Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choir installation

Yeah.. Choir installation ended on last Friday which was just 2days ago.. Haha worked out as the emcee with poh lee.. Great stuff! Performed our performance, had a seriously great time! Although the slight mishap when me and Jing Yee actually tried to turn into each other... Lols.. XD we were awesome... Sad thing is, NO ONE FREAKING CRIED! Wait.. Rephrase..
NO FORM 5 CRIED! T.T failed.. Haha

Will seriously miss the form 5s and will still make sure that CHS Choir continues strongly under the awesomeness of the form 4's :)

That day actually started out quite badly for me.. Got eyed by Miss Margaret.. Saluted mr Ali and the prefects.. Then go choir room... Little argument and cold war breaking out... But when installation started.. Every bad thing went solved XD

Choir seriously solved most of my problems man.. Can't wait to sing again ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Juusstt to make things clear :)

Lots of rumors around the school lately.. An people kinda misunderstood.. Things I'm gonna clear :

1) I'm not a playboy! Lols.. Just because I hang out with different girls often doesn't mean their my gf.. Lol

2) definitely not a perv! Lols.. Sorry if I go overboard sometimes. I'm just abit too close to girls.. Definitely not 抽水ing..

3) I'm not gay... Just becuz I'm in choir doesn't mean I'm gay ==

That would be all for today! Haha got nilai moral to rmb! Ciao!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Phew... Long time weih

Looking back at my blog... It's been really long since I last updated my blog right? Yeah... But now... I'm definitely gonna update more.. Haha cuz my iPod has the blogger app already which makes things seriously easier.. XD so next post will be around next 2 weeks or so.. Cuz I have the stupid exam sien... Haha Ciao