Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well here I am in front of the computer updating my blog instead of studying when trials is only like a month away.. Second term results have been a disaster.. but I just cannot bring myself to sit in front of a book for more then 30 minutes.. Maybe due to long breakaway from books cause of choir compettions and activities.. Screw this, I don't wanna get bad results. I need something to motivate me back to studies and now I can't really find it.

So these past weeks I was really really busy.. Actually ever since the mid term break, I have activities every single week.. == Teachers day, Sports Day, School Anniversary, choir XD And other stuff.. I think I forgotten lol.. But the good news is I ended my 4 and a half year in choir with a big bang! Melodious Singers after so many years finally we hit something big! We managed to get 2nd runner up in Nationals! RAWR! Syok dao! The hapiness actually lasted quite long. the whole week.. LOL

So after SPM there is the prom.. still waiting for Cecelia's answer now.. So if that fails, i'll turn to the V camp.. which I am kinda looking forward to! Hehe.. What to do..No money to go both.. Requires good ol planning.. Coming back to current business.. tomorrow will be my first time facing Janaki after the big feud betweeen me and her.. 2nd Bio teacher I've pissed off in my 2 years in Bio.. Haiz.. Looks like Bio and me no fit yo.. WHAT TO DO?? Suan liao.. see how dulu.. if she wants to complain, so be it.. Im out! Cheers! :)