Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trials to SPM.. FASTNYA!

Haha.. So yeah trials is over for all the schools and now's the time to reevaluate yourself when receiving your results. Yes, I can actually quite say that I'm doing pretty well at the moment, well maybe because of the fact that my science subjects' results aren't out yet. Which will definitely be suckish. Yeah.. HAHA! The results I got so far was SOOOO much better than my mid term results. Awesome. But, my English results dropped, that sucked. Other than those, yeah I'm good.

So, enough about studies, now onto my boring ol life :) I am actually quite slacking. You know what, cancel the quite. I AM slacking.. LOL!  Although SPM is like 44 days away or somewhat, I don't really feel the pressure for some reasons, which I don't know what they are. I'm just not in the mood to open a book and study! Thats why I need to get back to my library routine soon, like next week. Life in class is just meh... Go to school waiting for all the exam papers to be given back to us, which the teachers are taking quite an awful long time. Sorry teachers, but you are slow. ==

Recently been quite down due to me being ignored by someone. Not just one person, more than one. ITS LIKE I DON'T EVEN EXIST! ==I know I can really annoying sometimes, but I just don't know why some people just don't want to be friends with me. Its not like I didn't try to be their acquaintance, but they just totally shut me off.. OFF! Its good that I have my ehstrians to entertain me. And really really thank you Jayden, Cecelia and some of my goody friends :) I spilled my heart out to them and they gave me much and much happiness :) So here I am.. Still a happy boy. :)

Alright, So I'll definitely need to prepare for SPM, so maybe I'll be attending the Kasturi seminar. And I'll definitely need to put my relationship stuff behind me. DUH? And err.. yeah! I'll see you guys soon! like.. real soon! Haha.. Cheers! :)