Friday, November 16, 2012

Halfway There..

SPM is almost halfway through.. 4 subjects down and another 6 to go.... Imma continue to update my blog now becuz I just got too tired of all the books... Although you can say that I slacked alot during this break, I still studied ok.. LOL With some encouragement from Cecelia :) And a little teasing from Jayden.. So yeah..

Graduation past and I didn't really blog about it cause I don't really see the meaning in it if its just gonna make me sad again. But, graduation day was really fun to be fair. The ceremonies were of course dull and stuff but if you have a whole generation of form 5s joking around and rearranging the school song, its of course hilarious.. HAHA! Don't forget all the picture snapping which I haven't uploaded till date.. LOL Maybe I will do it like real soon.. Hehe.. After the graduation ceremony a little gangnam style flashmob and Au Yong took the middle stage as usual and he OWNED it! Great great fun! XD After all that it was lunch with the Ehstrians.. 35+ people crowding a small Korean restaurant.. LOL It was really fun lar.. And everyone enjoyed themselves, paid for the food and got a class pic together and we kinda wanna go back to school.. It was raining like mad so Me, Xiao Qi, Xin Ying, Jintao, Shan Li ran all the way back to school and we were as wet as water.. LOL worst simile I ever used..

SPM time I was separated from most of my class as I sat for it with 6 of my class' boys and 18 girls from 5S4.. After English paper on the second day I had some kind of food poisoning or something then started to vomit for the whole day.. I was practically suffering throughout the Sejarah paper.. If I don't get an A on Sejarah I'm so gonna kill that stupid food.. Zzzz So All is well, this holidays haven't really been doing anything.. Chatting with Cecelia almost everyday, studying, doing add maths, a little bit of this and that.. won tickets to Skyfall.. Thanks to Cruiser xD Preapared for another 3 weeks of exam then I'm free.. YEAH! So thats it for now.. Will update when I actually have more points to say.. LOL

Cheers! :)