOL.. Curry Chicken 16 set, Ginger chicken 8 set, and my 1 miserable ayam kicap manis. The lunch was really good to be honest. Everyone was kinda surprised and it was really good. With a drink and we ordered Citrus for everyone. Everyone enjoyed it. THEN THE REAL FUN WAS ON! Everyone went to the wave pool and mess around. Then off to HI-SPEED! BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE! It was really really high. Then you would be down in a few secs.. OMG! The girls even went for it! Yin Yin, Li Wen, Pei Jean, Sin Che and some more.. LOL! SURPRISED TO SEE THEM GO DOWN! HAHA! Too bad Mei Xin scared of heights if not seeing her go down the hi-speed slide would be awesome.. LOL Then off to the Wave pool again to finish off the day for everyone. I lost my RM 20 there.. HAHA! DON'T CARE LAR! (I actually blogged thru 2 years.. LOL.. its 2013 now..)  We sang the school song in the middle of the wave pool. Gave a ball to a mix blood toddler and bathed in a semi-transparent shower.. LOL It was really really weird.. Anyway, after that. Major breakdown happened. I got stung by a bee, the driver got abit pissed due to schedule changing and miscommunication. Screw it in the end, we had dinner in Seremban's Siew Pao City.. Well they kinda force me to sit beside Mei Xin and we kinda served each other food and Chuen Hong kept on teasing.. lol.. screw him.. After that, it was all photos all the way back to Petron. The TUI gang's bus was right beside us when we arrived at Petron. Then, yam cha at Kanna's until about 10 and I kinda sent everyone home then only me, Chee Seng and Phang Hoong went home.

Ehstrian's class trip was really really amazing although Jayden kinda missed it. I had lots and lots of brilliant time and more and more teases about me and Mei Xin.. Haha... next year we will have our class trip again.. Don't know where.. but it will be somewhere.. You can bet on it :) Ehstrians for life <3 p="p">
To all my readers, happy 2013, have a great year ahead of you and may all your wishes come true. Cheers :)