Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last sports day..

Well, its been 2 weeks since I last updated. So yeah... Yesterday was sports day in CHS. It didn't actually started out well for me as the results were kinda disappointing.. I'll start from the top.

Woke up at 5 cuz uncle coming early.. Then reached school at abt 630.. Helped marchers to dress up.. Took some pictures everywhere.. Wished good luck to all rumahs.. Watched the marchers.. Heard the results and felt shit.. Haha! Ungu got number 4 in marching and last in deco. Wasn't really expecting it, but well.. Screw jt.

After all those, we were still leading the pack. Closest was kuning which were only 3 points behind. In my 5 years of Hari Sukan, this was the only year ungu didn't grasp the champions cup before hari sukan. So it was quite interesting and scary. In the end, we lost to kuning by 9 marks. Our deco got deducted 10 marks for some reason. If only we got those 10 marks, we would have won.

But seriously, i don't really mind as everyone in this school who actually took part in deco or marching or saringan or tara or rentas desa gave their hearts out for their own rumah. I seriously bet that CHS has the best, and I mean THE BEST sports day ever. We have the sports day in our school, we have awesome gigantic camps where we decorate like mad, we create awesome atmospheres, we have really awesome marching formations.. Not to mention the amount of work students put into the sports day.

So, my high school life started with Kuning ruining Ungu's streak. Turns out when I leave, they did it again. Hopefully next year, they regain their title and start the streak again! Definitely enjoyed my last sports day and it definitely impressed Ah Puah.. If he wasn't impressed, screw him ==

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy week ova!!

Holidays have passed for a week now an most of my busy activities are all over! Starting from last friday where exam just ended (yay!) I had MCE till Sunday! It was really awesome as it was de 10th anniversary and it was at seafield again! SEAFIELD! XD Like that place quite alot! Haha! Just found out that the festival accompanist Was actually MayYean's aunt! Speaking of MayYean.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Haha! You guys should really hear her sing.. Her voice is da bomb! Will be posting her latest cover of Use Somebody down there.. PLEASE VIEW,LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Haha! Give a shoutout to her aite? XD

Moving on.. I had OIC camp on Monday in Taylor's College Subang Jaya! Thought I was actually doomed for when Chee Kit ffk-ed me == THEN Justin came and Yin Yin, Zi Xuan and Irene! Haha! Tek de gang came also but different pack! Had really lots of fun! Got to meet a lot of new friends there, some can find on facebook, some just cannot find == WHICH REMINDS ME THAT I HAVEN'T UPLOAD DE PICS YET! OMFG! Doing that later.. Haha!

Then, choir camp on Tuesday till Thursday.. I was already freaking tired then.. We learned 夜来香 and We Are One which was supposedly the theme song of the whole camp.. It started out brilliantly! Activities were great and stuff. Actually, this whole camp was really successful due to some people.. Jing Yee , Ting Jia and Mels.. They worked their heart out for this while I only pitched in like nights before camp for a few suggestions that they used.. The whole experience was amazing as choir didn't really had a camp before. The juniors were damn cute and got to know 宁儿 much better thx to the 2 hour hide at dewan there looo.. XD Along with 2 other couples.. Ming Erl and Xi ROng, Mei Jing and Kim Leigh... Funny thing happened when balls were at the ready to throw ppl.. XD The 3 day camp really knocked the stamina ot of me and everything was so awesome that you actually wish that the camp would't end..

So, practically after those camp I have ntg to do.. ROT AT HOME! MYGOD! Plus the freaking hot weather.. ALL THESE SUCK! Don't wanna stay at home lar.. Hope to go out soon. XD Whatever la.. 1 more week of hols to treasure.. Again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYYEAN! Stay awesome and pretty always! Didn't get to know you that long, but I already liked you since we met.. HAHA! Friends forever and keep in touch after ace, aite? :) And if can we make a cover together? XD Check out her covers! XD Till next time.. Peace! :)