Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cover song :)

Hope y'all like it! XD

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time is of the essence..

Holiday has started, my TETRIS battle addiction has started, my caroling practices has started and working practices too! When I went back to school during this holidays, I actually took a slow stroll around E block while skipping Chemistry extra class and cooling off after an unplanned badminton session with Mr Tee, Mr Guna and the canteen guy.. Great game! Haha... Then, looking at the pavements of CHS, I suddenly thought that next year will be my last year in this awesome school... I'm seriously gonna miss this school so much as it brought to me lots of memories. Good ones an bad ones!

Next, according to some random calculations, starting from next month we only have like 7-8 months till our SPM trials.. And according to my current results, I seriously doubt that I'm freaking ready... That's why this holidays the plan might be something like this... 50% working, 30%revisions and 20% relaxing.. Damn man.. I hate the life of a form 4 going up to form 5.. Zzz

Also, co-curriculum activities are coming to an end soon.. No more choir singing, ensemble guitar playing.. None of it.. Dunno why suddenly miss them all so much.. Mostly, is my friends inside la.. Bonded too close man..

This post may seem like I'm leaving school ady.. But I'm not. I'm just planning ahead for next year! XD

So, just came back from a wedding in Muar last night and it was quite nice.. Except for the food, didn't like it.. All meat no veg! Wtf! Anyway, they showed a video of the groom going to the bride's house to pick her up and have to go through a series of crazy and money costing games.. Lol.. Things guys do to get the girl f their dreams.. Nice wedding la.. Spend lots of time with my cousins an yeah.. It's not gonna be long till I receive one of my ehstrians wedding invitation ady le. XD especially jayden's one.. Hahaha

Time is money! So use it wisely! XD

Monday, November 14, 2011

1st Non-Pop Concert :) 11/11/11

SO, Due to constant pestering from Ren Jie, Melanie and my brain.. I went to a concert on Friday night (11/11/11) at Lot 10, KL. When they 1st told me about it, I seriously thought they were nuts. Cuz the last time i checked Lot 10 out, it didn't have a venue that would be appropriate for concerts.. Haha.. guess i was very very wrong.. IT HAD  FREAKING 8th Floor! LOL!

SO, 11/11/11 started out just like that lor.. at 12.00am of that day, I was still awake facebooking..then, got fed up about it and slept. It was a very important date . It was...

I woke up late the next day, almost didnt catch the van for the last time, and I went to school! HAHA.. lame shit.. alright alright, lets get to the real shit... Skipped a normal broing school day playing UNO and stuff... laugh here laugh there.. yadda yadda.. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! THEN, I went along with Bryan and co. to give Pn. Sim her card while Yin Yin they all gave her presents and broke down into tears, all the girls i mean.. LOL and dun forget an unsuspecting 开包 from 4S4 guys.. thats their way of thanking me for taking their class pic. SO, it was choir time, sang back lots of old caroling songs, brought back lots of memories.

3 o' clock, went back home, bathed and got ready for BM tuition. Holy crap, 4pm that class freaking empty wei.. Nicole was also there. 2 hours of TUITION! ENDS THE YEAR OF BM TUITION!! YEAH! ALl of a sudden, it was 6 ady. Mom picked me up, made me finish a packet of Mee sedap in 3minutes and got into Ren Jie's car. THATS WHEN EVERY SINGLE INTERSTING THING HAPPENED! sorry if i bored you to death in the beginning... I lost interest just by reading it myself..

ANYWAY, I met Yat Kuan, Trixie and Yat Mun in Ren Jie's car... LAUGHED LIKE CRAZY!!!! Glad knowing them, seriously.. and Trixie was from Lick Hung! YAY! so, it took about 1 hour or so to reach KL and get a parking in Lot 10. So, we got down and tried to locate any CHS members.

We saw Calvin, Poh Lee, Jing Yee, Kah Wai and Yee Ling 1st. Then, joke around for a few moments and i sat down on that table. Yat Kuan and Ren Jie they all had to find another table as the table was full... Ordered my Udon for RM14 and some cents.. Didn't really enjoyed it, but watever.. soon, all of them came and the table was seriously very... MERIAH! Everyone was ina  good mood...

At about 815, we went up to the 8th floor to watch this:

Performance by the Young Kuala Lumpur Singers. :)

It was on the 8TH FLOOR WHICH I HAD COMPLETELY NO IDEA ABOUT! It was an awesome place.. California Fitness was also on that floor, and we could see in the yoga room and well, it was kinda awkward... Got our tickets and turns out, Ren Jie wants me to sit with him.. I was like freaking stunned when he said so, but oh well.. alright then, got over the bitterness in just a few minutes... XD

Got our seats, Ren Jie bought like 4 programme books.. 1 for himself, 2 for CHS Choir and 1 for Seafield's Choir... RM5 for one.. haha.. the show didn't start at 830 like it was supposed to.. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you all.. the place, its called THE ACTORS STUDIO.. Nice place with a very weird toilet design for guys.. go check it out and ull see what i mean, ticket is RM30 dollars.. VERY NICE!

Oh yeah, about the show.. ok... The show started late by 10-15 minutes. SO, everyone came in and slowly took their seats. I sat with Ren Jie at the side while all of them sat at the top and centre seats..
The show had a way of starting.. real nice i have to say.. By playing Islam Prayers.. 0.0 yeah, that was my reaction when i heard it.. then slowly 1 by 1 of them came out... then 1 guy and 1 girl came down from the audeinces stand... It was really majestic.. The whole choir was so harmonizing and they seriously knew how to llisten.. again, amazing choreography by Cikgu Lex :) Some songs, you can look to the back and see Miss Susanna conducting the choir. Bet some of the audience didn't even know she was there. The show was mainly about a 1 Malaysia theme. We have Buddhist song, Christian songs, Jawi songs and stuff like that,, And the final songs was very inspiring.. gotta go watch the show lar..

Well, to watch this amazing concert made me lose the chance to go watch Greyson Chance's showcase as Jun Wei had free tickets and i was invited.. But it was worth it.. saw Aaron again and he remembers me.. SHOCKINGLY and was very ntertained.. took a picture with everyone that attended.. too bad Yat Kuan they all couldn't take with us as it was sort of a CHS Choirphoto session.. HAHA

Obviously, by the looks of our faces.. it was a great day.. everyone parted ways after the show and I went back to being crazy with Ren Jie and Yat Kuan and Yat Mun and Trixie.. the whole car was nuts.. HAHA I will remember this day for life :)

Lots of things happened and i didn't post it up as it was kinda private and AWESOME! So, sorry if this post bores you.

P.s: Pictures taken from Melanie's blog and Justin's facebook page :) TQ

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Turning point

Hell yeah.. Blogging in Genting Highlands.. Bet Lim Goh Tong is looking over my shoulder as I type into my iPod.. Haha!

Things have been going really rough on me after exam ended.. Firstly, my results were NOTHING like I expected at all.. It was pathetic... Don't think I can get the top 20 in class already.. Haiz.. My purata will stay at 60+ I think for now.. Well my English lost 10 marks in Pebel due to my absence in class for musical night which robbed me of an A and giving me an A-.. Well I didn't realize there were 2 essays to be done bro.. So service for the school ended up robbing me of an A in ENGLISH!

Besides, my relationship with my close friend and aimed-gf candidate is like totally upside down.. Me and my closest friend who I'm not gonna name we were damn close.. It all happened until another friend came in.. Said some words.. Caused some misunderstanding and poof.. BFF gone.. Zzz well I'm trying to get my friend back.. For these days it has been working.. Well, just gonna need some balls to try talk to my friend then.. GAMBATEH!

On the other hand of my gf candidate.. We are actually going quite great.. According to her friends she already has a boy she likes.. But I'll just wait and see.. She's cute though.. Hahahaha.. So I'm gonna make her try to like who I am.. I fun wanna be someone I'm not just for a girl anymore.. It's just so unnatural.. Zz

Hope you guys continue reason my blog though I know it's depressing an shit.. Haha.. Watever.. This is like my public diary.. Everyone is welcomed..

Ciao! XD

P.s This post was accidentally posted on the chs choir log and 4S3 blog.. Damn zadou weih ==