Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exam Is OVER!! WEE

Fine, exam is over after 1 month of total nerdy studies... Zzzzz Finnally, I can relax, not that i haven't been relaxing for the past weeks... HAHA

Currently I'm having 1 week of Deepavali hols so decided that Im gonna have as much of fun as possible. Exam results coming out straight after hols end which sucks to the max. In relationship status, my buds are actually doing quite well :) Jayden still hanging on to the little cute pea of his, Brandon still with her gua.. long time no news ady one, well, my relationship status is definitely single, dun worry mom and dad. Alamak, keep saying i couple or chase girls pula. I emo got reason one ok, no need tell everything out one ma.

Well, as for my current friendship, IT IS not that awesome.. Looking at my blog header, I think I'm a freaking liar. Life ain't always awesome. You CAN'T have what you want ALL THE TIME! I am a person that puts friendship WAAYY before anything. SO if you are not talking to me or replying my sms, I just want to know why. I accept ur decision whatsoever.

Currently, not speaking to you after like.. 1 month can be described as torturing. Everyday iPod see ur picture but see you = no see you like that. Avoiding eye contact always equals to awkwardness... Well, if you are reading this, I just wanna let you know that I just wanna be friends and hope that we can get back to they way we used to as kinda like best friends? LOL.. I dun know, but i treat you like my best friend already... So yeah... If anything I did offended you, Im sorrry, cuz i know I didn't mean to...

Best friends again? k? Cuz I seriously hate the silent treatment you're giving me.. hope you know that..