Friday, January 20, 2012


BOOM! 3 weeks of school has passed by and we have our first hols of 2012, the Chinese New Year! Well, in 2012, the teachers seriously don't give a damn about ur time at all.. Spam homeworks to us only weih.. Haiz..

So, this new year I'm going back to Penang on Tuesday and dunno when I'm coming back.. Always one.. Haha ! Before that I need to celebrate my grandma's birthday! :) I'm just gonna spend this Hols doing homework and revise Lo.. Damn nerd Wei.. Haiz

Anyway, wish everyone of my blog reader a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy holidays everyone! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

2 weeks of school life

So, basically of you haven't visited in awhile, I added a new year wish list/resolution on the right hand side right over there.. ---->

Will update it throughout the year.. Also, since the start of school, it is already the end of the 2nd week back to school.. Practically lots of things happened in these 2 weeks so I'll just cut it short in case I bore the hell out of you all! XD

Firstly, I'm KT for the ehstrians again.. Lol! And guess who Is my assistant??!! TIMOTHY! Well, this is going to be one heck of an interesting year! :) All 3 of our science subject teacher has been changed to Pn.Loo (Physics,form teacher) Pn.Chan (Chem) and Pn.Janaki (Bio). Our sivik teacher also changed to Cik Nor Ashikin! Haha! Sure damn fun! Also, noticed some teachers changed abit.. Miss Wong My ex Chem teacher straightened her hair! (Y), Pn.Yap got pregnant! *watever* Pn Siti Mariam my Bm teacher came back from maternity leave.. Cute baby pics!

Unlike last year, I have quite a relaxing timetable.. Not as many tuitions as last year due to Kasturi moving away.. == So, this year it's all about self discipline and motivation! Should be ok la :)

Our new principal.. One word.. BORING!! God damn it.. His speeches are so long winded and boring.. Wat chicken soup la! == no one likes those kinda books bro.. Haiz.. Gonna start ignoring u soon..

Gerko Day just passed today.. Mixed around representing choir and H&G and Kelab Kebudayaan.. Since badminton club got full only after 15 minutes of counter time.. Lol, all I needed to do was prepare the Manila card with some help from Kit Yan :) Performance by choir didn't really get a big response but everyone had fun today.. H&G did quite a good job actually! Just waiting for a report on the whole Gerko and H&G orientation tomorrow.. Haha

Today, I found my group for Idol this year, keep the members a secret. Just hope we get through as far as possible! :) LET'S GO!!

2 weeks into school life with tons of hw ady.. I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE FIRST TERM EXAM!! :(

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone by the way :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Countdown party!

This is the first post of the new year! Haha.. Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year! If you are the same age as me, good luck in our SPM in another 300+ days.. Haha! This should be a quite long post.. So bear with me please.. Thx! Haha

So, 3 days ago (31st Dec 2011) I did things a bit differently by counting down with my friends! Choir friends if you are feeling detail-ish.. :) Haha.. So I got to Eunice's house first an just a few minutes later Pow Lee showed up.. Then, it's just uncountable trips down the lifts to bring the choir peeps into Eunice's condo.. Haha.. Shit tired Wei!

About 6.30 or 7pm.. We went down to start the countdown party! Everyone brought food for the potluck and it was really an awesome work by everyone! There was spaghetti made by Eshen and brought by Eshin which was awesome! Then there was this fried beehoon and fried rice which was sensational.. I thought there were some pork inside that fries rice.. And sushi made by quite a number of people! Then there were also packet drinks brought by Pow Lee.. Jelly by Melanie.. Cookies baked at Eunice's house by Yen Ting! Aaahhhh!! Nice meal! Haha

P.S: There were awesome tuna and egg sanwiches from Jing Yee.. forgot to mention on top.. haha! cuz I ate it like wat.. 1am? XD

After the meal, we played games arranged by Jing Yee, Eshin and Jia Yih. The first game was seriously a real killer.. We had to find words based on a sheet of paper with the words:

One team
One voice
One family

All in different fonts! So we had to find sheets of papers scattered all around the garden/pool/playground. Before that, we were also split into 2 teams, red and black which practically were the color theme of the night. I was in the red team along with Mandy, Melanie, Ming Zhao, Zhi Jie, Khai Qi, Poh Lee and Yi Xin! Great time finding! After we found all the correct ones, then they told us to find all the wrong ones.. Jus to help them clean up the place! == So, the red team found all the correct ones first, but lost to the black team at finding the wrong ones.. Still, we were lacking 2 words which were choir and harmony.. Black team only lack of 1 so they got 1 point or the wrong words and we got 1 for the right words! :)

Then, when we were about to start the 2nd game.. The guard came to tell us to be quiet, as we were too noisy! Hahaha! So, we had to keep quiet for like the rest of the night.. Which was so not cool.. Alright, for the 2nd game, it was really fun wei! We had to skip rope and call out any 乘法表 from 3 to 12.. It was really exciting and it was really hard not to yell.. So when my team won, we screamed as the competition was so tight! HAHA! We were going to get deducted by 1 point for screaming but Eshin pleaded for us so we kept our point! Awww.. sweet Eshin! :)

Moving on, we played our 3rd game where it was the usual pingpong on a spoon in your mouth game. We played that in a pool so that water resistance can make the game harder.. Red team won again! HAHA.. we rested for a while... Just for the power in the playground to go out.. THEY CUT OFF OUR POWER!! ==   FFFUUUUUUU! SO we had to continue our 4th game in total darkness.. well not total la.. still can see! HAHA. We were supposed to carry a person on our back and hold the water baloon in place inbetween the rider's chest and the courier's back and deliver it across the field and carry the guy back.. At first the black team didnt hear the rules clear enough so they didn't use their hands and they lost. We opted for a rematch but we used up too much strength on the 1st game that when the 2nd game came, we couldn't do any good and we lost.. Haha, Red team won at the end still!

It was close to 11 pm already, so we moved on to performances.. Yi Xin kicked off the performance with a song from Glee.. forgotten the name of the song though.. Not bad :) After him was Wen Yan.. which performed a song from the Maxis commercial.. though he only sang like 50% of the song cuz the background music has alot of background parts.. Nice voice from him! Really! Next was me and I wasn't used to Fook Yung's 'Gloria' which has a fret which is so small compared to my classical Mr Mole.. LOL So had to start all over again after wrong pitch and chord forgetness.. LOL I performed 'More Than A Band' by Lemonade Mouth. Then, I went down from the marble bench to change back to my Mr.Mole and accompanied Ting Jia with her song 'You're The Reason' by Victoria Justice.. she seriously has a great voice.. Got loud applauses for that. Next was Mels and Khai Qi with their mash up on Can You Fell The Love Tonight and 依然爱你 by Lee Hom! Haha.. First time seeing Khai Qi sing and play guitar at the same time.. WOW! XD Finally was the performance from the Form 5s this year. I accompanied for them as they sang 'We are One' from Lion King 2.. Had a great fun there! Everyone cheered and as it was only like 1130.. we came up with a n impromptu performance.. So, I had to play 'Baby' by Justin Beiber and Eunice sang it.. had t help her along the way.. she didnt really know the 2nd verse.. HAHA!

We cleared the food and brought it up to Eunice's condo and got to the 19th floor to watch the fireworks... That moment was chaotic.. Everyone was spending their last moments going up and down the lift... LOL We went to the top first, then all of a sudden we went down to the 1st floor.. couldn't see anything so we went back up to the 19th floor just to find out that Justing was still taking pics on the 19th floor. So, me and Eunice had to go down and pick him up. Unfortunately, i think 2012 came while we were in the lift.. So damn you justin.. =.=

Afterr all the excitement, we went back to Eunice's house and started the gift exchange.. haha Eunice got my present and I got Mandy's present.. After all presents were exchanged, it was time to take Ren Jie's presents and bla bla bla.. then, the lucky draw mega prize went to Ming Zhao! HAHA! After all those ended, people had to go home already. So I accompanied Yen Ting down first, chatted along the way about some gossip between a guy and a girl.. HAHA Then when I came back up, I accompanied Ming Zhao and Zhi jie back to the guard house AGAIN! =.= I 1 day dunno walk how many times that place wei.. LOL Some girl named Jing Yee still doesn't believe that I was going to sleepover at Eunice's house.. HAHA

I went back up and everyone was playing at the living room, so I headed over to the kitchen to find Eshin cleaning the plates.. Then alot of things happened and it was 3am when lots of things were discussed and I'm not gonna say it out here cause it is extrememly sensitive.. Oh yeah,it seems that we started bathing at 1 and ended up everyone finished bathing at 4.. LONG LEH!! LOL! Then, we watched Rio.. almost fell asleep halfway, so I had to go bath already.. Then, hyper time! Everyone was so hyper until Angels & Demons came onto the TV screen and Justin was the only one who liked that show.. It bored us to death eventually after 15 minutes.. Everyone wanted to sleep ady.. then sudden high geiness.. so stayed up for another hour to laugh here laugh there... Fook Yung got insomnia that night, so we all slept and he didnt. at 7 am I could smell spaghetti as Eunice's mom had already woken up.. So, we practically woke up at 945 and we brushed our teeth and I immediately changed out of my sleeping clothes.. Then, me and Jing Yee and Mel and Khai Qi went down for camwhoring.. Ting Jia and Poh Lee came along alter and wifi made us all anti-social for a while.. LOL

Then, by noon alot of people had to go back already.. 12pm when it was time for everyone to go.. it felt like being in a hotel like 12pm we had to check out already.. == before leaving we cleane up the place and me and Jing Yee walked down to the guard house to go home. So that was practically it.. An awesome night to remember definitely! :)

Best pic we took XD