Friday, March 30, 2012

Idol woes.. And some life updates

Today was the quarter finals of the CHS idol thingy and I'm in for solo and group. So, as usual I went for group first.. Group was really awesome as we practiced like quite mad! Haha! Comments were good and all.. Just a lil adjustments here and there la :) So, can't wait to sing in the semi finals with Jing Yee , Ting Jia and Justin.. I mean if we enter! Haha

As for the solos.. Things don't look that bright for me.. Practically I can't really blame anyone but myself, still there were some other factors but I'm not gonna go into it. I rushed the beat.. An the comments were quite terrible.. So I'm actually hanging by a thread here.. Just hanging on to that slight chance I might be able to slip through.. XD Oh well, fingers crossed!

I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog.. Sorry then.. But the good news is I did quite well for this exam.. From last year's 25th to 6th place in class.. Things are getting really nerdy in my life. I hate it. Yet, to get scholarships and bla bla bla.. Guess its actually mandatory.. ==

Next post should be a movie review which I haven't done in a long long time.. The movie will be The Hunger Games.. See y'all soon! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

School class painting! :)

Yo! Exams over people and I'm back online baby! XD So, school decided to use free labour and ask the students to paint your own classroom with paint provided.. School doesn't want our walls to have some kind of pattern, just plain old light green.. Will post some photos later to show the fun we had! Haha!

We started at 8am by piling the chairs and desks to make space for the walls to be painted. When we got the paint, Yee Aung and Yung Ming had to struggle to open the paint. In the end, they did. HAHA! The whole class cheered when they opened it. We started painting the side walls first. Lalalala.. Happily painting until we noticed that the old paint started to peel off the wall. S2 was smart enough to bring the equipment to take the old paint off. Obviously, no other class brought I think. The old wise man also forgot to buy it for us, so we had to start by using our hands, then rulers. Finally we got the equipment from LM. But one only for the whole class.. Wth? So, Yi Lin went to the QM room to borrow 5 more to increase the rate of depainting.. Haha

At 10 plus, I was actually quite mad of two person. Shan Li and Jintao... HOW IN THE NAME OF FREAKING (insert ur god's name here) CAN YOU COME INTO THE CLASS JUST TO TAKE YOUR PICTURES, WASH AND WIPES YOUR ASS AND JUST LEAVE!!! That is freaking taking advantage! I asked Jintao wether can help or not, he answered me that he didn't want to dirty his shirt. Then I said:" don't tell me u came here just to take picture.." he replied:" that's what I plan la!" idiots. Help will die isit? Ask him help then he say don't want dirty his shirt. Take off ur shirt and paint la!!! Whatever la..

By 1145, we ran out of paint. A brand new badge was being manufactured in the factory while we waited. So we decided to go have lunch at Khanna's. I walked barefooted and experienced heat reflexology.. XD The worker saw us and gave me the paper asking me o write the orders down. Well that's new! Haha!! I wrote all of it down and our food came really quick! Well, quicker than usual that is. We hosed the food down our throat and went back to paint. Then, I realized something... Walking on tar at 1245 is so much hotter than on 1200! Damn hot weih!!! We got the new paint and started to work on 9 more areas to roll and touch up. Since lots of classes finished, we have extra equipment! Efficiency increased! We painted like mad! Haha! In the end, everything was perfect! Hehe! Damn proud of ourselves that time! XD

When we started to wash the floor, the water hit the wall and we were scared that the paint would fade as it is water soluble. Well, it was fine. Until, Zhi Sheng gave us all a heart attack. HE POURED THE WATER THROUGH THE FREAKING WINDOW! The water dropped all over the wall. But in the end no harm was done.. Yin Yin also sprayed water on the wall.. Nothing happened too! :) good painting skill yeah! :) I left the class to take picture with choir for a while and came back to finish the job. We sat down for 45 minutes just to talk about our opinions la.. Opened all of our eyes actually. Then, I had to go back. But you won't believe what happened to the floor after the water dried up.. The photo is below.. Have fun looking at the photos! :)

These are the people I would like to thank for helping out today! :)
Au Yong
Chai Hoong
Yi Lin
Jia Wei
Yung Ming
Chee Seng
Zhi Sheng
Phang Hoong
Yin Yin
Pei Jean
Zhong Yih
Kit Yan
Weng Hei
Ruey Ying
Xing Yi
Yee Aung :)

These are the photos :)