Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A brand new chapter of life

Alright, SPM is over for a bout a week now, and practically I did lots with my free time.. HAHA! If you count FIFA all they way xD Next year I'll be in the January intake of Taylor's CAL course and hopefully it won't kill me...

Really really gonna miss high school life especially after yesterday night's fabulous prom night.. It was held in the KL Tower and everyone was excited! HAHA! I wore a simple vest and white jeans and Jayden thought I was underdressed but I felt ok lar.. No suit for me, hot like crap and I don't like it. So my prom date for the night was Cecelia. Night before she was so scared that she would be the ugliest among all. How wrong she was and in my heart I already knew that :) The moment she stepped out of her sister's car, WOW! I was really really stunned to see her in her beautiful dark blue dress. Even Ee Cheng who was beside me was also stunned.. Really really proud to have her as my date. Then we went upstairs and I saw Jing Yee coming up the stairs. She looked really pretty too! Haha.. Then we went up the lift to the ballroom upstairs and registered. After settling down on Cecelia's place, I took my place and hanged out with the Ehstrians. My table had Yi Lin, Kit Yan, Lii Xiang, Isabel, Weng Hei, Phang Hoong, Mah, Zhi-Sheng, Chee Seng and Shem. We didn't really talk with Shem cuz he was kinda out of topic and he isn't an Ehstrian, but we felt bad for him.. LOL.. But after a while he left the table for his friends. The buffet table was quite long away but queuing up for the food, wanting to take the food for Cecelia and stuff.. It was great exp la.. But it took me 30 minutes to finish my 1st round of food cause after i took the food, pictures, pictures, pictures and more pictures.. HAHA! But it was really really good.. Not to say the best food I ever tasted but it was acceptable.. xD Then a few food jokes with Kit Yan and Yi Lin.. HAHA! The prom actually started with a video but I didn't really understand it.. Then the United Idiots came up with 2 songs.. Then the eating begins! MUAHAHAAH! Kinda messed up the cycle abit but screw it. As long as u all get it :)

I'm not really gonna go into details about prom but yeah everything was awesome and a few thing stood out. My classmate Chuen Hong walked away with a RM200 printer, Au Yong main attraction for dancing, Jac got Prom Queen and Khai Jieh got Prom King, which I think is absolutely awesome, like uniting P and S class together.. HAHA! Sze teng got Best Dressed, Amanda got Best Transformation, Zong Xuan and Eshen got Best Couple and I got nothing.. HAHA! What really made me freakishly happy was Mei Xin got nominated into the top 5 prom queen nominees! AAAAAA! HAHA! Screaming my lungs out for her! XD Anyway, she was really beautiful that night too and so no regrets for her.. Haha.. Then the dancing after prom started and the DJ was quite good but I forgotten his name ==

CHS prom was counted as a success and thanks to all the committee and now u all can rest :) After SPM there was also another event that I didn't post here, the Ehstrians party at Mei Xin's house and once again BBQ! Same as Yung Ming's house but this one was raining.. Few of us BBQed chickend full time and I have to say that chicken that u BBQ-ed urself really is tasty! Not lying! But its really awesome! Haha.. Everyone had a great tie and I left home by about 12am for that one..

So whats next in my life until college starts.. Well lets see.. Maybe I have more carolings.. I still have a class trip, err.. More FIFA yes.. and definitely gonna try hanging out with friends more.. Already know a few friends who are gonna go to the same college as me next year so definitely looking forward to that.. HAHA! So until then, I'm really gonna enjoy life for now and hope I change to a more hardworking person next year.. Peace out! :) Cheers!