Thursday, March 31, 2011

RIP E Kent

We all lost a friend on the early hours of 30th March 2011. He was a great guy to hang out with. Sadly, as I tried to remember the times I had with him during primary school, I just couldn't do mind just couldn't conjure up memories... it was like some firewall blocking me from accesing that page... I dunno why.. I spent the 1st half of this day in sad mood.. I seriously remember that I know you. I regretted not knowing you that well. Heard from your friends that you are an amazing person. Yeah, I know that. I know you. I just didn't know you that well. Hope you're having an awesome time up there. I will join you someday, since you made me realise life can be very surprising and short. I really hope I'll see you. RIP bro. I will visit you soon. For now, take care... you'll always be in our memories..

Amazing pic by YeePei

Sadness out

Monday, March 14, 2011

Exam is over!! BUT HW TSUNAMI COMING!!

yesh... exams are over.. so the bet with jayden for 1 dollar per subject is finnaly on.. i think so far i lost 2 bucks to him.. he sure beat me in add math de.. fine... i lost to him in physics by 3 marks.. lucky u jayden.. but then.. i think i can beat him in chem and others.. HAHA... anyway, dis hols is no relaxation at all... i got lots of stuff to do...

i got moral project, chem project and a ton of hw.. AAAAA!! KILL ME!!! dat sucks.. now gotta rush camp stuff.. woo... im dead.. dey shud give 2 week hols... seriously.. nt enuf time la.. haiz

Anyway,, the 8.9 earthquake really rattled my made me believe that the world will seriously end soon.. OMG... i still haven say the things i wanna say.. T.T gimme more time.. HAHA... anyway.. lets pray for the tsunami and earthquake victims in japan, aite? XD

Peace out!