Sunday, May 29, 2011


OK!! So, I just realized how long its been since I last updated my blog.. Since that last depressing post.. This is more of a happy one.. HAHA EXAMS ARE OVER HOLS ARE HERE!!! but almost everyday need go back school.. DAMN SIEN A!!! then got senior test and MCE summmore... ZZZZ I WANNA SLEEP AND PLAY AND EAT AND SLEEP AND PLAY!! HAHA... JK la.. Keep going back to school = no hols macam saja... SIEN.. really sien..

About exams, I did quite well in a lot of it but add math soso laa... HEHE Just came back from Jay's house.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY.. Well, belated anyways.. HAHA.. so hope u guys have a wonderful and interesting hols see y'all soon :) 

peace out!