Friday, May 25, 2012

Exams are over!

Today was the last day of exam and we had sejarah 1! Ok, I seriously didn't had any mood to study anymore before the exam, but it wasn't as hard as I was expecting! XD

Exams are over, yes I should be happy. But somehow I feel so down on every single thing I'm doing now.. I lost interest in singing, guitar, computer, girls that i was interested about. This really sucks.. IT SUCKS!

I just came back from MCE's welcoming concert in seafield and met up with lots of old friends.. I just hope these next few days I can gain my fun mood back! Singing in MCE must be fun again and I must stand strong.. LOL! THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG! XD

Whatever it is, it'll be a hectic first week of holidays for me and I just hope that everyone will have as much as I do! Hope when you guys see me, I'll be back to myself! Cheers! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CHS Idol, Band concert.. Etc.

Well, sorry for the break of promise then. Said I would do the review of the hunger games, but since so many of you already watched it, no point I give my point of view right? Haha!

Anyway, last last Friday, my group was in the finals for CHS idol, and we came out 2nd runner-up! It was an awesome experience, though the prizes wasn't what I seriously expected. Kinda disappointing when the solo and group prizes have such a big gap.. But nevertheless, Category D was full of pro groups and we were actually kinda fortunate to get 3rd based on our performance.. Congratulations to all the winners and since it's my last year in CHS, this will be a memorable experience. :)

Well, last Saturday was the CHS band concert, and choir was a part of it, happy to say :) I was also a part of it.. Needed to reach choir room by 8am but due to H&G stuff, I reached at about 940am.. Haha! Su-Lynn's birthday was also that day! And not to mention the big big Bersih parade.. Band concert still went pass wonderfully! Lots of positive remarks from my friends about choir.. Yin Yin also performed 'I dreamed a dream'.. Great great voice too! XD It was a rally an enjoyable evening! Seriously!

Quick update about myself, been quite emotionally distressed these days due to some reasons that I don't even know.. Lol! Good thing there are the awesome ehstrians to keep my spirits high!! Exams are near, study mode have to be on! See you all after the exams aite?! :) cheers!