Saturday, October 13, 2012

PMR Break

Wow.. Is been so long since I last sat for a government exam. Update again cuz I have a new cover! XD

There, I enlarged it. SO just go click it and listen to my terrible singing.. XD Awesome please.. HAHA! Joking sia.. So quick update on my life. Its been a routine lately that I'm visiting the library almost every day, check youtube vids for new video, waiting for epl to start again, and that pretty much sums it up.. LOL! Trying to find the feel to study like I did during the trials. Thats in progress, I think it should be found during this PMR break.. Seriously need to find it back. Want the results I got for trials to be in SPM.. Of course better in my 3 science subjects.. SO GAMBATEH EVERYONE READING THIS POST! JIA YOU TOGETHER! XD Cheers! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

27 days..

Yes. As my title states, it is currently 27 days to SPM and I have to say I've been exceptionally relaxed about it. Not to say that its a good thing.. But being stressed out kinda isn't how I would choose to end my high school life.. LOL.. Bear with me for talking crap for the first few sentences due to its 1230am now and I'm still in front of the desktop updating my blog :p

So yeah, trials passed and its really no biggie.. got a whole month of studying to actually "look forward" to. Update on my life. nothing much happened actually. Except for the Ehstrians BBQ party tho.. THAT WAS AWESOME!! HAHA!

We did lots lots of things.. I BBQ-ed for quite a while.. LOL and we just ate and chat and dirty jokes was everywhere.. IM SERIOUS! Everyone was spamming dirty jokes.. Ehstrians at their best weih.. LOL We even invented a new basketball game. Girls can actually catfight over the ball when they have special rights while playing with the boys.. Long long story..  But I can seriously conclude that day to be an awesome one.. EHSTRIANS FTW!

To be honest, there seriously is nothing much to say since studying made my life like.. boring.. LOL So I just updated since Jayden updated.. decided to keep up with him.. XD Aite.. Goodnight everyone and CIAO!
Cheers! :)