Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hectic life.. That sucks.. ==

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while.. And now I am typing in sunway college thx to the seminar! 2 seminars in a row can really be tiring, especially if you are the ambassador which means you have to duty too..

Form 5 1st term exam is coming in like one more week only and I am SOOO not prepared.. 0.0 I know, this is THE year where I have to buck up and bla bla bla SPM crap bla bla bla.. I'm seriously getting sick of everything or maybe it's because I am sick! Mind you, I don't feel that good due to lack of rest.. Zzz Sleep is all I need right now. Problem is, while I'm sleeping, I'm supposed to be studying! My Sejarah knowledge for now is.. Let's say... 0% == which sucks I know..

Time is seriously not enough for resting and studying.. SPM is now earlier, so government want kill us it's? Sien Kao.. First exam will never e what I expect it to be.. Hmm.. Now form 5 still got this project, that project.. Damn them all.. Why can't we just enjoy life? I know that's never possible ==

Relationship wise, I'm just neutral.. No gf no nothing.. Good for my studies too.. No headaches, though I tried to strengthen the bond between some specific persons, but I found out how tiring it was so I stopped. Now the only thing for me to do is just study and do my gerko stuff.. After all that, I'll just freaking take a break.. I'm so tired right now. Too many activities is a single gateway to hell of tiredness..

I just hope you guys have a great year ahead and good luck to everyone for their first term exams of 2012! Stay safe people! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm freaking alone!! 0.o & HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE AND JAMIE! :)

Just came back from jogging today.. Was supposed to be joined by Kath by she got busy so yeah.. I practically ran around my own housing area then crossed over to USJ11's park to jog abit.. Jogging halfway, I passed by 5 scenes that caught my attention!

Firstly, the futsal court was, as usual, filled with teenagers in their 20s playing there.. Making lots of noise shouting at each other, laughing when someone missed a shot.. Next, the least that concerns me, LOL.. I saw Fui Wern in the park riding her bike, but she doesn't really know me so she just cycled out of the park not noticing me.. HAHA! Thirdly, 2 families with kids not exceeding 4 years old I think playing football.. The sight was seriously heartwarming as the fathers dribble past their children while the little children all chase him and shouting.. It was an awesome feeling.. Hehe! I've still got a long way till that stage of life. :)

Fourth, the big big ground where I used to play football with lots of random people.. Now it's still filled with people of all ages with bicycles as goal posts!! Hehe! I scored my first goal here!! :) Lastly, I saw a college team playing and practicing rugby.. It looks so fun! Maybe one day I'll join my college rugby team! XD

So, I just realized I seriously don't know anyone anymore from USJ these days.. Everyone is like shouting each others names when playing and I'm only blindly passing the ball which people say they are my teammate.. By going to CHS.. I'm seriously a freaking stranger in subang area man.. Haiz.. Dunno how to change this and I don't plan to.. Imma just proudly wear my CHS PJK shirt to play football and score goals! Hell yeah! XD

Since its the 4th of february, special shoutout to Melanie Khoo and Tey Jamie!! I know Mels for about 2-3 years now and she maybe going emotional sometimes, she is definitely a fun friend to have!! So happy birthday to you! Hehe.. As for Jamie, we knew each other for quite a long time now, we didn't start out well and now we aren't exactly best friends stuff! Haha.. Just know that I have a good friend like you :) Happy birthday too! Posting a pic I me and Mels! Too bad I don't have a pic with Jamie lols!