Saturday, January 29, 2011

New blog skin!!

Yeah.. i have a freaking new blog skin!!! And.. im currently a new member OF NUFFNANG!! HEHE...

So, this is the staring of a memorable week of CNY.. so, this 1 week.. ive got lots of stuff to do..

1) Moral kerja amal
2) Moral tugasan harian
3) Sivik project
4) Chem notes
5) Bio notes
6) Add Maths
7) ANG PAUS!!!

HAHA.. i think i may have misse dout some homeworks but oh well.. who cares.. :)

Hi, I would like to take this chance to say Happy Chinese new year to ALL blog readers.. aite? have an awesome holidays and ill see yall soon... good day!!

Peace out!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 is slow.... but busy!!

Its only my 4th week as a form 4 and im already starting to hate it... Form 4 life is seriously no honeymoon.. not even relaxable.. these teachers think we are robots that can work 24 hours.. HELLO!! WE HAVE TUITIONS TOO!!!!!

right now.. im still trying to finish my homework... and its 2am.. how pathetic.. zz and another thing i would like to hear from you guys.. do u think that the teachers dislike art class students? seriously... keep stressing the point.. ua ll are science class.. not like those art class students.. i mean like.. wth.. so prejudice for wat.. zzz well.. gotta go do my hw... ciao guys

Peace out!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrific class!!!

At first i thought this would be a dull class... but soon after fitting in.. I find that my class is actually quite awesome.. Good thing I can blend around in any situations.. HAHA..

This 1st week has been hectic.... REAL hectic.. 1st week and homeworks are already killing me.. Im still trying to finish last week's homework!! how pathetic is that!! Then, I have to take care of the gerko and orientation performances too.. So, seriously... Form 4's is seriously gonna be tough.. I need time to pull back my hols mood.. Im still in hols mood.. XD

Few teachers that i start to grow into.. but some are just the way they are... and i do not like them.. trust me.. Lets start wif those teacher i dislike... wel.. for now.. only 1 on my list.... my bio teacher... OMG who comes into the class... Says:" buka notebook" then goes on scribbling away on the blackboard with half the class not settled in.. PLUS! SHE WRITES SO DAMN FAST BUT NO ONE UNDERSTANDS EHR WRITING!!! I swear her writing is so..... m uch WORSE than a doctor's writing.. AND she uses all these short forms NO ONE understand.. IM LIKE OMG!!!

I just started copying the 1st section and she rubbed it off.. I didn't mind.. i skipped a line and continued.. then she rubbed it off.. i skipped to the next section.. AND HSE RUBBED THE WOHOLE DAMN THING OFF!! GAAAAHHHHHH!!! I give up.. and she wants it by that day.. that reminds me.. I've got cells to draw.. damn..

So, apart from my bio teacher.. others are perfectly well... I love my class... Perfect ppl sitting in front of me.. A blood lover and a person who subscribed from me reader's digest every month.. LOL (she reads it for free).. XD Jayden is real fun.. So is Mun Chun.. And the Lap Sap gang at the other side.. aww.. real awesome class... HAHA Gonna try fit in.. Good luck gambateh to all form 4s!! WOOHOO

Peace out!!