Friday, December 30, 2011

Kit Yan de Birthday outing!

Well, this wasn't on my plan and it just suddenly popped into my calendar so.. Oh well :) Lii Xiang invited me to Kit Yan's birthday party which will be held in Sunway on her birthday which is the 28th. SO I said why not, just i forgotten the fact that I was supposed to get her a present.. LOL

I got to pyramid at about 10am plus and when I almost reached.. Jayden said they were going ice skating.. well, no one informed me so I had to call the birthday girl to help me bring gloves.. Lol paiseh dao!!

Due to being early, me and Jayden wandered off to the Guitar Collection where Jayden got owned by the sales girl on the dunno who's signature guitar while I browsed around for me acoustic :) It had 30% off and the bass guitar had 60% off so they were both 500 plus.. That made me puzzled.. I want both man.. Lol but can only choose one

Suddenly, Bryan they all passed by the store and saw us.. They continued walking and later we had a hard time finding them.. Then, we bought the tickets for Mission Impossible 4 at 3pm.. After that, we went to pick up the birthday girl from the lion head..

Maybe this was because I saw her out of her pinafore and she cut her hair.. But I didn't recognize her from far.. IM SERIOUS! She was tomboy change to leng lui Wei.. Haha! Jayden was almost drooling when he saw her.. Me and Lii Xiang were just laughing our ass off!

After everyone gathered.. We went to the skating rink.. YOU ALL MIGHT THINK THAT WE SKATED IF YOU REA UNTIL NOW... BUT YOU ARE WRONG! Haha! We checked out the prices.. RM 23 during school Hols,. An the richest guy in the group (tek) complained.. So had a group voting session and in the end we went for bowling instead.. Where it was only like Rm 9.10 per person.. Lol cheap and fun and time costing! I shared 2 games with Lii Xiang as she didn't knew how to play and it turned out that the only ones who knew how to bowl were just me and Jayden! Lol! Funny to see everyone throwing their balls into the drain! I still beat Jayden though!! Haha! And we even tried the 16 ball! Jayden got a strike with it and I got a spare out of it.. Oh well, holes were so big that we couldn't get a good grip! Lol

Then, we went for lunch at Brussels Beer cafe.. It was a German restaurant offering set lunch for RM15! Quite cheap for German food! Sad to see a big glass of Hoegarden but cannot drink.. Haiz.. So, I ordered Roasted Pork Shoulder with Ice Lemon Tea.. We also had free flow of soup of the day (mushroom soup) and a salad bar which I barely touched. Too full! We got the Tiramisu cake out and sang Kit Yan her birthday song and we ate the cake! Just to realize we were late for the movie.. LOL!

We rushed up to the movie where I sat with Xiang and Kit Yan sat with a guy none other than Jayden!! Me and Xiang were keeping an eye on Jayden and Kit Yan all the time but Jayden didnt make a move at all == Disappointed la,.

On the movie.. It was a great show with plenty of action! Seriously, with 2 hours and 15 minutes to the show.. It's definitely worth it! Go watch it!

We kinda separated after the show.. I walked Xiang to the new wing and then went back home! Great day spent with the ehstrians well cuz Angeline and co were also at pyramid just with other programs! Can't wait for school to start and All Hail Ehstrians! :)

Picture of the lovely couple there :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Caroling days :)

Wow, December seriously has been a busy and emotional month for me.. This month was supposed to be really exiting for me because of the camp. BUT, the camp had to be cancelled at the LAST FEW HOURS till the camp.. So, got major disappointments there..

But, I seriously think H&G learned a very important lesson on this crapy event. Good thing is, choir had been active enough to make me get over this bad memory. We had a blast caroling at Pavilion during November. And recently, we caroled at a bar which is really new for us! Frangipani was the name of the bar with an auction going on.. Charity auction selling 7 Christmas trees... Singing to all those Caucasians really was a fresh experience!

Then, we did 4 shows at the Auto Bavaria center along Jalan Sungai Besi in Kuala Lumpur.. Among those performances, there were somehow some down moments for the choir, but we or through it in the end.. Yeah, we r awesome.. HAHA Practically, later in the afternoon we will be singing at the mandarin oriental hotel in KL again.. ! Bet its gonna be really awesome! I mean the food! Haha.. Free buffet dinner summore! Syok die me! XD

Only a few more days left in 2011.. Time really do flies, doesn't it.. Still, can't wait to start the Form 5 life next year.. Haiz, I need to start to study also.. Lols, like that will happen.. IM GONNA DO WELL IN SPM!! KEEP TELLING MYSELF THAT AND I WILL! XD

Forget about it la.. Make sure I can survive can ady.. Next post SHOULD be about choir new year eve party or if I'm lazy.. My 2012 new year resolution. Cheers :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

She Is Back!!

YAY! What a day!! Wake up in the morning like a freaking normal person at about 9am and ate breakfast and stuff... BLA BLA BLA BORING PARTS!1 Then, I suddenly got called to go to Carolyn's house! AAAA!! Exited shit!! XD

So I got changed and we (as in me and my mom) headed to her house to see her and her family... I got there and we greeted her mom and my mom and her mom got into a frantic conversation while me and Carolyn just didn't know what to do but to stare at random places.. AWKWARD! Then, we went upstairs and we were both like FINALLY!! Haha!!! You can't say anything in front of adults.. Nothing at all! We started talking and I met her sister which didn't really chg much compared to last 2 years when I met her.. Carolyn grew taller but still shorter than me! Haha!

If you are wondering who is Carolyn, she is my best bud during standard 1 then she migrated to New Zealand.. So yeah :)

We talked like crazy almost about everything! She also had a brother which kept on saying 'Hi John' every time he sees me! And a cousin which is dunno how old and another 11 year old cousin.. What a noisy room it was.. Lol!

From football to education to natural disaster.. We ate lunch prepared by her nanny and it was good food :) Just when we were about to start our Xbox 360 NBA 2k12 game, I had to leave already... We will meet again within this 2 months Carolyn, don't worry XD

Almost a perfect day until I got blasted by the comment in my cbox about me and Eunice's cover.. Well, only a thing to say to u Singer, thx for that comment, you made me stronger and found out my weakness.. So thank you and f u at the same time :) you're welcome!!

Its December ALREADY?

Wow, time seriously passed really fast.. I mean look at the time now, staring my desktop screen at 1:45 am.. my mom is gonna skin me alive if she knows I'm not asleep yet. Just doing abit of Rukun Tetangga for my neighbourhood you know.. haha..

Well, I was actually counting down to December via twitter and promised that I would tweet in Malay for the entire month.. didn't turn out so well.. by the 17th hour of 1st of December, I found out it was far too annoying to be continued, so now I'm tweeting back in English :)
(Follow me in case you don't know @chunhuay)

So, I'll be busy for the entire month of December with the H&G camp coming up soon and caroling with my beloved choir members! YAY! And not to mention the load of cash that I will be raking in this year.. HAHA time to get myself an acoustic guitar, not that I dun like my calssical.. Its gonna stay with me till forever! HAHA

Looking back at November, I realized I didn't really do much on that month... For the whole holidays, I've been wasting my time. Only a few percent has been used for revising.. Then , I looked at Jayden's blog ( and he already studied like I dunno.. STUDIED! So, this month, I'll juggle my activities all at the same time and keep fit for next year's cross country race and also keep my form 4 studies in my BRAIN!!

Relationship wise, I've been kinda neglecting that one for now, cause I realized that I can only like 1 person and no matter how many times I tell myself it's not possible, it'll still go on. So no point changing targets when your heart doesn't allow you to! RIGHT! But, seriously, I can't afford anything to distract me next year.. its WAAYYtoo important to be messed up!

Well, things to look forward to now that Carolyn is finnaly back from Christchurch!! YEAH! Finnaly get to meet her again and listen to her New Zealand accent which is really hard to understand through the phone, but I'll get to meet her one day.. Gonna miss the gatherings these year though.. too hectic schedule comes with great sacrifices.. so I guess I will see you guys one 2013 January! HAHA

Booya! Im seriously gonna miss school next year.. I love CHS! XD